AN: What is this?! Nothing really. I have to move again, and there's something about packing that I really can't stand so I find myself wanting to waste time by writing. I think I might make a sequel to this. I THINK. I was thinking about this for a while and I couldn't really think of a story line that would be as good as the original and not seemed forced. But after some daydreaming and not packing, I might have come up with something. Maybe. It isn't this. This is just to help me get back into the characters. It has no plot or have anything to really do with the other story I'm thinking about. I think. Since I'm still not quite sure. But I spat this out so here it is!

It was fucking hot. Andy was sweating his balls off.

What was the point of rehearsing for a graduate ceremony? What was there to rehearse? Was someone gonna forget their lines or something? He had been standing next to Ashely Chesle and Eric Cornwell for one too many hours. Ashely was several months pregnant, which Andy felt somewhat uncomfortable about, but he guessed it was good that Ashely was able to graduate high school before having a baby. Good for her. She should be proud. If you know, this wasn't her second kid. With a different guy. Andy assumed she hadn't made the best choices in her young life so far but he really shouldn't judge. She had been frowning the entire time, no doubt suffering from the heat. Andy had constantly been watching her, afraid he'd have to catch her if she fainted. Unfortunately, Ashely didn't seem to appreciate his staring, or hovering behind her.

Eric was friendlier but he also seemed to have allergies and kept sneezing onto the back of Andy's head.

Finally, they were exiting the auditorium and heading out of the back school entrance toward the football field. Skyler would be pissed, Andy thought. He told Skyler that he would be done with this shit an hour ago. It wasn't his fault! How was he supposed to know that they had this many people in the graduating class?

Somehow, the single file line turned into a mob before he could reach the door. He was in the Cs. He should have been out with the first half of kids. The rude mother fuckers couldn't resist the urge to push everyone else out of their way. Andy sighed, and waited for the crowd to calm down so he could finally have his turn to walk through the door.

Outside, he searched for Skyler, even though he knew there was about a zero chance of finding him now. He bet the impatient fuck left without him too. That was just like something he would do.

He squirmed his way to the bleaches, climbing up them just to get away from the people. His mood brighten when he spotted Jenny and Ann who appeared to be doing the same, sitting on the top. Jenny was busy fanning herself with her notebook while Ann was texting. Andy bounded up to them, a smile beaming on his face.

"You guys made it out of there too!"

"Trying not to drown in B.O. and sweat," Jenny panted. "That was horrible. I think I'm skipping actual graduation."

"No! You can't! I don't want to be there without you!"

"Andy, you're a C. My last name is Williams. We'll have three hundred students in between us."

But what about all the grad parties right after!?"

"Another thing I want to avoid. Drunk wild teenagers getting into car accidents."

Andy pouted at her. He felt a slight sickness in his stomach. Classes had ended. What if this was the last time he saw Jenny? He knew she lived right next store, but still. Jenny was going to college. In Minnesota. For a reason he did not understand.

"I thought you said you weren't going to any of those parties anyway," Jenny continued as she fanned, noticing Andy's face drop.

"Yeah, I know. We could have our own party though! And just invite people that we like!"

"Can Ann come?"

Before Andy could respond, Ann interrupted him, "Can Ryan come?"

"Isn't that taking away the point of not inviting people we don't like?" Andy groaned.

"I have to hang out with your weird boyfriend all the time!" Ann complained. "It's only fair! Your boyfriend isn't even fun. He doesn't talk to anyone and ignores everything."

At the mentioning of Skyler, Andy gave another look around to see if he could spot him, still in the hopes that Skyler didn't abandon him.

"And besides, I still don't forgive that creep for what he did to Jenny."

Jenny stopped fanning herself to look at her friend. "Ann, Skyler didn't do anything to me. He simply didn't return my feelings and that's because he's gay. That's hardly his fault."

"Exactly! He broke your heart and then took Andy from you, and you just forgave the both of them." Ann glared at Andy. "You disgust me."

"Uh-huh," Andy grunted, ignoring her, still trying to find Skyler.

"Both Andy and Skyler were my friends before all the 'liking' got in the way. We still are all friends. We don't let selfish feelings like that ruin friendships."

