When endorphins are released into one's brain, they encounter a state of calm often known as this, a generally enjoyable feeling.

What is happiness?

This is a state of apathy and emotionlessness directed towards a specific subject matter.

What is indifference?

This is a feeling experienced by one who looks around at the faces around them and feels no connection to any of them, none of them hold any understanding of or care for him or her, thus he or she becomes increasingly isolated from his or her surroundings.

What is loneliness?

When one feels unhappy yet does not have the strength, energy, will or means to change their situation, he or she experiences this state.

What is helplessness?

The sequence of being created from cellular form and growing into what is normally known as a human, living amongst other humans in a human-made structure under which all humans operate, and ceasing to function as a human is more commonly known by this term.

What is life?