Chapter 33


I was throwing up. Puking right there in a fountain. DISGUSTING! I wasn't sick, well not sick like as in the flu or a fever. I was however sick, sick from watching Blade died. I mean Zack just stood over him and…NO, I don't want to remember it.

"Argh…" I moaned, thankfully for a break from the retching. "Oh god." I suppressed a rather uncomfortable feeling creeping up my throat and managed to stay vomit free a little longer.

"Albany?" I risked lifting my head up. I saw that Demi was standing safety out of range of my vomit. "Are you ok?"

"Not at all." I wiped my mouth and straightened up. I probably looked horrendous, even for the goddess of love and beauty. But honestly, how I looked was the last of my concerns. "What do you need Demi?" I asked approaching her.

She eyed me warily, cautious for more vomit. "Adele got hurt. Deon said he needed to talk to you."

"Why?" I asked. I knew that Deon was in a dark place right now. I watched them carry Adele by on a stretcher with Deon running next to her holding her hand. It was weird. Whenever I saw Deon or Adele I got this weird feeling in my gut. It was like a bee buzzing around in my stomach.

"I don't know!" Demi exclaimed. "He told me he needed you."

"Well ok then, take me there." I told the little girl. And she did.

Demi had me come with her all the way to the makeshift hospital that had been set up. Thankfully it wasn't at all very full, but there were soldiers occupying it. Walking past some of the wounded made me want to run back to my fountain and commence with my puking, but I shouldered thought it.

Deon was sitting next to the last bed, right beside the unconscious Adele. I noticed once again that he was holding her hand. And the bee inside me started buzzing again, like an alarm.

"Deon?" Demi tapped him on the shoulder. "I brought you Albany."

Deon turned and looked at me. His eyes looked glossed over. Like part of him wasn't even aware of what was happening. "Oh, thank you Demi. Could you go and help Hestia now. I need to talk to Albany." The little girl nodded and ran off, weaving between the beds and tables in the hospital.

"Blade is going to pay for this." Deon whispered turning his eyes back to Adele

"I'd say he already has." I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything but Blade's death.

"What do you mean?" Deon asked flicking his eyes back to me.

"You don't know?" I asked shocked.

"I haven't talked to anyone since the battle." Deon shook his head. "I have no idea what's been going on up here. Did we capture Blade?"

"Zack did one better, he killed him." I informed Deon.

"What? Blade's dead!" Deon let go of Adele's hand and stood up. "You're not lying?"

"No, I watched…I watched him die with my own eyes." The memory came back now, and replayed itself.

Blade slumped into his chair and gazed at the ceiling. "Huh." He muttered. "Blade is dead." The way he said it made it sound like he was trying out how that fact sounded in his own voice. "Blade's dead. I feel nothing, I'm not sad or upset or happy or even satisfied. I feel nothing. Are you sure he's dead?"

I shook my head before the memory came back. "I watched Blade burn in the hearth before Zack electrocuted him. He is dead!"

Deon looked at me. "No."

"What do you mean no?" I asked. I was getting angry now. Not angry at Deon, just angry. "How could he not be dead?"

"I know he's not dead." Deon said quietly. He didn't smile like he was happy at the news, in fact he frowned. "Blade isn't dead yet."

"How can you possibly know that!" I demanded.

"I'd feel it." Deon said confidently. "I would know if he was dead."

"How's she doing?" Gaia was standing next to us. She was looking at Adele with a concerned gaze. "Has she woken up yet?"

Deon looked down at the girl lying next to him. "No, not yet. She's been sleeping peacefully."

"Well you guys. Don't worry. Adele will pull through." Gaia sounded like she was the one that needed convincing. "She's a strong girl."

"Did you hear that Blade died?" Deon asked. When Gaia nodded that she had he added: "Do you believe it?"

"Deon…I just came from where they are keeping his body." Gaia said quietly. "I believe that Blade is in fact dead. In fact I am convinced."

"He's not dead." Deon muttered convinced.

"I can take you to his body." Gaia offered. "It's not that far at all."

"No, I don't need to see it." he said quickly. I noticed that he looked at Adele when he said it and the bee doubled its buzz in my stomach. It's not that he didn't need to see it, he just wouldn't leave Adele to go and see it.

"Well then you'll have to take my word that he is dead." Gaia shrugged.

"How can the god of death die?" Deon asked.

