I woke up to a wet nose in my neck. I jolted and my arms came up in front of me, the rope dangling from my arm. I shook it off and looked at the deer. It had been startled by my sudden movement, but my stillness was encouraging it to come near again.

The sun was rising but there was still a grey darkness that dulled my vision.

The deer nosed my hand and licked my palms. I smiled at it but that scared it away. I then looked at the river. If I walked up stream then I'll end up at the rock wall that surrounds the entire forest. I started my journey, taking sips from the river when I needed to. I was starting to feel hungry but I kept walking. The sun was all the way up now and I hadn't realised how cool that cave really was.

There was a group of deer following me. Not right behind me, but they were just walking along eating grass and drinking water, but always following me. I hoped that they didn't try to climb that rope. That could be a sight. And it would bring the attention of everyone else. Then We'd have to keep on the move and I really didn't want to do that. It was nice in the cave.

I got to where the brown eyes had found us and saw that a lot of their ropes were still hanging around, and the deer that had been poisoned was still there. Looking closely I saw that it was still fine to eat so I started to drag it back to where I thought that cave was.

It was tough going. I was just glad that I didn't meet anyone else. The deer left me alone when I started dragging their dead brother around.

When I got to the cliff face there was no one around and the rope was wound up.

"Genesis!" I called, hoping that she heard me. I waited for a long time but heard no response. I dragged the deer to under one of the trees and started to climb. When I go to a branch that brought me level I was whishing that I had brought some ropes with me. Inside the fire was out and I couldn't see anyone.

I looked around for something to throw over to make some noise. I couldn't see anything up here but as I went to go down the tree I heard voices. The hunting party were down there. They looked tired too, I guess that they must sleep during the day, or they're just not as fit as they should be.

They were talking and yelling amongst themselves. Their voices brought the attention of someone in the cave. At first I couldn't make out who it was. Then, as she came closer I was saw that it was Genesis. I waved my free arm around trying to grab her attention as she lay on her stomach to see who was down there.

I looked around for some way to attract her attention. I glanced down and saw that they had found the deer. They drew weapons, well knives on sticks. Genesis pulled back from the ledge and Sanjay walked into the main area. They had a whispered discussion then both looked over the ledge. When they stood back up again Sanjay saw me. I waved my arms at him and he waved back. He said something to Genesis and she looked at me too. She smiled and waved. I waved back and then pointed down to the brown eyes gathered on the ground, poking at our deer.

If I had a weapon I could drop down and distract them. They were looking for me after all. Sanjay looked like he had an idea. He ran out leaving Genesis standing there with no clue. I tried to ask her what's going on but she didn't understand.

He came back with a knife, some rope and a long stick. He tied the knife to the stick like the brown eyes had and looked up at me. I knew then that he had been thinking along the same lines as me. I moved as close as I could without falling and reached out for the sword. Sanjay lay down to pass it over. Genesis was behind him holding onto his legs so that he didn't slip.

Just as the blade was slipping out of his hand I moved a little closer and grasped the handle, but I had moved too far forward and I kept moving. I tried to grab branches as I started to fall but none of them were strong enough.

I let myself fall, only holding onto branches long enough to slow my fall and trying to break as few as possible. I landed in a crouch in front of the leader of the little group. At first none of them reacted while I stood, dusted myself off and held the sword out in front of me. Once they had a knife being waved in their faces they started to move.

"Put down your weapon." The leader commanded. I shook my head and started to take steps backwards. And even though they outnumbered me they still moved out of my way. When I was well out of their circle I glanced up at Sanjay and Genesis. They were getting ready to throw down the rope. When Genesis looked at me I shook my head then turned and ran. Seconds later I heard shouts and the sound of running footsteps.

I glanced behind me and I was surprised that I couldn't see any of them. I stepped back behind a tree and calmed my breathing and heart rate. They all ran past me and none of them noticed that I had stopped. When I couldn't hear them anymore I turned around and ran back to the cave. I got to the base and was about to call for the rope when I suddenly felt very weak. I fell against the rocks and started to shake.

I heard the thud of rope hitting the rocks and looked up to see the end coming fast for my face. I moved slowly and it only hit my shoulder, but it still hurt. Genesis was the one who climbed down the rope. She was shocked to see me, but when she saw that I was shaking she called Sanjay down.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I think I'm thirsty and I'm defiantly hungry. But I don't want food." I told him.

"I know what's wrong with you." Genesis said, "You do need to eat, but water should give you enough energy to get up the rope."

"I don't think it will." I mutter as she pushed a can of water into my hand. I felt better as the water moved through my system, but Sanjay and Genesis had to help me stand up and hold onto the rope. But by the time I had started to climb I was starting to feel stronger. That didn't last long. I only just made it to the top, and when I did I collapsed. Sanjay followed me up but Genesis didn't I guess that she was going to pull the deer up.

Sanjay gave me another can of water and lit the fire then helped Genesis to lift the deer. When they got it up the fire was roaring good and so they got started cooking.

A/N: In repsect to ANZAC's everywhere today:

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest we forget.