"A good way to not ruin friendships is to not sleep with each other." Ann caught Andy's eye. "Whore," she spat out. "And don't tell me that the three of you are all just buddy buddy. I've seen the dirty looks your emo boyfriend gives to Jenny. They are not friendly."

Andy sighed. "Skyler's got some jealous issues, but he's gonna have to learn to deal with it."

Ann gave Andy an unimpressed look while Jenny looked away embarrassed.

"Skyler doesn't hate Jenny. Remember? He helped you with your calculus homework that one time."

"You did kind of force him to though," Jenny murmured.

"But you said you guys got along really well! You said you bonded over makeup and hair dye brands!"

Jenny's face started to show some relief. "Yeah, we did. He's really only an ass when you're around."

"And that's the jealousy issue again. He's like that with everyone, not just you. Male, female, doesn't matter. It's annoying as all hell but I think it's kinda cute."

Ann tisked. "He's got more to worry about I suppose. See, Ryan's not allowed to have female friends. That's how I know he won't cheat on me. But with you, your boyfriend has to worry about both genders. And you're a whore."

Andy groaned, sitting on the bleacher next to Jenny and ignoring Ann.

"Yea, must be nice to be the cheater in the relationship!" Ann shouted, fingers tapping her phone screen vigorously. Andy narrowed his eyes at the behavior but Jenny shook her head and cut her hand under her chin in a message to not ask.

Andy decided to ask anyway. "Having trouble in paradise, Ann?"

"Fuck no. Mind your own business. Ryan wouldn't cheat on me. We have complete trust."

Andy and Jenny stared at Ann, but she didn't notice as she was too busy staring at her phone.

"I would know," she continued. "You can tell the cheaters apart because they're the first to accuse the other of cheating. I read it online. In fact, maybe you should be worried about Skyler!"

"What?" Andy asked incredulously.

Ann turned her attention away from her phone to taunt at Andy. Putting him down must have been more interesting to her for the time being. "He's jealous. He's jealous because he knows if he were you, he'd be screwing Jenny too. He judges you based on his own faults."

"That doesn't make sense," Andy said holding out his hand as he talked. "Skyler's completely gay. He's not attracted to girls at all. I don't have to worry about shit like that."

Ann rolled her eyes. "Not with girls but other boys."

"What?" Andy asked, so shocked by the idea that he became confused.

"You think you're the only dude in the world? Not only are their other dudes, but there are other gay dudes, and if he started dating another gay dude, it would cut his competition in half, as he wouldn't have to be worried that his boyfriend is fucking girls. With you, you could be fucking anyone, you whore."

"I really can't see Skyler doing that..." Andy argued. "He kinda... hates everyone. I'm not really sure if he likes me all that much sometimes."

"That's because you're annoying," Ann said as she went back to her phone. "I'm surprised he's stuck with you for this long. You guys are nothing a like, have nothing in common, are not even both gay and you're a cheater."

"I'm not a cheater!"

"Guys, can we not?" Jenny asked. "It's way too hot to be fighting right now."

"Yea, okay. Ann can stop being a bitch though," Andy grumbled. He turned his gaze to the crowd of kids below them, trying to ignore Ann. His eyes landed on a boy he didn't know too well. The kid was from the scene clique in his year that he never talked to. He looked a little like Skyler; black hair, a leather jacket and a piercing in his eyebrow. His skin was more oily though, and his hair greaser. He was thinner and taller. No where near as attractive as Skyler.

His heart jumped a bit when he realized the kid was actually talking to Skyler at the foot of the bleachers.

There he was! So he didn't leave without him! Andy's chest warmed. Of course he didn't leave him. Skyler must have spotted him and was about to climb the bleachers before this other kid got his attention. "There's Skyler!" Andy pointed, knowing that Ann didn't care but Jenny would at least pretend to. "Look, he's talking to someone. Maybe he's making a new friend for once!" Andy sat back, grinning. "I'm glad. I worry that he doesn't spend enough time with people our age. He only does it when I force him to."

