I could see the bright white light through my closed eyelids. The pain in my head was immense. It felt like someone had hit me over the head with a hammer. I wanted to curl up and sleep for a week. I tried to get feeling and movement into my arms and legs but I couldn't feel them. I just knew that they were there. I slowly became aware of people in the same room as me. There was someone behind me to my right. And two people in front of me on both sides. They might have been talking. Something was put over my face and it had a funny smell to it. I could feel myself fading. I felt like smiling but my face wouldn't move. It tried fighting it but my body was too tired. I gratefully drifted off to sleep.

It was black then it was white. My eyes were closed and the pain was gone. I was laying down not sitting up and there were people around me talking. I couldn't understand them and didn't want to. They had disrupted my sleep and I get grumpy when that happens. The people seemed to be having an argument; two men verses one man and a woman. There seemed to be more people in the room listening in.
"Morning sunshine," someone whispered in my ear.
This stopped the argument and everyone on the room had their attention on me. I could feel my limbs now but they still weren't listening to me.
"What's your name, sunshine?" the same voice asked me.
It sounded like a man's. I tried to open my mouth to tell him when I realised, I couldn't remember. It was something strange, I used to get teased for it but that didn't help, it just made it a bit harder. "Do you remember?" a nicer voice asked me, a woman's.
I slowly moved my head from side to side, not wanting to bring back that headache. It didn't come back but I still wanted to be careful.

A door slid open and someone ran in to someone on the side of the room. They then ran out again. The people in the room went to the person and gathered around to look at something probably. I started to twitch my arms and legs and everywhere else I had feeling. I could move everything except my right hand, but it was still there I could feel it. That was a relief.

Someone came over to me trying to be quite and not be noticed.
"Are you safe?" the speaker was a girl and a young teenager at most.
Her question confused me and it must have shown because she then asked a different question. "Can you open your eyes?" It was a simple question.
I obliged, slowly. Just when I opened them a turned to look at her she screamed. This caused the light to go all funny, it seemed really bright, so I slammed my eyes shut, trying to block out the sudden light. The girls seemed to have run back over the group of people saying what sounded like 'blue' over and over. There was a hushing sound from the group, trying to calm her down. I tried to remember her face. She had golden hair that hung half way down her back and deep brown eyes. Someone with heavy footsteps walked over to me and grabbed at my shoulder roughly.
"What are you doing here?" he asked in a threatening manner.
I was scared. I shook my head trying to say I didn't understand. I was then pushed, pulled and shoved through the door. Not knowing where I was going. Another door opened and I was shoved inside. It was darker in here I found it didn't hurt to open my eyes.