Chapter 26


It was bad enough we were sending two people to Hell as spies, let alone a little girl. You should've seen the faces on the others when Khione walked in.

"You want this girl to go to Hell?" Paula asked pointing at Khione. "Should we send Demi too? Or how about some babies?"

Mars actually laughed. "No way!" he punched his throne. "This just keeps getting better and better!"

"This isn't what I had in mind when I said I wanted a compromise." Kara said looking at the two goddesses skeptically. "I pictured this differently."

"Hey, don't count them out yet!" Albany shouted sounded determined. "I went into this thinking the same things we are thinking now, but then I met Iris and Khione. They're two tough girls. I'm confident that they can get the job done. And so are they seeing as they both volunteered for this."

This little fact sent ripples through the room. The rainbow goddess and a little girl had volunteered to go to Hell and determine if the Lord of Death was planning a war with New Olympus. That made us, the twelve most powerful teenagers in the world, look like cowards.

"They volunteered?" Artie asked. "Really?"

"They did." Adele confirmed. "I mean we asked them, but they had the choice to walk away."

"Did they understand how serious this is?" Herman asked looking at Khione. "I mean did you explain that this isn't a joke?"

"Even I know what's going on!" Demi shouted.

"They volunteered." Hector pointed out. "They can go if they want."

"Blade will think I'm a weakling." Zack muttered shaking his head. "Sending girls to do my work, young girls at that!"

"Thank you Lord Zeus for not mentioning that I'm the rainbow goddess. I'm trying to live that down currently." Iris said bowing.

"What's wrong with girls?" Adele asked, kind of defensive. "Girls can do anything guys can do!"

"That's not true." I muttered. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equality and an end to sexism. But that statement just wasn't true. "When's the last time a girl has fathered a child?"

"Or won a NASCAR race?" Mars added.

"Or become president?" Artie contributed his voice. "Girls are equal, but not able to do the same things."

"Pigs!" Adele muttered sounding disgusted.

"Girls can do things guys can't do!" Paula shouted.

"People! We're getting off topic!" Kara shouted. "Let's debate this later. Now though, I say we vote on whether these ladies can go to Hell."

"Seconded!" Sid shouted.

"You don't have to second it. That's what we're already doing." Artie muttered. "Besides, how did you know to say that?"

"I'm not as stupid as you all make me out to be." Sid said shrugging. "I do enjoy the presence of a brain in my cranium."

"Big words." Paula muttered nodding happily. "He's not a total loss."

"Back on topic!" Kara shouted. "Voting, now. All in favor of Iris and Khione going to the Underworld on a scouting mission to determine if Hades is plotting against us?"

Sadly, everyone voted to send these women to Hell. Personally I felt bad since Khione was so young, but she had volunteered. And Iris, well Iris had a look in her eye that reminded me of Mars on an angry day.

"Wow, I had thought someone would feel bad about this." Kara thought out loud as she realized that we had unanimously voted to let them go to the Underworld. "Well, Iris and Khione, looks like you're going to Hell."

"I'll get to see Waddles!" Khione muttered quite loudly to herself. "I will bring you back my penguin!" she vowed.

"Thank you for this opportunity." Iris said bowing to each of us in turn. "I will not let you down."

"Thank you." Zack said. "Now go, report back once you are sure of the situation." He dismissed them with a wave of his hand. "This is all unnecessary. Blade spit in my face, he won't he making macaroni faces down there. I know he will be preparing for war."

"Well thankfully you don't get to decide." Albany said. "Iris and Khione will just allow us to know all the facts before we charge into this dangerous situation."

"How do we know that Blade will let them join him?" I asked. "I mean if I were that weirdo and I heard that the rainbow goddess and a little girl wanted to join me I'd make sure that they got the wrong address."

"Deon is right." Mars muttered. "Nobody will be convinced that the little girl wants to join a war."

"You know guys, none of this helps now." Kara pointed out. "We already sent them down under."

"G'day mate!" Sid shouted in his best Crocodile Hunter voice. Paula and Artie both face palmed.

"And there goes my hope for him." Paula said shaking her head. "I'm surprised it lasted even that long."

"Are we done here?" Herman asked. "I got some godly things to do."

"No you don't!" Kara exclaimed. "You just sit around all day!"

"Even if he doesn't have anything to do, I do." Zack muttered. "And I'm Zeus, so we do what I say."