Ann looked up again to where Andy was pointing to. "A new friend or maybe a new boyfriend."

"What?" Andy asked in surprise. "No!" But he stood up anyway looking at the other kid in a new light. They shared the same style, that kid and Skyler. Maybe they had other things in common. Maybe they had more things in common than Andy and Skyler had. He stomped down the bleachers.

Jenny sighed before glaring at Ann. "Did you really have to do that?"

It was way too hot for him to be outside and there was way too many people here for him to keep his patience any longer. Good thing that idiot was smart enough to go to a place that was easy to spot, or Skyler would have had to actually murder him. It was taking him a great deal of effort to keep his hair from sticking to his skin with sweat, and he was regretting the long sleeves he was wearing. He had to though. Skyler was prone to sun burning, and sweating was better than embarrassingly pink and pealing.

He accidentally caught someone else's eye. He normally tried to avoid doing that. He had forgotten his sunglasses at home which he had been cursing about the entire drive and wait here.

The other boy gave a short nod, expression neutral. Respecting that the kid wasn't smiling or gaping at him like most people did, Skyler decided to return the nod.

"Yo, you gotta light?" Skyler stopped just before ascending the bleachers. He turned his body slightly to the stranger, eyebrows drawn together. He was sure this was a no smoking zone. He had seen the signs. The only reason why he noticed the signs was because he was always hungry for a cigarette. He told Andy he had quit but he hadn't completely. Molly didn't like the smoking either, but if he was alone, he'd sneak one in.

Skyler studied the kid a moment longer. "Here?"

"Nah, man. Around back by the west field. You can come if you want. Lighters dead though. Brent and Caleb skipped or I'd ask them."

"I don't know if I have one on me," Skyler said patting his pockets. He didn't usually take it with him if he was going to see Andy. "If I do you can keep it."

"Thanks man."

With so many people talking around, he almost didn't hear the "THUMP THUMP" of Andy running down the bleaches. The avalanche sound still didn't prepare him for the arm slamming the back of his neck, sending him coughing as he was suddenly pulled against his dumb ass boyfriend.

"Hi! Who are you! Are you guys friends?!"

"Fuck Andy! I don't know this guy!" Skyler said annoyed through gritted teeth, still trying to bite back the pain from the new crick in his neck. "He was just asking for a light."

"Ohhh..." Andy gaped stupidly at the other boy. "He doesn't have one," he said.

Skyler glared at him.

"Skyler doesn't have a light, because he doesn't smoke. I know you probably asked him because you assumed he does. Because you smoke, and Skyler did actually used to smoke. He quit though. For me. Because I'm his boyfriend." Andy offered his free hand, other arm still clutching Skyler around the neck. "Andy, nice to meet you!"

The other kid narrowed his eyes at Andy, looked at the offered hand before turning away and leaving.

"What the hell was that?" Skyler shouted as he shoved Andy's arm off of him.

"Nothing! I was just introducing myself!"

"Whatever. Let's get the fuck out of here." Skyler grabbed Andy by the collar of his shirt and started dragging him through the crowed, not seeming to care that Andy was a little bigger than him, and couldn't easily squeeze through people like Skyler did.

"Hey," Andy said once it was quieter and they started weaving themselves through the standing cars of waiting parents. "Did you think that guy was hot?"

Skyler stopped his pulling. "What guy?"

"Your friend!"

"What?!" Skyler shouted getting more annoyed.

"The guy that asked you for "a light"," Andy quoited with his fingers. Skyler had a mind to beat him into the asphalt of the parking lot.

"I don't even remember what that guy looked like."

"He had piercings. You have piercings!" Skyler stared at Andy for thirty seconds, narrowing his eyes. Then he turned away and headed for his car. Content to leave without Andy if Andy didn't follow fast enough. Andy hurried after him. "You have them, so you like them, right? Should I get some?"

"You'd look dumb."

Andy scoffed. "No I wouldn't! I could get my ears pierced."

"You'd look like a douche."

"Nah, I won't. I'll get a classy diamond stud! Wait, which ear is the gay ear? Should I get it in the gay ear?"

"Oh my God shut up."