By: DomOx


The room was overly large and dark, not completely cased in darkness, candles hung from the ceilings, their flame flickered, swaying from side to side as if taunting an on-looker, they were held on statues, their grey like hands extended as in fear they would burn. Only they would not, the candles had been burning for hours, a light dying orange that made the entire room glow, casting a shadowed bright color on the three occupied chairs that were scattered about the room in various places adjusted at an angle to face the space before them.

Each occupant of the chair was all scowling, discolored veins popping out from their pale ghost like skin. But their mouths were twisted differently; the furthest on the left was near squealing with excitement. She was dancing in her chair, almost. The one in the middle was slightly conflicted, not sure whether to move from the seat or continue to sit there. Their face was torn between amused and not so much and then did it decide to move from the chair to stand. The last, furthest on the right was all three, there was a scowl on his face, laughter in his eyes and a conflicted expression on his lips, half up and the other side down.

"Jazmyn, you are throwing about useless accusations," spoke the one in the middle, their voice was deep, serious, frightening. "With no proof, you have nothing."

The person in question, Jazmyn, stood before the three with a tight smile on her angelic features. Her curly pink hair was tied high in a ponytail that wrapped around her neck, the ends curled and brushed against her neck, covering up faint old bite marks.

Two pieces of bluish hair fell in her face, covering her forehead and covering half of her bright green eyes. She threw her head back, sighing out in annoyance. Her hands rising to rest on her wide curvy hips, tugging lightly on her bottoms as she scratches at the material with her forest green nails. Her shirt clings to her skin, as if painted on; there isn't a wrinkle or tear in sight. Her nipples are hardened, but they do not ruin the outfit. They just look like small buttons that cover her generous breast. And when she finally speaks, her voice is just as threatening as she felt.

"I'm not going to leave her there, Kinsingtyn, She made us. You may be heartless, but I will stick to her side till I meet my end."

Kinsingtyn shook her head; her wild curly red hair went everywhere as if trying to dance with its own rhythm. Only one piece, her bang, parted to the side covering her right eye. Between the strands, there was a faint scar that looped and ran across her nose to the other end, heightening the intense gaze through her golden eye. No other crack was visible to the observer; Kinsingtyn was a tall built lean curved being. Her adams apple bobbed up and down, preparing herself to speak as her hands rose from there dangling to themselves on her hips, the black corset that she wore rose with the gesture, her breast nearly popped out of the top, but stayed in place. Although her jeans were a different story, they hung low on her thin hips, showing a small red trail of hair that led below.

Jazmyn dared not looked down from Kinsingtyn's eye. She was standing there, boldly; ready to have a rebuttal to anything the woman before her said. She was prepared to get a lashing for this.

Especially after everything she went through to get here, standing before the Senate as she was not an easy task to accomplish.

The Senate.

But, she had to catch herself in the moment. The woman before her was of the Senate and the other two behind. She was disrespectful and spoke her mind when she felt cheated or ripped off as the humans put it, but she knew that if she over stepped her boundaries, if she took this too far. Even her own mother wouldn't be able to save her.

One thing you learned about the Senate. Don't talk too much game.

"Jazmyn, what you are asking is a lot. You wish us to send our soldiers to retrieve Queen mother and what? Then what are you going to do? Hope that Bradok will stop his madness?" Kinsingtyn shook her head, turning her back on Jazmyn, looking over her chair only to pat away the dust that had collected there, to sit afterward, crossing her legs over one another. Her eye still focused on Jazmyn. She nearly spoke up again only to be caught up by the man to her right.

"You must have been drinking too much blood to think you can waltz in here and demand that we order this out. Especially what would Tae have to say to this? He's the oldest and therefore has right to ask us this. Not you."

Jazmyn growled lowly, her upper lip curling up as she bared part of her fangs. Her body tensing, tightening as if prepping itself to attack the two sitting down in front of her. But she had to catch herself. If she laid a finger on any of them, even in just a 'joke', they could have her killed. No questions asked.

"The girl growls as if she has any power in here. We are the Senate. We are the voice to speak for the forgotten, the forbidden."

