Amélie is an eighteen years old princess, who lived at the small island Sainte Marie (fictional). She is very happy with her life, but her aunt Sophie has a little problem… Amélie is still unmarried. But then Amélie met Archduke Emmanuel, she fell in love with him.

This Love changes her calm Life. She switches her little home Sainte Marie with the big Austria. After a short time, she is the empress of Austria. Her funny family helps her a lot.

Hello, this is my first story, which I published at

The original story is written in German and called "Amélie-Krone, Krieg und Liebe" (Amélie-Crown, War and Love) While I translated the story, I thought "Crown of Love" is much better.

I´m very sorry for my bad English, but I hope you understand something… I tried to make a good translation, but I´m not a native speaker and think at writing German.

If you find a mistake, you can write it to me!

Now, the chapter ;)

1. Chapter: The calm Sainte Marie

"Amélie, sit straight!" said my Aunt Sophie at the morning breakfast because I was back in my world of books.

At that moment I dreamed of amorous girls and their lovers on the stormy sea. Looking from the table, you see the ocean, which surrounded us.

"You always dream child! No wonder you do not have a husband." bleated my aunt. My uncle, her husband, had to stop her "Sophie be a little more considerately! The girl has not even chosen the state!"

Now I again had pity, because my fiancé, the Crown Prince of Prussia prefer marry Princess of Nassau and she will be instead of me Queen of Prussia.

But you need not feel sorry for me, for me anyway he was contrary! He was one of my relatives that I did not like. The Hohenzollern talked a lot about war and was not enthusiastic about the beauty in the world. My fiancé, a distant cousin of mine had not been better!

The only problem was that I will be in two years twenty! Then no one will marry me and I will be a burden for the family.

"But Ferdinand, her younger sister will marry soon and her cousin Sophie Theresa also. Both are two years younger than her! "

"But, dear aunt, you know my sister married a poor earl without heritage and my cousin Theresa, her cousin Sophie, so she is at his side, Empress and can follow her father to the throne. Although my aunt didn´t bore him an heir." I replied a little sarcastically.

"Nevertheless, your cousin will be Empress and your sister will live at the Viennese court!" returned my aunt, with a confident smile. "Let us not dispute on such a nice day ladies!" interrupted Uncle Ferdinand, our quarrel.

He was right, because it was a lovely sunny day like any day at Saint Marie. Saint Mary the island of my family was for me and many others of the most beautiful place in the world. The island belongs to us just in its fourth generation, but no one can imagine Saint Marie without Lesfleurs. "

"We should show us once again on the world stage", said Sophie suddenly and I was immediately excited.

"We should celebrate Uncle August's birthday with a prom!" I suggested, and turned to Ferdinand.

"Please let me plan this with Aunt Sophie or we should celebrate the marriage of Friederike here."

"Be not so fast my dear child! You're like your mother! "He stopped me.

"But she's right, Ferdinand, a prom would be perfect to showcase our glory!" Aunt Sophie chimed in and I knew that Ferdinand say anything against his two favourite women could.

"How could you not accept the two most beautiful women?" He replied, smiling and tapping his spoon on his egg.

I already imagined how the hall will be decorated. Hopefully we will invite the Great of Europe. Everyone will know how beautiful Sainte Marie is and I shall perhaps find a fiancé

"Do you dream again child," Aunt Sophie's voice woke me out of my daydream.

Vienna/ Schönbrunn

"We have been invited to the birthday of my brother", said the Empress to her aging husband, who came in the evening in their common room.

"Saint Marie, I have not seen it since I made my respects to your mother."

"At that time, and the land belonged to us before the Bourbons saw it as their inheritance," said the Empress a little bitter.

"But not excite yourself about such trifles on" he said to his wife.

"Your kingdom is also large and unhappy. The kingdom of my mother was small and happy"

The old emperor was insulted by the criticism of his wife. But he already knew his wife and went right on. "Who will host the festival? How do I know your brothers do not think much of it! "

"My childless sister in law and my unmarried niece sent it out!" replied the empress a bit sad.

"Probably we will not see them too, because politically we cannot afford to visit them."

"Then you will be very offended. Lesfleurs are very unforgiving!"

"I know I'm married with one for twenty years!" When he said that his wife flashed him briefly, but the next moment she began to laugh. "You probably have a lot of test stand during these two decades."

"In order for the Lesfleurs are not resentful, we are sending the sister of the hostess."

"Friederike and her fiancé they already know and I guess Amélie looking for a husband"

"Then we send the young Hereditary Grand Duke of Tuscany, with the two and a double wedding can be celebrated."

"But a representative of our house would still be missing and Theresa Sophie doesn´t know my home yet!"