Look at me mommy!

Aren't I perfect daddy?

I grew up,

Just the way you wanted me to.

Look at me!

Look at how pretty I am!

Everyone loves me!

Cutting lines and rolling blunts,

Just like you mommy!

Downing bottles of vodka,

Like it's nothing,

Just like you daddy!

Look at how amazing I turned out!

Your little girl, all grown up.

Don't you like my outfit daddy?

Low cut shirts and booty shorts!

Just like my old babysitters

You liked so much.

Don't I look pretty now,

My hair all done

And my face all made up?

I have a worse potty mouth than a trucker daddy,

Just like you.

Don't you love it?

I learned from the best.

Why aren't you proud of me?

I do everything you guys did.

Why aren't you happy?

I'm just like you.