Chapter 23


"Good work Persephone." I said admiring the group of gods and goddesses before me. "They all want to help us fight Zeus?"

"Why would I bring them if they didn't" Persephone asked. "I mean really?"

"Sorry, stupid question." I muttered. "Alright, so what now?"

"You could interview them," Thanatos said. "Just to get to know them and their reasons for wanting to fight."

"Good idea." I said, I stood from my shadow throne and looked over at the group of potential allies that stood before me. There were only seven, but that was seven more friends than I had this morning. Now the whole crazy idea of getting back at Zeus seemed almost real, not just some crazy idea. "How about you?" I pointed to the goddess who was standing closest to me.

"I am Nemesis Lord Hades." She said bowing. "Goddess of revenge." Nemesis wore a black cape with a large hood. Under the hood was her shadowy and frowning face.

"Goddess of revenge? I don't need to ask why you want to overthrow Zeus." I said. "I'm glad to have you Nemesis. What's your story?"

Another goddess stepped forward. This one was by far the shortest woman I had ever seen, but she was also the one who emanated the most power. Her red hair looked like a burning flame, I meant it. Her actually hair was waving, shimmering, and flickering just like a fire.

"Lord Hades." She said bowing. "My name is Hekate, goddess of magic. And I would like to help you."

"Why?" I asked. I needed to be able to trust these people, and to do that I needed to get to know them.

"I am a witch. Let me ask you something. What do you imagine when you think of a witch?" Hekate inquired of me.

"Black cats, flying brooms, and warts." I answered honestly.

"I once owned a black cat, back in the fifteenth century. But other than that its all lies! Lies started and spread by the Olympians. They used to jokingly start witch hunts on Earth just to remind me that they disliked me. I want to give them a reason to dislike me."

"I can respect that." I muttered. I had a similar problem. "And you?" I pointed to what I could only describe as a tornado. In reality it was a tornado shaped like a man, but that made me sound crazy.

The wind stepped (stepped probably isn't the right word to describe how the wind moved) and bowed. "I am Aeolus god of the winds!" he proclaimed in a voice that did not sound like the wind at all.

"I thought Zeus was the god of the winds?" I said confused.

"And now you know why I want to see Olympus burned." Aeolus muttered. "Zeus is king of the sky, not god of the winds."

"Good point." I looked at Thanatos. "The Greeks seemed to have a habit of doubling up on their gods."

"The Greeks did not pick what we were gods of!" Thanatos said indignantly. "The gods got to pick what they were gods of!"

"Oh." I muttered. "Moving on. Fangs, step on up." I said of the next god standing in line. This guy literally had fangs, and with his hunched over posture and red eyes he looked like Persephone had found him here in Hell.

"Lycaon. Don't call me Fangs." He whispered.

"Sorry, Lycaon. So why do you want Zeus gone?" I asked.

"He cursed me."

"Seriously? Like how?" I asked intrigued.

Lycaon grinned wickedly at me, and then he turned into a wolf. Cerberus began barking with all three of his heads.

Thanatos stepped back. "Werewolf."

"I thought he would go well with Cerberus." Persephone said admiring her handiwork.

Lycaon turned back into a human. "That is how I am cursed."

"I can imagine that you will be useful." I told him. "So I guess you're god of wolves then?"

"When Zeus cursed me, he forgot to mention that. I have no idea if I'm god of the wolves, or just king of the wolves. Personally I don't care which one you call me. I'll be both when Zeus is dead."

"Good man." I said. I made a mental note to not trust Lycaon. It was nothing against him personally, but a certain movie series sort of ruined my opinion of werewolves.

"Prometheus?" Thanatos muttered once he saw who the next in line was. "I thought you'd be imprisoned with the other Titans?" Prometheus was a tall man with small square glasses. He looked more like a businessman than a god with his tie and collared long-sleeved shirt.

"Not all of us made the poor decision of opposing Zeus. You'll see that I'm not the only of my kin here." Prometheus stepped aside to reveal the two people standing behind him.

"Menoetius and… I do not know you." Thanatos said to the young girl next to the man named Menoetius. I thought that Menoetius looked more like an angry biker dude than anything else. He was a little on the chubby side with a handlebar mustache and sleeveless jean jacket. The girl behind him was a total stunner, and I've seen Aphrodite. But this girl blew the love goddesses out of the water. Her long, curly, blonde hair feel around her shoulders in the way that one would imagine an angel's hair would look like. She wore that small and unconfident smile that just made her even more pretty.

"I'd be surprised if you did recognize her. This is Calypso, one of Atlas' daughters." Prometheus said putting his arm on the girls shoulder. "After Atlas made it clear he would not bow down to Zeus, the gods decided to punish Calypso as well as her father. She was confined to a small island and only ever rarely received visitors."

"Ah, I recall the story now." Thanatos said. "How did she manage to get off the island? Olympians curses are known to be rather difficult to break."

"Hekate here was able to break the cursed curse with her advanced knowledge of magic and other such things." Persephone said from her position behind me. "Prometheus and Menoetius would only promise their support if the girl was also freed."

"Well seeing as most of our kind is chained up right now, we Titans need to stick together." Prometheus smiled happily.

