I found Genesis and Sanjay where I had left them, by the fire.

I sat next to Genesis so that I could talk to her.

"Is there a minimum number of people that can pass?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, 5 maybe. After 75% have died I think that they limit the time you can kill."

"Why?" Sanjay asked.

"Because I was talking to Kali and she was gathering everyone to storm where we are. They don't know where we are, but there are two sides in her group and she thinks that they might fight between each other."

"So why were you asking about this?"

"Because it sounds like almost everyone else was a part of this group."

"Oh," said Genesis.

"Yeah." I told her.

"So there's either going to be a blood bath somewhere or we're gonna die?" Sanjay asked.

I nodded.

"Sounds like another day in the jungle." I smiled with him. Genesis smiled with a confused look on her face.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Every day in the jungle there were fights." I said

"Mostly all you heard were screams or growls." Sanjay added.

"Everyday someone or thing died and I don't know how many I passed."

"I know I ate some animal remains some times." Sanjay said.

"So did I. Not often though." I said to Genesis' horrified expression.

"You ate people?" she yelled.

"Shh" I said to her.

"Never people." Sanjay said. "Just animals."

"We're animals." She pointed out.

"Different kinds."

"How did you tell the difference?"

"People don't have fur like jungle animals." I said.

"And that's how you told the difference?"

"And people did a neater job of taking meat. Animals just put their claws or fangs to good use."

Genesis had gone a pale shade of white.

"Are you alright?" Sanjay asked.

"No. I just found that the two people I'm staying with saw dead people and animals and ate them."

"We've told you already, we didn't eat the people." I reassured her.

"Just stole their things." Sanjay said. I hit him but the damage had already been done.

"Why would you do that!?"

"Well they can't use them anymore and it's survival of the fittest out there. They died, now I take their things. Add them to mine and have a better chance of living."

"That's barbaric."

"It's life." I whispered.

Genesis was too horrified to speak now. I was remembering times in the jungle and I have no clue what Sanjay was thinking about. Same thing as me probably.

"Ahh!" Sanjay's cries distracted me from my jungle times. Genesis and I jumped to his side.

"That fire's hot." He said with a laugh.

"Not funny." I said shoving him. Genesis looked like she had no blood left in her face. It was a little creepy.

"Don't you ever do that again!" she whispered sitting back down.

"I think you sent her into shock." I whispered to Sanjay.

"She'll live" he whispered back.

"I can hear you, you know." The girl herself said.

"I know," I told her, "But you know that we still care about you."

"You care about me?"

"If we didn't you wouldn't still be here." Sanjay said.

Genesis raised her eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

I elbowed Sasnjay in the ribs to stop him from answering.

"Well, we wouldn't have let you up, or we would have taken you back down while you were sleeping." I said.

"And it's not hard to find where dangerous animals spend most of their time." Sanjay said, recovered.

I elbowed him again while speaking, "But we care about you and would never do those things."

"So how could you name them?"

"Because that's what I would do to get rid of Artemis." Sanjay said.

"Nice to know you care." I said to him.

"Well what would you do to get rid of me?" he asked.

"Poision I think, or dropping you from the top of the cave mouth."

"Ouch." Said Genesis.

"I've never given it much thought, but I always carry a knife, just in case." I said.

"You would kill someone?" Genesis asked.

"When you've lived in the jungle for any amount of time, you learn the unfairness of life. But things don't seem so bad if it means that you get to live another day." I said.

"And besides, that's what this thing is about, isn't it?" Sanjay asked.

"I guess," she admitted, "But it is possible for this to all go peacefully and everyone lives."

"Only if no one wants to kill." Sanjay said darkly.

No one had anything to say out loud to that. It was hard to think that people our age would kill, to just kill, not to live another day.

A/N: I loved that conversation about eating people. I know it's a little, uhh, morbid. But it made me laugh. Sometime it's great to be a writer, just so that you can say stuff like you were a part of a conversation about eating people.