Chapter 43


"This just in." the reporter was saying. "There has been a fire at the River City Juvenile Detention Center. It has been reported that an individual wield a welding torch started the fire and attack a guard. This individual used the torch to free an inmate before disappearing in the smoke from the fire." The reporter shuffled some papers on his desk. "The Authorities have not identified the torch wielder, but have released the name of the escapee. Mars…"

"Mars!" Someone shouted from the bar. "What kind of name is Mars?"

"Shut up! I'm trying to hear!" a burly man ordered him. I was eating in a small diner near the river when this broadcast had come on and stolen my attention.

"Mars." I whispered to myself. Why did that sound familiar? I figured that it wasn't because of the planet. "I've heard that name before." I was sure of it. I was just unable to remember. Then they showed Mars' mug shot, and it all came back. Dionysus. Olympus. Greek god. Athena, Adele.

"That's one ugly mug." A man commented upon seeing Mars' picture. "That kid is no good."

"What happened?" I asked myself. Why wasn't I on Olympus anymore? Why was Mars in jail?"

"Somebody lit a fire and busted out that dude." The burly man explained to me pointing at the screen. Apparently he thought I had been talking to him.

"The Authorities have asked that anyone to see Mars should contact the police immediately. "He is believed to be traveling with two accomplices. If anyone has any information as to the indentity of these two, please contact the police." The reporter continued. There then appeared on the screen two blurry pictures taken from the live feed of the fire. The first was a girl I recognized easily.

"Albany." I muttered. The second startled me greatly. "Blade." I almost hissed. What was Blade doing breaking Mars out of jail. Wait! What if he wasn't breaking Mars out of jail? What if Blade had somehow undid the past, so he could kidnap and eliminate the Olympians one by one before we could unite?

That was why he had taken Mars. And he must have already kidnapped Albany. I had to save the others! I had to stop Blade. I was determined to save the others. Adele.

I suddenly recalled that she had been injured. At first I was worried sick about her, and then I became angry at myself for not thinking of her sooner. I was ashamed that I had not remembered Adele's injury. I needed to find her. I exited the diner and hailed a taxi.

"Where to kid?" the cabbie asked.

I didn't answer at first. If we had all gone back in time, then maybe Adele wasn't hurt. I remember the building where Hestia had taken me and Demi before we were gods. Adele lived in that building, I just had to get there again.

"Kid?" he repeated. "Where can I take you?"

"Wayne Street and Lincoln Avenue." I told him. Even if Adele was in the hospital, maybe her parents would be home and they could take me to see her. Then I realized it was Adele or bust. I couldn't just walk in to their apartment and be like 'Hello, I'm Deon. I was a Greek god with your daughter. I need to talk to her, could you take me to her hospital room?' That would never work. My only shot was seeing Adele and getting her to remember me. God I hope she remembered me.

"Wayne and Lincoln." The driver muttered pulling out of the flow of traffic and to the curb. "Twelve fifty." He ordered tapping the meter. I paid the man, tip included, and scooted out of the car.

Looking around I saw that Adele's building was on the other side of the street. I was glad to see it. I hadn't been positive on the address. I snaked through the congested cars to the other side and walked up the stairs into the building. I headed to the elevator and squeezed in with several others.

"Going up." I told the person nearest the buttons.

"We're on the bottom floor." They informed me. "You can't go down. Which floor?"

Blushing, I exited the elevator and made my way to the stairs. I was so distracted by my embarrassment that I ran right into an old lady. We both fell to the floor.

"Grandma!" I looked up to see who else but Adele helping the woman to her feet. "Watch where you're walking!" Adele scolded me. Her eyes meet mine and she froze.

"Adele." I muttered. I was so glad that she wasn't hurt, or kidnapped that I didn't say anything else. I just stared at her. Which was creepy on her end.

"Come along Adele." The old woman murmured grabbing Adele's hand. "This young man is obviously in a hurry." She gave me a weary look. "Probably off to buy drugs and listen to rap music."

"What?" I asked stunned. But the old lady had pulled Adele into the elevator as the doors were closing.

The whole while Adele merely stared at me, then as the doors were about to meet, her eyes brightened and she squeaked. "Deon!"

I was so relieved. I ran up the stairs and jammed on the button for the elevator. I stood waiting for a few seconds before deciding that I had missed it. I continued going up the building, checking each floor for any sign of Adele. On the seventh floor I found her.

"Grandma!" Adele seemed to be struggling with the old woman. "I have to go back down and talk to him. You don't understand."

"It's a school night." Her grandma stated firmly. "You need to study for your test tomorrow."

"Grandma, my test is in Foods class." Adele informed her elder. "I have to make an edible muffin to pass."