"Does Calypso count as a Titan?" Thanatos asked. "In most cases the children of Titans were really gods. And Calypso is the child of the Titan Atlas."

Prometheus frowned. "I've never thought of it like that. Well, you see. There are less and less Titans every day." He laughed and turned to Calypso. "Sorry, but you're kicked out of the Titan support club."

"Why are you deciding to fight Zeus now?" I asked. "You said you stayed out of the first war between the Titans and the gods. What is your motivation for fighting now?"

"I didn't fight, but Menoetius here was involved in the war. You see he's the Titan of anger and hatred. He and Ares had such legendary battles." Prometheus said remembering those battles with his eyes in the empty space above my shoulder.

"Why wasn't he imprisoned with the other Titans then?" I asked. I knew that most of the Titans were imprisoned after their unsuccessful war with the gods.

"Well you see, Ares one their battle." Prometheus said. "Menoetius was so ashamed that he laid down his blade and vowed never to fight again nor speak while Zeus ruled Olympus. Now ZACK rules NEW Olympus. So Menoetius is free to fight again, although he still hasn't spoken."

"That still doesn't explain why you are joining me now." I pressed him.

"Are you aware that it was me that first created man?" Prometheus spoke of the achievement as if it was nothing. "Yes, I just fashioned them out of clay. I was quite proud of my deed." (he didn't sound like it) "Over the years I was humanities only voice in the rulings of the world. I fought for them on everything. I even stole the idea of fire for them from the daft fool Hyperion. So could imagine that have grown quite fond of the little guys. But by the time of the gods uprising, I had realized that Kronos, and mainly the Titans in general, were not what was best for my friends the humans. So when the gods challenged us Titans, I remained out of the conflict secretly hoping that the gods would win. I assumed, correctly I might add, that the gods would prove more beneficial to the humans.

"But why are you fighting now?" I asked.

"The gods have grown arrogant. They have begun to neglect the humans. And now the Olympians have left them alone altogether. I must protect my creation."

"Very well." I said. "Why does the girl want to fight?" I found it easier to speak clearly when I wasn't looking at Calypso.

"The girl was abandoned on an island for millennia. She has no love for Zeus." Prometheus replied. "Isn't that right Calypso?"

Calypso glanced to Prometheus, and then me. "Yes. They punished me for something I did not do, and then forgot about me. I will make sure I am not forgotten again."

That was what I was fighting about too! I was lumped in with Hades and all his problems, yet I didn't deserve it. "I can understand that." I managed to say without drooling over her.

"Thank you all for taking the risk to help us realize our dream." Thanatos said ushering the assorted gods and goddesses out of my throne room. "But Lord Hades has some things to think on now." Thanatos guided them all out the door and then closed the great monstrosity with a finger.

"How did I do?" Persephone asked holding up her hands. "Good huh?"

"I approve of Nemesis, Hekate, Aeolus, and Lycaon." Thanatos said. "I do not trust Prometheus and his little friends."

"Because their Titans?" Persephone asked. "Do you think they'll betray us?"

"No, Gaia is also a Titan, but I would trust her with my life. At least now I do, after we attack I probably won't be friends with her anymore." Thanatos said. "No, I do not trust them because I have known Prometheus to always have a second agenda. Menoetius could kill us all with his tongue. But I am still unsure of what to think of this Calypso girl. She could be honest and just sincerely want Zeus gone, or she could be just another pawn of Prometheus added to give credit to his name."

"Without those three we lose half of the allies Persephone conjured up for us." I said. "We need them to fight Zeus."

"No, those four plus us will be more than enough when combined with the hordes of undead that are willing to fight for us." Thanatos said. "I beg you to send the Titans home, I don't trust them."

"Those little skeletons of yours would be good in a horror movie, but against the New Olympians they will fall like autumn leaves." Persephone muttered.

"That's the point." Thanatos said. "Those young gods will see an army of my zombies and charge right in. Zack has already proven he's a hothead. He will take our resistance as more spit in his face. In his rage he will dive headfirst into the fray, the others will have no choice but to follow. They will be separated and alone, while we will move in force and overwhelm them one by one."

"That's brilliant." I muttered.

"The hordes of skeletons will hide what we are doing until all the gods that oppose us are dead. They will not see the trap until they feel our blades."

"Really brilliant." I said again.

"Hades often made plans of attacking Zeus, he just never went through with it." Thanatos said shrugging.

"So we may not even need those Titans." I said.

"No, we will." Persephone insisted. "These gods are young, but they will not be untrained or unassisted. The New Olympians may not see the trap, but one of the other gods will. With the Titans help we can eliminate more of the New Olympians before they find out what is going on, because they will figure it out."

"No." Thanatos said. "Zack will not let others ordered him around."

"It is not Zack I'm worried about." Persephone said. "There are some in that group of youngsters who reminds me greatly of their predecessors. I will bet my immortality that there is a group on New Olympus that is already making a plan without Zeus. They are who we should be worried about."

"So do we need the Titans or not?" I asked.

Thanatos frowned. "Persephone is right. Zeus may not be in total control. In the old days there were normally two plans for everything the Olympians do. Zeus' plan, and then what everyone else did. The other New Olympians will most likely be more organized and careful than Zack will be. We will need all the help we can get."