Sakuraba High;


I walked down to the front gate of the apartment building and waited for my childhood best friends to arrive. I'm sure they'll take a while.


And to prove me wrong Sou arrived earlier than expected. Dark indigo hair, midnight blue eyes, tall build and noted to be highly attractive. Not that I'm denying it.

"Ohayou…" He managed to mumble after his yawn. I gave him a nod in response.

"We're going to be late if we wait for Kanata." He said while stretching his arms and right on cue Kanata came bursting out of the glass door. He has messy light brown hair, dark brown eyes, has an athletic build and also attractive.

"Sorry! I overslept." He smiled sheepishly and suddenly turned to me to hug me as he always does when he sees me in defence I side-stepped Sou let out a sigh. "Saeee!" Kanata's face met the cold asphalt road.

"Let's get going. Saeko needs to be in school earlier than usual." Sou slinged his bag and started to walk. I followed him leaving the fallen Kanata.

"Hey! What kind of friends are you?!" Kanata shouted towards us. I smiled, Sou smirked. Just when we were near the convenience store another familiar voice called me.

"SAEKO-CHAN!" a figure was running towards me and tackle hugged me in result to Sou catching me and Ayako in my arms. Medium length dark orange hair, yellow eyes, also has an athletic build.

"Good morning!" She chirped while unlatching herself off me.

"Good morning." I said straightening my blazer and skirt.

"Why does that idiot get to hug you?!" Kanata pointed a disapproving look at Ayako. She smirked.

"It's because Saeko-chan likes me more than you!" she puffed her chest out in pride. I rolled my eyes and continued to walk beside Sou.

"They sure are lively." Sou commented as the two kept arguing.

Our mornings are always like this. Rowdy but fun.

Sou's POV

It's the first day of class which means we have this long boring opening ceremony. I was seated in the first row beside Kanata who was sleeping. I didn't bother waking him up. It'll only cause commotion. Just when I was looking for Ayako, Saeko went up to the podium to deliver her speech, only to cover for the President.

"Good morning and welcome to a new school year." The male population cheered because of Saeko obviously. She's the most wanted female in school, a rank she ignores. It's hard not to see her as a pretty girl. She has long black hair, intense red eyes and a curvy figure. Hey, I'm a guy too but I only see her as a sister. I rolled my eyes at the dirty comments the males are throwing at her.

"Once again, if you have any type of concern or problem you can come to the student council for help also-" I looked up to see that the President cut her off by grabbing the microphone and snaked his arm around Saeko's waist. A pervert will always be a pervert.

"Hello Sakuraba High students! I also welcome you to a new wonderful year! I, the President of the student council will now appoint a new secretary!" the crowd was silenced. Looks like Kouji found a new target like how Saeko got appointed as Vice-President even though she was at her first year. He called her name out boldly and told her to come to the council office at once.

"Yatsushiba, Hiroshi-san! Please come to the student council office after the opening ceremony! Thank you and this is Takahiro, Kouji! Good bye!" ending the ceremony quickly and dragging Saeko with him off the stage.

Saeko's POV

"Don't you dare touch me like that." I stressed out glaring at Kouji who was lazily seated at his chair.

"Eh, no harm done right?" he grinned at me. I rolled my eyes and checked the time.

"Looks like your new recruit won't come." I said serving the other council members some tea.

He immediately stood up and pulled me and another member out. "Let go of me!" Kanae Takahiro hissed at the president. She's the external Vice-President as I am the internal one having a slightly higher rank than her. She is also the President's twin sister. Kanae pulled her wrist out of Kouji's grasp and I did the same.

"Don't get all touchy with me you jerk!" She shouted. I gave out a faint smile at her irritability. She's a hot-headed person, having identical features as the president. She had bright red hair, honey colored eyes and a fair build.

The president rolled his eyes and mocked her by saying the same things she just lashed out. I let out a sigh in their childishness. It seems that there are a lot of them here.

"Can we just go to where this Hiroshi person is?" I quirked an eyebrow at the bickering twins. Kanae let out a huff and looped an arm around mine and went off to the direction of 1-A's classroom.

We arrived at 1-A's classroom. We were student council members it is why we were excused for the first week to arrange several things. The teachers were lazy to do such things. Instead of knocking Kouji being him, slides the door wide open shocking everyone in the room and earning a yelp from the old teacher.

"Yatsushiba, Hiroshi! How dare you ignore the student council's president!" He stomped his feet towards a dark green haired student who looked at him lazily. Murmurs from the class erupted and the teacher just shook his head knowing Kouji, nothing will stop him.

"It's not my business." Yatsushiba-san said bluntly enraging the president more.

"It is now. Saeko! Kanae! Come here!" He pointed at us and we reluctantly followed. "Kanae!"

