Blue-Eyed Saviour

A classroom of laughter,
And a little girl on her own,
The harsh critique of one popular child,
And all the geese they'll follow,
Difference isn't acceptance,
In their eyes she was weird,
An outcast, she had few,
Only until this very day,
I speak in third person,
That little girl, was once me.

But now things have moved on,
To lands of leather and made up faces,
And those school kids still un-accepting,
But his voice it carries me through harsh winds,
My gloomy days far below the horizon,
I can breathe with my head now held high,
No more fear for my own safety,
He's brought me this far,
I know we'll finish this journey together,
All hands in hands,
I may have fallen, but my wings are not broken,
Wounds tightly shut, the scars fading away,
I wear my pride on my sleeve,
And my love for the boy with that voice,
My blue eyed saviour.