I was tugging at the rope to free it from the tree.

"Make yourself at home; find out what's in the bags." I was still pulling at the rope when I heard the zips open.

I heard the clinking of metal cans.

"There's all these cans, what are they for?" Zamael asked, "They have writing all over them."

"Uh, I'll come have a look; can you try and pull this rope off the tree?" I replied.

Zamael and I swapped places; I stared at one of the cans.

"Hey," I jumped up with excitement. "Zameal, these can's have food in them."

I rummaged through both bags.

"But there's no can opener." I sighed dropping back on to the ground and looking at what else there was lying on the ground. There were some warm blankets with zips and a few water containers among other things. I don't think Zamael hear anything I said, he was putting a lot of energy into freeing that rope. With one last final tug and the starts of a good war cry the rope came free from the tree and flew through the air to hit the rock at high speed.

"Got it," he called, "Now what do I do?"

"Pull it up." I answered, still looking at all the different cans.

A moment went by until he answered with, "And now?"

I looked up from a can of peaches. "Loop it around that rock for a moment, until we get all this food sorted."

He must of done that, I wasn't looking I had gone back to the cans.

I was putting all of the like foods in groups. Zamael was looking through the bags for whatever else they might contain.

"Artemis, what's this." He was holding up a strange looking mix of metal and plastic, I was about to reply with I don't know when I realised.

"It's a can opener." I don't remember ever being this happy.

Zamael stood up "Well are you feeling hungry?" he asked, very nicely.

"Yes I guess I am." I hadn't noticed yet.

"Well then pass me a can and we can eat, uh, whatever is in the can you give, me." He finished lamely.

We both looked at each other and started laughing. He was looking much better from that boy in the cage just the other day.

"Hey, who's up there?" A girl called.

We both froze; we put down the can's carefully and crept to the cave mouth. Down n the ground there was a girl, the one who had been about to speak to us when we entered the dorm.

I shighed and turned to Zamael, "We should help her."

"Do we have to? She's a brown eye." He complained

"Yes," I conceded, "But she also seems friendly and alone, you can hold your knife if it makes you feel safer. I'm sure the two of us could over power her if it came to it." I turned my attention down to the girl on the ground and called out to her. "I'm here, sorry, I never caught your name, what was it?"

She seemed glad that someone was up there and talking to her.

"It's Genesis. Who are you? Are you the Blue-eye's?"

Zamael put his head over the edge of the cliff mouth to get a batter look and give his two bob to the conversation.

"Yes we are the 'Blue-eye's'," he said condescendingly, "Why do you care?"

I got up to tie the rope so she could climb it.

"Because I heard them talking last night. As soon as the ban on fighting is lifted they are going to target me first and probably you two as well."

"Alright, you can come up, Genesis, was it? Just give us a sec." I called out to her.

"Zamael," I said, "Can you help me tie granny knots in this rope for climbing up, it can be our permanent way of getting up."

"Alright." He said rolling over and standing up.

With both of us the rope was finished a few moments later. I tied one of the ends to the hole in the rock and shack that it was secured. Zamael was leaning over the edge calling to Genesis. She must have come into view because his next words were, "Stand clear, we're throwing down the rope."

I took this as my cue to take the rope to the edge and throw it out of the cave mouth. It landed with a thump on the ground and after a moment there was a tension on the rope. I looked over the edge of the mouth to get a good look. Genesis was still working her slow way up.

I couldn't see that well out of the gloom of the cave but Zamael probably. I knew that he could when he called something down to Genesis about holding on tight.

"Artemis," I looked up at him, wondering why he was acting so frantic.

"Grab a hold of the rope and pull, people are coming out of the tree to get to Genesis."

I don't remember getting up, but I must have, I was holding on to the rope and pulling with all of my worth. The rope was burning my hand and there was no grip on the ground. I could feel Zamael helping but it didn't seem to do be doing much.