Do you remember the night we lived forever?

When everything was just right and the music

Played forever because we wouldn't let it end

And we knew that it was our time, and everyone

Around us knew we knew by the way we didn't

Take a single word for granted, so we shouted

Every one just like we learned. We knew the

Tune and every subtle cue because we watched

And we waited. Now it was our turn. We were

Doing what we always dreamed and taking

Control of our destiny in those seconds of

Ecstasy when the world was ours, and it

Couldn't end because it was a part of us and

We were infinite, I swear, in those moments in

The darkness in the middle of it all. Those were

Ours, when the music couldn't die and neither

Could we and our paradise wasn't up the

Stairs. It was right here, in the middle of a

Crowded room as we told our story to the tune

Only we could understand. On that night, there,

In that moment, life reached such a peak that

This could be the day that I died.