Sakuraba High;


"Kanae! Can you distribute these to the following sections?" Kouji waved several bundles of forms in the air.

"I'll do it later. I'm still working on the 1st year's profiles." Kanae shouted back while arranging the forms by section and alphabetically.

This is how the Student Council spends the first day in school – filing, arranging, distributing and monitoring.

"Did someone do the hourly rounds already?" I asked.

"Kazuo was assigned to that! He hasn't arrived yet!" Kouji shouted in frustration. He should have returned an hour ago! We're practically drowning in paper!

"I can do it." Yatsushiba-san raised his hand. "I've finished arranging the 2nd year's profiles."

"You're new you can't you might get lost. I'll do it." I stood from my seat picking up a bundle of forms. "I'll go pass this to the other classes."

"Why not give Hiroshi-kun a tour while you're at it." Kanae suggested her eyes not leaving her work.

I looked over to Yatsushiba-san who simply nodded and stood up. I walked over to the door and slid it open.

After crossing several classrooms Yatsushiba-san decided to speak up. "You don't remember me?"

I quirked an eyebrow. "Should I?" I saw his mouth twitch a little. I said the wrong words didn't I?

"Nevermind." I hate hearing that after someone sparks my interest in something they said. I groaned.

"Tell me." I stressed. "It's irritating when people say that!"

"I've heard you say it though." He shrugged nonchalantly walking away from me.


"Nah, nevermind. It's nothing special." I swear he's making fun of me.

Oh, Kami. People in my school…

"And finally this is the gym." I guided him around the school happily rather uncharacteristically but I like my school a lot.

"SAEKO-CHAN!" A very familiar voice hollered I braced myself. Knowing Ayako she'll tackle me. It's the same with Kanata but he doesn't get to touch me. I gave out a muffled grunt when her face collided on my stomach and latched herself on me.

"It's gym on first day?" I asked. Good thing I'm still busy with the Student Council.

"Yup! It's fun! We're playing volleyball and…" She peered over my shoulder and probably saw Yatsushiba-san. "Who is he?" she removed herself from me.

"This is Yatsushiba, Hiroshi the new secretary since the past secretary graduated already."

"Hi! I'm Ayako Fujiwara! Sae-chan's ultimate best friend!" She saluted earning a chuckle from Yatsushiba-san.


"Mhm?" Ayako and I responded.

"Both of you can call me Hiroshi." I nodded and gave a smile Ayako on the other hand…

"NO! I'll call you Hiro-kun! Call me Ayako-senpai!" She placed her hands on her hips to look fierce. Hiroshi-kun on the other hand flinched a bit because of Ayako's loud voice.

In all oddity of the school Ayako suddenly got hit by a volley ball… hard on the head.

"Ayako!" I was about to help her up when she raised a palm to my face. "I'm okay! Now who did that?!" her murderous aura was quickly felt by our class. There has got to be only one culprit for hitting her like that.

"KANATA YOU AS-mphgh!" I covered her mouth quickly before she could continue her most said word.

"Glad you stopped her." Sou jogged to us. I gave him a nod.

"Who else would?" I removed my hand from her mouth only for her to continue.

"-SHOLE!" Sou face palmed while Ayako looked for Kanata in seething rage. It's funny how Kanata always provokes Ayako seeing he just gets brutally beat up later.

"Hiroshi-kun, this is my childhood friend Souichirou Hirose." I gestured to Sou.

"You must be the unlucky one, huh?" Sou tapped Hiroshi-kun's back. "The coach is calling me now. See you later." He ruffled my hair and jogged away to the direction he came from.

"Why is everyone says I'm unlucky?" Hiroshi-kun snorted.

"Being picked by Kouji isn't really considered lucky of some sort. He's a slave driver but the Student Council family is lots of fun." I gave an encouraging smile.

"SAEEEE! Help me!" Kanata was running away from the furious Ayako I stepped aside for him to kiss the gym floors with a squeak with that Ayako quickly pulled him into a vicious headlock.