"Why do you want him to be alive so much?" I asked. "Without Blade, Adele wouldn't have gotten hurt."

"It's not that I want him to be alive. I just know that he is." Deon explained. "I can feel it."

"Maybe you have a point." Gaia muttered. "He was the god of death. Maybe when he died he just went back to the Underworld and resurrected."

"Maybe." Deon agreed. "But either way I believe we're not done with Blade."

"You guys are crazy!" I shouted. "He IS dead. I watched! How can he be alive?"

"I have this feeling in my stomach. Like a bee buzzing around." Deon said, trying to explain how he thought Blade was still alive.

I froze. I was having that same feeling, but my feeling wasn't about Blade. My bee was buzzing about Deon and Adele. I looked down and realized that he was holding her hand again. "You love her don't you!" I blurted out.

Gaia gave me the strangest look and Deon turned beat red, his entire face blushing. "Love…Adele, I don't…What are you talking about!" He stammered.

"Oh my Zeus you do!" I exclaimed. I looked down at Adele and then up to Deon. "Oh no! Blade is alive." I admitted.

Gaia chuckled. "What has caused this turn around."

"The bumblebee!" I shouted.

"What?" Gaia asked.

"The feeling in your gut?" Deon said understandingly.

"I had the same feeling that Deon had. But I wasn't feeling anything about Blade. I was feeling Deon's love for Adele!"

"Love!" Deon blushed all over again. "Who said anything about love?"

"Stop talking Romeo!" Gaia commanded. "Albany, you had this feeling?" I nodded eagerly. Gaia grunted and made a scrunched up face. "I've heard of gods and goddesses knowing things that they shouldn't know. The old Aphrodite knew who like who. And the old Dionysus knew who was having the kicking party that weekend. Hell, I can tell you anything about what's happening in the earth right now. But, Deon, how could you know that Blade is alive?"

"So Deon's feeling is right?" I asked dreading the answer.

"When you're a god anything and everything is possible…well not everything." Gaia said. "But that's not the point. The point is that we should assume nothing. Blade could or could not be alive. It could go either way. But how does knowing Blade's status relate to wine and grapes?"

"I'm not only the god of wine!" Deon protested. "I'm also the god of theater."

"Well that explains it!" Gaia said snapping her fingers. "After Zack 'killed' him. Blade decided to take a break and sit through a rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! Of course, if we leave now, maybe we can capture him during the intermission. That way we don't interrupt the performance."

"You're making fun of me." Deon called her out.

"Shut up." Gaia said. "What is the connection between Dionysus and Hades?"

"Is there one?" I asked.

"There has to be!" Gaia said. "Otherwise Deon's feeling is fake. You knew he like Adele because you the love goddess and there is a connection between Deon's feelings and you're being the love goddess. The only way Deon could know Blade is alive is because there is a connection between him and Hades."

"But what could it be?" Deon asked. "I bet Adele would know. She is the goddess of wisdom after all?"

"Yeah, too bad the only time we need a history lesson is now when she is knocked out." I complained. "Who else could we ask?"

Gaia frowned. "There is one person."

"Who?" I asked.

"It would have to be her!" Gaia complained. "The Fates are cruel. I SOOO hate that bitch."

"WHO?" Deon and I asked together.

"Who else to ask a question?" Gaia asked us back. "Well the one with all the answers of course. The Oracle of Delphi."

"The Oracle?" I muttered. "Ok, where is she? Let's go ask her."

"She's the Oracle of Delphi. OF Delphi. The OF is significant here." Gaia said giving us a hint.

"Let me guess." Deon said playing along. "She lives in Delphi."

"WRONG!" Gaia shouted. "She was from Delphi. That's where the OF came from. She was born in Delphi."

"So if she's not in Delphi, where is she?" I asked.

"Oh…I'd say a mile outside of Delphi." Gaia said. "Give or take a little bit."

"That's what I guessed!" Deon said.

"You were off by a mile." Gaia said. "Literally."

"Give or take a little bit." I added smiling.

"Even so, you'll learn that so close doesn't get you where you're going." Gaia said ruffling his hair. "Come on Albany, we're going to Greece." She laughed. "I don't supposed you can give me another ride?"

Now it was my turn to laugh. "Baxter actually got his pilot's license a couple years ago. How do you feel about flying?"

"I hate it more than global warming." She hissed. "Don't tell anybody that I was in an airplane." She threatened Deon. "Come on Albany, let's go."

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