Michael Jackson is not a pedophile.

I strongly disagree to whoever says he is.

Unless you have obvious proof that he is.

He had no childhood, so he made up for that when he was older. Sure, he likes to play with children and sleep in the same room as them.

Sometimes, he gave up his bed for them and he slept on the floor.

But what's wrong with that?

Sleeping in the same room, that's like girls having slumber parties, and boys having, err, "manly" sleepovers. I see nothing wrong with that!

And when he was accused of child molesting, almost everybody believed that!

They had no real proof and there even a video tape of the kid's dad saying that he will reduce Michael Jackson to nothing and he would have all of Michael's money.

And real parents wouldn't close the case until the molester is in jail.

There real child molesters out there, but not Michael.