"NO NO NO. STOP! Stop it you monster!" Kanata tapped his hand down the gym floor repeatedly as if he was on a wrestling match.

"Shall we?" I walked to the door.

"You're not gonna help them?" Hiroshi-kun asked. I shook my head and sighed.

"It'll only cause commotion and I'm sure I wouldn't want to be pulled into a game of tug o' war."

"The Student Council members are here to announce several things." Chibi-sensei stepped away and the Presidents stood in the middle.

"On Friday, the whole day would be vacant for picking your clubs and we're here to pass these forms for you to fill out. If you'd want to create a club just talk to us and we'll see if it would work out also there will be performances in the auditorium. The music and theatre oriented clubs will be performing." Kanae maintained eye-contact with the class as she gripped the edges of the table.

"And clubs are by choice if you don't want to then don't." Sae added as she finished distributing the forms per row.

"I will be expecting your class representative later." She bowed and said thanks to Chibi-sensei. Kanae gave the class a thankful look and slid the door to a close.

Ayako stood up and rushed to my seat. "Kan-Kan! Are you still joining the Soccer team?" I twitched at the nickname she gave me.

"They need me! Of course I'll stay with them." Ayako snorted at that.

"Need. Aren't you full of yourself?" Ayako filled her form on my seat and I stood up to look at Sou's form.

"Ne, still joining the Basketball team?" He looked at me with a bored look.

"Yeah. I hope the other clubs won't go after the 6 of us again." He mushroom sighed.


"Fudging-!" I whipped my head to see who hit me.

"What?" Ayako 'innocently' blinked her eyes at me.

"Still on the Swimming team?" Sou asked Ayako with amusement. I'm greatly aware of Sou's feelings for Ayako. She's just as dense as a clump of rock.

"Yup! Sakuraba High Swimming team will crush every single school around!" She beamed and pumped her fist in the air. We both chuckled at her display of passion.

"Sae-chan's still staying with the Archery team right?" I nodded and leaned at the table across Sou's.

"Kanata, I heard you censor your curse earlier what's up?" Sou propped his hand to hold his chin.

"Eh, I just felt like it." I murmured.

"Pfft- I think Chibi-sensei just scares the hell out of you." Ayako wore a smug expression.



"Takagi-san." An eerie voice called me I can feel the cold air that was radiating from my back.

"Fuck me…" I face palmed. Just by the end of my 'statement' I was hit by a folder.

"Who has a non-existent love life?" Our homeroom teacher growled having a dark aura surrounding the classroom.

"Chi-chibi-sensei..." I scooted away from her and instinctively yanked Ayako and used her as a shield.

"Kill this idiot first!" I shouted but Chibi-sensei quickly got Ayako away from me earning a grunt of pain from Ayako.

"Your respect for teachers always seems to fascinate me, Kanata-san." Our teacher's voice dripped with venom. I'm so screwed.

"I'd love an explanation from you." I felt Sae's hand gingerly touching the bump on my forehead.

"I think she was PMSing." I grunted.

"Don't make me add more to your injuries." She warned me. I raised my hands up to mock surrender.

"I'll stop. Anyway, I didn't know you took up the clinic helper slot."

"I didn't take it. The new school doctor picked me." I watched her pull out an ice pack from the freezer.

"Aren't you busy enough though?" I took the pack from her and pressed it on my aching forehead. The small teacher really needs to work on her temper issues.

"I can do it. It's not like I need to go home right away. Yuu-kun's still at his violin lessons 'til 5."

"I'll stay here and walk you home." She smiled at that.

"Thanks." But I can't have my hopes up. She loves someone else and I know it's not me and also to note her brother hates me.

Author's Notes:

I wasn't really happy with this chapter at all. Not much development. I'm also sorry for disappearing like that! School just got me tied up. I was the props person for 3 plays. It was rather harsh. Any, I'd like to know your suggestions/critiques or anything else! Love you all!