Seashells crackle on the sand

Your palm in hers, hand in hand

She looks at you, facing upwards

Daddy, why are seashells hard?

You really don't know and

Resolve to find out

But you smile at her

And she is content

She's going to elementary school

Your little girl is growing up

Outfitted in jeans, a jersey and a Barbie bag

She walks with you, hand in hand

You drop her off

She bravely smiles

And goes forward, a new chapter in your lives

Now she's in middle school

She moves away from you

You ask her mother

She softly smiles

All children do that

Give her time

So you wait and wait

But more she pulls away

Until she's avoiding, ignoring you

And you wonder

Where is Daddy's girl?

In high school, resentment shows

Stop following me around! I don't need you!

You persevere, try to understand her

Yet she tries to sever ties

Somewhere along the line

Her heart breaks

She runs to you

(a first, it's true)

And rubbing circles, you help her stand

Until she's again holding your hand

Now she's older, getting married

Your little girl is little no more

You walk together

Down the aisle

Her arm in yours

You almost cry

They say their vows

The lucky man smiles

(he's promised to love her

or else he might die)

Together, they drive away

You have to break down

Her mother holds you

Your little girl's gone

a/n: no, i'm a girl. i like parent/child fluff on ff so might as well write this. you must have read so... review!