Jazmyn turned her head towards the voice. It was lighter than the other two, squeakier like a mouse. Her lip curled up further as she stared at the speaker. She had short dark white hair that hung around her bat like ears, long feathers hung from them as she tilted her head slowly to the side. She had a crooked smile on her dark blue lips, a crooked smile in her dark blue eyes. She had her legs crossed as Kinsingtyn but it was more feminine. Her wide hips took up the seat.

"Tae isn't here to speak. He's making sure the mess that Bradok made isn't getting any worse." She paused, turning her head from woman back to the man. Her lip falling to a small smile. Her fingers clenched into tight fist.

"Omega, please. The scum know about this because of him. Once they get over their fascination with us. They will find ways to put us down. You've seen the shows. You've read the countless books about us. This is real. This isn't some made up fairy tale."

Omega rolled his yellowish eyes, shifting in his chair to face the two ladies beside him. His voice boomed through the dark room. His spiky black hair was falling in his eyes and he used a thick finger to sweep it back.

"Kinsingtyn, even though I hate this. She is right. These scum are idiot creatures. The longer we toy with them the more they think we are weak little beings. I fear we must take action." He paused, shifting further to stare at Chislayn. She was, now, lying back in her chair, tilting her head up at the dark ceiling. She said nothing, only shaking her head, mumbling something like numbers.

Jazmyn figured she was counting the tiles.

Omega turned back to Jazmyn, his eyes scanning over her small frame, taking notice of how tense she was. "How does Jaugur feel about this? Does he even want his master back?" He let out a deep chuckle to his small joke, but no one else laugh and he had to quiet himself because of.

Jazmyn nodded slowly. She had gone to both Tae and Jaugur. Tae had put up more of a fight than usual. They were from different times. He was from old Scotland, a warrior of the land. She was a lady of England, except the rebellious kind. He said on the first night that she was made, 'A disgrace ta all vampyres.'. And he surely said it when she mentioned her plan to bring back mother. It seemed that Jaugur had been more excited to hear of the news than Tae. She had assumed from all the growls he had made that he had been.

Since their mother had been put to rest, they all had gone their separate ways. Tae had stayed close to her, kept an eye on her as he put it because of boredom. Jazmyn thought it was more because he had and known no one else. Jaugur had distance himself from them, hid and never had been found til Bradok, had came out of the grave, telling every human that vampyres, their kind, were real.

Jazmyn still shuddered, her body growing even tenser from how it happened. She dare didn't want to think about it.

"Oh no, Omega, that's not the right question to be asking. " Kinsingtyn leaned in her seat, uncrossing her legs, her elbows resting on her knees. Her eye slanted, her brow arched slightly, making the gaze that she gave Jazmyn scary. Her eye seemed to sparkle, glisten in the dimmed darkness.

"Why haven't you just done it yourself? Why come to us first?"

Jazmyn swallowed thickly. She unclenched her fingers, sliding them into her skirt pockets, scratching at the thin small holes that were inside of them to touch her pale white skin. She grabbed at her lip with her fangs, piercing her flesh as she tried to word the right words to answer. She could have done that and then faced the consequences from them. It was a more her thing to do, but this way Tae wouldn't yell at her. This way she wouldn't disrespect the person she was trying to bring back into the world she had left behind. Maybe, hopefully, the three before her would understand, put aside their petty differences to understand the situation, the future situation at hand. It was only a matter time before the scum loaded themselves up with wooden stakes and tried to kill them off.

A war between species.

"Eventually, it takes only one human to arise and stand for them all. It takes only one to be suave enough to sway the others into their way of thinking. It takes only one human, one person to stand for them all, speak for them, and everything we've worked so hard for. The peace, the existence of us will end."

Kinsingtyn shook her head, bursting out in laughter, tossing her head back from her growing amusement. She said in between breaks for she didn't need to breathe.

"You're wrong, Jazmyn. Very wrong."

The other two joined in laughter. Chislayn rolled out of her chair onto the floor, hitting her face against the silver tiles, breaking her nose, blood oozing from her nose unto her lips. Omega fell back, throwing his body weight onto the chair, falling back and hitting the floor. It broke beneath him and he did not mind. His legs kicking up, his thick large hands waving in the air as he laughed.

And before any of them could say a word. Jazmyn vanished, hate in her eyes.