I hadn't realised that they would be so heavy. There were only three of them so Genesis was dragging the biggest one and I was dragging the other two. I was starving by the time we got back and the sun was beginning to consider thinking about coming up. When we got to the base of the rock face Genesis stopped and turned to me.

"Question. How are we going to get these up there?"

That was a good question.

"Umm, one of us climbs up, the other ties the deer to the rope and then pushes it up while the other pulls. If we can wake Sanjay it might make things easier up there"

"Okay, do you mind going up? My arms are so weak, I don't know if I'll be able to pull myself up, let alone these things"

I nodded, dropped my deer and climbed up the rope. My arms were sore too but I remember things in the jungle. There was one time I held my body weight for hours. The sun had moved so far across the sky. I was being attacked by a snake. That is one of my most clear memories.

Genesis had tied on the smaller deer on to the rope and I started to pull it up as she started to push. It was heavy, but eventually we managed it.

I fell over as it came over the edge and I lay there, with its crushing weight on top of me for a breather. When I felt strong enough again I wriggled out from underneath it and untied to rope. I threw it back down to Genesis and moved the deer out of the way. I can't believe that I have to do this another two times, maybe three if Genesis can't pull herself up. But at least she will be lighter than the deer.

The second one wasn't as heavy and I barely needed a break at all. It was the third one that nearly did me in. I had it what felt like half way up so Genesis was of no use anymore, but I couldn't lift it further.

"Zamael!" I called. He didn't respond. "Zamael!" I called again. I called twice more before I remembered that his real name is Sanjay.

"Sanjay!" he jumped up, when he saw me struggling with the rope he came over and started to pull as well. It was a big effort, but we got there. When it came over the edge I just lay down and thought about never moving again.

"Where's Genesis?" Sanjay asked.

"She's down there. Pass the rope down to her to get her up. You may need to lift her"

"Got it. Thank you" I heard him untie the rope and drag the deer to the side after throwing the rope down.

"You alright down there?" he called.

"Yeah, I got it"

"Cool" He came and sat next to me and we waited for Genesis to get up.

When she got to the top Sanjay stood up to help her over and into the cave, where she leaned against me and panted, trying to breathe again.

"I trust the hunt went well?" he asked.

"Yes" Genesis breathed.

"We will eat tonight" I told him.

"Good, because I'm hungry"

"Does that mean that you will be cooking?" I asked hopefully.

"No, you two are good enough to be able to do that"

"Just because we can doesn't mean we will" Genesis told him.

"Are you two going to gang up on me?" he asked.

"If we have to" We said in unison.

"Fine, then I will cook, but you still have to help me"

"We're good with that" Genesis said.


Another year of writing and creativity. And reading (and reviewing *hint hint*)