"Walk quieter please." I whispered to Zamael.

His footsteps did soften but I could still hear them. We walked a long way. I din't see too much of it, I was listening to hard for the sounds of other people. I must have taken us a few hours but we made it to the rock face.

"We're here." Zamael whispered.

"There's no one around, we can talk normally." I said, but I was still quite.

"I can see a cave, but it's a few meters up." Zamael told me.

I opened my eyes and looked around. The rock face was coloured and looked very natural. There was what looked like a cave about 5 meters up. I looked around to see if there were any rees that we could reach it from. There was one.

I let go of Zamael's hand and walked over to the tree that would reach the cave. I looked it up and down.

"Zamael, could you give me a boost please?" I called to him.

He came over and locked his hands. I put one foot in his hands and held my arms above my head.

"One," I said.

"Two," Zamael replied

"Three." We said at the same time, me putting all of my weight on to the foot that Zamale was holding and reaching for the branch above my head. My hands reached it and I held on tight. Resting for a moment until Zameal was out of the way and then twisting so I could put my feet up on to another branch.

With both of my feet on another branch I pushed my slef up between the branch that my feet were on and the branch that I was holing onto. After a moment I was sitting on the branch that I had been holding on to.

I took my bag off and hung it on a branch and opened it. Inside there was a rope, just what I had been looking for. I looped it around a strong looking branch above my head and tied the two ends in a reef knot. Throwing down the slack to Zamael.

"This looks interesting Artemis but what is it?" Zamael asked.

"Put your foot into the loop and hold on." I said back.

I climbed up the tree a bit further so I was above the branch that had the rope on it. Then I reached down to pick it up. Holding it between my hands I pulled up the slack.

"Okay, Zamael, when I say go push off from the ground."

"'kay." Was his uncertain reply.

I readied my self then called out.

"Go." I pulled up on the rope as hard as I could standing up at the same time so it rose and didn't just move along. I was holding the rope above my head when I felt the tension slack off and Zamael call up to me.

"I'm up."

"Can you ass my bag up to me please, and unhook the rope off the branch?" I asked, untying the reef knot.

"Sure, here's your bag and," there was a moment of struggle, "I've freed the rope."

"Thank you." I put my bag onto another branch and rolled up the rope to put on my belt. I think I'll be needing it again in a minute.

"So I thought we were going to the cave?" Zamael stated.

"We are but unless you can scale up flat faced rock with out a rope at the top this is the only way I could see to get up."

"So what is this way?" Zamael said, catching up to me in the tree. We were near the top by now.

"We jump across." I said point to the tiny gap between us and the cave mouth.

"Oh." Was his only reply.

I took my bag from off my shoulders and gave it to him.

"Hold this please." I said as I passed it to him.

I then stood up on the branch to get a better look at where I had to jump from. The cave mouth was a about a meter below me and 3 meters over. Holding n to the branch above me and standing towards the back of the branch I was going to jump off I looked it, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, opened my eyes and ran across the branch. As I got to the end I leapt off aiming for the cave mouth.

I landed roughly but with any major injuries. I stood up, dusted myself off and walked to the cave mouth.

"Throw the rope across Zamael." I called.

He took out his rope and threw it across to me. I took a couple tires but eventually I managed to catch it. There was a piece of rock which looked like it was made for holding rope. I tied it on.

"Now can you loop both bags on to the rope and slide them along please?" I asked.

Zamael obliged. When the bags reached me I untied the rope and put the bags at my feet.

"So, um , how do I get across?" he asked, "I don't feel like jumping."

"Oh uh, climb up to the next branch and tie the rope onto it, in a tight slip knot." I told him.

Once he had done that he looked at me for what to do next.

"Climb back down to where you were before." I instructed.

"Now unclip your belt and hook it on to the rope." Once he was doing that he looked officially confused.

"Okay, and now what?"

"Push off and slide down here."

"What are you crazy?"

"Of course I am, otherwise this would never work."

He sent me a glare but pushed off anyway and made it into the cave without any difficulties.

"There has got to be an easier way to get in and out of here." He said.

Zamael was shaking with adrenalin.

"There is." I said.