"Boys are dangerous." The old woman told her. "They cause problems!" I decided to stick around by the stairwell until the old bag left. She didn't seem to like men.

"Ovens are more dangerous." Adele retorted. "An oven could catch fire and explode. Can boys explode?"

"Sweetie, everything explodes with enough C4." Her grandmother said very matter-of-factly.

"You're impossible." Adele said shaking her head. "I'm going down to talk to him."

"I forbid you from heading downstairs." The grandmother said, now getting angry.

I saw my chance. "Then she won't go downstairs." I stepped out of the stairwell and into the hallway. I approached the two women.

"I have pepper spray." The grandmother warned me.

I didn't hesitate. "Hello Adele." I said when I was closer.

"I'm warning you." The old lady said reaching into her purse. I began to worry that this was a bad idea. But the old woman pulled out a can of silly string and fired the contents at me. "If you clean up this mess, you can talk to my granddaughter." With that the woman entered her apartment, leaving us in peace.

"She's interesting." I muttered spitting silly string out. "Very nice old lady."

Adele smiled. "She's different." Adele made sure that she was gone. "Why aren't we on Olympus anymore? What happened?"

"You got stabbed." I said.

"I remember that, but there's no mark." Adele said. "What happened?" She repeated. "The last thing I remember was you going to get help. Then I woke up this morning as normal me. I had no clue about anything."

"I know me too." I told her.

"But I remembered I was a goddess when I saw you." Adele said.

"I was the same." I said. "I woke up as normal me, and then I saw Albany on TV…with Blade. They were breaking Mars out of jail."

Adele was shocked. "Albany betrayed us?"

"No." I told her. "I think Blade kidnapped her. But that's not the weird part. The weird part is…Blade died."

"What?" Adele exclaimed.

"He was killed by Zack after you were stabbed." I recapped for her. "He was killed. We won the battle."

"And now he's back?" Adele asked skeptically.

"Well, actually we knew he might come back, just as a different body. Back he's back in his first body, so that's not important." I told her.

Adele stared dumbfounded at me. "What else did I miss?"

"We think Blade brought Kronos back to life as well as himself. Maybe that's why we went back in time." I said. "Albany went to Greece, that happened too. And that's it."

The elevator opened nearby and a couple exited and walked down the hall. They looked at us with interest. Like 'What are these two teenagers doing here in the middle of the hallway?'

"We should move." Adele said once they went into their room. "Probably shouldn't be talking about being Greek gods in the hallway." She muttered.

"I just got all this silly string sprayed at me, I'm not going anywhere near your grandma." I said picking at the loose bits still in my hair.

Adele laughed. "Yeah, next time she might bake you into a pie."

"I'd make a tasty pie." I said smiling. "Deon a la carte."

Adele laughed again. Smiling she said. "Come on monsieur. Let's go to the roof." I followed her up the remaining flights of stairs, and soon found myself on the top of the building.

The two of us walked over to the edge and leaned over. "So Blade died, came back, and unleashed Kronos." Adele asked.

"We think." I answered.

"How is that possible?" she asked.

I looked at her. "We were Greek gods. Why are you questioning if it's possible?" I chuckled. "I'm open to believing in anything after being on Olympus."

Adele nodded. "That's true. But I still don't understand."

"Neither do I." I told her. "I don't know what is happening, why it happened, or how it happened. But I saw Blade tackle Mars and then disappear. Now that sounds like kidnapping to me."

"But what about Albany?" Adele wondered. "If Blade tackled Mars, then how could he force Albany to come away with him?"

I hadn't thought of that. "You think that she's helping him?" I asked.

"You lost your memory too right?" Adele asked.

"Yeah, but I remembered when I saw those three on the news." I said.

Adele was thinking hard. "Maybe…maybe Albany lost her memory like us, but she didn't get hers all the way back. What if Blade convinced her to help him? Maybe Albany thinks that we're the bad guys now, and that Blade is trying to stop us."

"We have to find the others." I said. Adele was right! "He's already got Mars. But we can save the others." I was determined to save my friends. And with Adele by my side, I was confident we would succeed.

"Do you know where to find the others?" Adele asked.

Once again I thought about how little I knew about these friends. "I never talked about being normal. I didn't ask any of them about their old life. At least not where they lived, you?"

"No. I don't even know where to begin." She admitted.

I took her hands. "I found you by myself." All that time spent by Adele's bedside I had wished for her to be awake. I had wished for this to happen. "Now that there are two of us…we'll have double the chances of finding someone else."

Adele smiled and rubbed her thumb against the back of my hand. "We make a pretty good pair. Don't you think?"

I had a feeling that she didn't mean pair of detectives. And with that thought, I gambled my soul against the devil…I leaned in for the kiss.