"No." Albany muttered shaking her head in complaint. "Not true."

"I'm leaving anyway." Zack said. "Tell me when those two get back." Zack made his way out of the throne room. Once the king was gone, the rest of us decided to pack it up as well.

"Come on, let's go." Adele said to me. "I need to get out of this room." I got up and followed the wisdom goddess out with Demi close on my heels. I was partial to the little girl, but she kind of ruined my already tattered image on New Olympus. I mean I was already the grape dude what an awesome thing to be a god over, grapes. In the council room I ranked above Sid, the moron, and Hector, the mute, at least in my books. With blessed little Demi tagging along behind me everywhere I went it just completed the puzzle of me being a poor excuse of a god. The others New Olympians usually just ignored me, but not Adele. I guess that's because we had come here together. Anyway, at least somebody knew who I was.

"Do you think that they will be okay?" I asked Adele.

"I don't know, but if something happens to them I would just feel so terrible." Adele shivered. "What if the Underworld ruins a sweet little girl like Khione? I would never forgive myself."

"It's not your fault." I said trying my best to be cheerful. "They willingly went. Nothing would ever make them blame you."

"I know, it's just…" She stopped talking and took several deep breaths. "Deon, I've got a bad feeling. A really bad feeling, not about Iris and Khione, but something darker, bigger, and worse."

"Like what?" I asked confused. Adele was the goddess of wisdom, some I wasn't on the same level as her intellectually. But even I knew that gods don't just get bad feelings and not have something come from them."

"I don't know. But there might be someone that does." She said gazing off into the distant. Another thing about the goddess of wisdom, she not only knew things, but she knew people too.

"Who?" I asked.

"Who…who?" Demi mocked me. "Owl time…who?"

"Owls can twist their heads all the way around." I told the young girl. "Can you?"

"All the way around?" Demi asked her eyes extremely wide.

"All the way." I nodded ascent.

"No way!" Demi shouted. "I don't believe you, Hestia!" with that Demi ran off to check my facts.

"Do you want to go and see the Oracle with me?" Adele asked once she had finished watching Demi run away.

I wasn't the goddess of wisdom, but I knew who the Oracle was. The legendary woman that could foretell the future, I mean who didn't know that? I also knew that the future could be dangerous to deal with. But I was a god, so I should be covered. "Of course. Where is she?"

Adele shrugged. "Probably somewhere near here? We'll just have to find her."

"Sounds like a plan." I said smiling. So we started looking. By looking, I actually mean walking around pointlessly hoping for a miracle. Being a god doesn't help your chances in getting a miracle, because we had no luck in finding this Oracle.

"Where could she be?" Adele asked after we had searched what had seemed like the entire mountain city.

"Maybe we should ask someone." I suggested. "Otherwise we won't find her like this."

"I guess we can." Adele muttered dejectedly. "What if the Oracle's not on New Olympus? What if she still lived in Greece?"

"We're gods." I said shrugging. "Then we'll go to Greece." Adele smiled and nodded. "Come on, let's go ask that guy." I said. That guy turned out to be Hercules, our doorman.

"Hey Hercules." Adele said when we saw who it was. "How's it going?"

"Lady Athena. Lord Dionysus." Hercules bowed to us. "What makes you come and visit me?"

"Oh, we were just looking for the Oracle. Could you tell us where to find her?" Adele said amiably.

"The Oracle?" Hercules muttered to himself. "What business do you have with her? I would warn you not to seek her out. The future is a dangerous thing to deal with. The Oracle has a habit of telling you things that you shouldn't know. And knowing those things make you go crazy."

"So you're not going to tell us where to find her then?" Adele asked.

"The Oracle is a dangerous woman, I would say even more dangerous than The Fates, and I hate those three hags." Hercules said. "Please, do not seek out the Oracle my friends. Trust me. You'll be happy facing the future in the future. Leave it for tomorrow, for tomorrow is when you will deal with it. You do not need to know what is coming, and sometimes it is better not to know."

"Maybe he's right Adele." I said. "What if this bad feeling, is just a feeling. Besides the Oracle could show you things that don't even apply to your question. Let it be."

"Alright." Adele said after a pause. "Thank you for your wisdom Hercules. Say hello to Hebe for me."

"I'm sure everything will be fine." I told her. "Do you want a grape?" I summoned a whole bowl of plump purple grapes and held them out to her. "I guarantee their freshness."