"What?" Kanae asked placing her a hand on her hip.

"Drag him out." His lips curved into a smile - rather a smirk. This newbie will be in hell once Kanae drags him.

"I suggest that you come with us without Kanae's help." I spoke up closing my eyes. I heard him tsk-ed and stood up from his chair.

"Just because she said so." Yatsushiba-san grunted and walked out of class. Kouji smirked and put me in a head lock.

"Expected from the internal VP!" I tried to wriggle away from his head lock and failed pathetically.

"Alright alright." The teacher clapped his hands and motioned for us to leave. Kouji finally let me go and whistled a happy tune. I bowed and said thanks to the class, Kanae did the same.

"Just because you went out 'nicely' doesn't mean you're getting away!" I saw Kouji dragging Yatsushiba-san forcibly across the hall Yatsushiba-san struggling violently. Grunts and curses from the both of them were heard. We reached the council office fairly quickly with Kouji dragging the poor student.

"You should even thank me for this! Being in the student council family is a great deal!" Kouji started to rant.

"Suck it up and shut up will you?!" his twin shouted at him.

"You ugly freak." Kouji mumbled.

"Please, we all know you look like a gorilla." Kanae crossed her arms.

"Just so you know, both of you are identical you look the same." I sternly said.

"He's uglier! We all know I'm the better half of the twins!" Kanae said filled with confidence.

"Please, I'm the president and you're just the external VP." Kouji copied Kanae's actions.

"But the external one is more respected than you are even though you're the internal one." Kanae gave an all knowing smirk and Kouji's victorious smile completely faded away.

"Gah! Fine whatever! Saeko! Give him a speech or whatever." Kouji shouted out in frustration and went to a corner to sulk.

I turned to Yatsushiba-san and started. "You see, the Student Council here in Sakuraba High does mostly of the work it's why we have two presidents and vice-presidents. Namely, Kouji Takahiro" I gestured to the sulking guy probably growing mushrooms in the corner.

"He is the Internal President and Kazuo Shigeki the external President who is currently visiting our sister school" I held my hand up for a handshake.

"Saeko Amamiya, I am the internal Vice-President" He shook my hand "and she" I pointed at Kanae. "is Kanae Takahiro the external Vice-President. You, being the new secretary and the others will be introduced to you later." He nodded.

"What am I supposed to do?" He asked blankly. Again being Kouji snapped back into his usual jolly distinction handing Yatsushiba-san a stack of papers.

"Arrange these per section in alphabetical order!" he ordered and pushed Yatsushiba-san in a neat desk.

"Start working everyone!" Kouji hollered.

Kanata's POV

-Lunch Break-

"Uwah~!" I gasped in amazement because of Sou's homemade lunchboxes for all of us.

"Expected from okaa-san!" Ayako clapped her hands in amazement and Saeko giggled.

"Stop calling me that!" Sou barked at us while opening another box filled with glorious food.

"But it suits you so perfectly!" Ayako pouted.

"I'm a guy. Find someone else who'll appreciate being called like that."

"Let's eat shall we?" Saeko distributed our chopsticks which is color coded. Hers is red, Ayako's is yellow, Sou's is blue and mine is green.

"Saeko-chan's otou-san!" Ayako popped a meatball in her mouth. Saeko flushed red it's a rare sight really.

"S-shut up!" She took a mouthful of spaghetti with the red hue on her cheeks. It's what I admire greatly about her. Her personality, her kindness and her crimson eyes it's one asset I like about her. I liked her ever since childhood but she has her eyes set upon someone else; someone who likes someone else too. Confusing, huh? I just wonder how this will turn out.

I looked up at the blue sky, we were at the rooftop our dining place, meet-up place – name it and we had everything here there were lots of memories and crying of course. I smiled at the thought of the silly things we did.

"If you don't eat that fillet, I'll steal it from you." Ayako eyed my fish fillet and I quickly raised my lunchbox.

"It's my divine food. Piss off." I snorted at her and I got hit by a flower shaped carrot.

"Language." Saeko reprimanded me.

"Gomen, I forgot we had a student council member here." I waved my hand dismissively.

"I think it's just on way of not eating your carrots." Sou smirked. Saeko glared at him.

"It is not." Her lips pressed in a firm line.

"I agree." Ayako piped up stealing some meatballs from Sou's lunchbox.

"Get away from our lunchboxes." Sou raised his lunchbox as I did.

"But you're so slow in eating the meatballs are begging to be eaten." Ayako said dramatically.

"Try that again and I'll kick you." I threatened.

"You can't hurt girls." She said while stuffing meat in her mouth.

"A girl with a chest flat as a chopping board." I mumbled and I was hit by juice carton.

"ASSHOLE!" Ayako fumed.

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