Dim candle light flickers within a rather spacious room with the harvest moon looming in the window. Moon light shines behind wispy gray clouds as a woman staggers into the room, face pale and hazel eyes frantic. Heart pounding and stomach in a knot the woman hikes up her red satin dress, "Wh-Where is it?!"

Sprinting to a dark wood wardrobe, she begins wrenching open the shelves. The fury of flying cloth ends when shaking hands wrap around an object. Everything seems to halt for a moment as she takes time to appreciate the beauty of the metallic object. Seemingly lost within her own thoughts, she nearly leaps out of her skin as the sound of heavy foot steps echo throughout the room.

The thumps against the hardwood floor cause a strong feeling of dread, the woman quickly grabs a handkerchief and bundles up to object. Tossing open the window, the fierce wind bellows in and quickly extinguishes the candle light. Cupping her hands around the bundle, the woman brings the object her ruby lips. "Though we may part, we will be reunited one day. You will be of no use until we meet again." With a firm grip, she tosses the bundle as hard as she can. Her efforts are rewarded with a faint splash in the distance, a sure sign that the cause of her worry is now floating in the river. The woman closes her eyes, enjoying a moment of peace as she takes a couple breaths to collect herself.

Suddenly a low, smooth voice cuts through the silence, "Phoebe…" Laughter seems to shake the room, "Phoebe, did you really think that you could get away? You have one last chance to…"

Turning around in the moonlight, Phoebe peers into the darkness in a vain attempt to locate her pursuer. She stands tall, "No, and I'm not interested in any kind of deals you have."


The moonlight is engulfed by clouds, and a piercing scream rings throughout the night.