On the battlefield I stand
Lonely yet surrounded like a grain of sand
Only there's no ocean to wash the blood away
The blood stains the ground and forever stays

A battle is an orchestra in my mind
Gunshots are violins playing a tedious tremolo
Plane engines roaring are violas playing an arpeggio
Bombs falling from the sky are cellos playing a rapid staccato
Explosions are basses plucking out an ostinato

And I am the choir hidden behind the strings
No matter how hard I try, I cannot be heard
Just like in a battle, we have no say
But I sing because somebody might hear us someday

We are more than just bows on a string
We are the fighters for your freedom
But you only care about the battle, not the people
And I cannot sing as loud as an angel high above a steeple

Maybe one day, our voices will be heard like a supernova
All the way across the universe like an intergalactic orchestra
With sweeping crescendos transcending even light
It'll sound like heaven from a hell in paradise