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Another long day became exciting with the fact that I got to sip my favorite drink at the bar with my best friends and listen to local musicians. Thank GOD for Fridays, even though the pub was always busy.

"Tracy!" I called and opened the door to the pub. It was a few minutes until they opened but I always came early.

"Hey Evelyn. I swear, I could strangle my students." She said and took a hearty swig of her drink. "Today, I got a fight going on."

"Oh my God, is everyone alright?" I asked and sat down next to her. Gary gave me my glass and I took a sip.

"Yeah, it's ok. Jason took a toy dinosaur from Nate and they started slapping each other. I didn't really do anything until Jason got hit in the head with a Tonka truck." She said. "That kid had it coming."

"Can't you get fired for that?" I asked. Gary rolled his eyes.

"Probably. But have you ever seen two kids get in a fight? It's like baby cage matches!" She exclaimed, obviously amused by the memory of the brawl.

"God you are so screwed up." I told her and laughed.

"Anyways." Gary said, trying to steer clear from his wife's train wreck of a mind. "How was your day, Evelyn?"

"It was a day. And tomorrow is the weekend. I'm just going to sit here and listen to the entertainers tonight." I told them and I leaned back, melting into my chair. "Oh, today I worked on a broken femur. Most exciting part of my day so far." I said sarcastically.

"Well, let's just celebrate that it's Friday! No whiny, snot pickers, bull shit until Monday!" Tracy said and signaled for all of us to clink glasses.

The smash of our drinks together started the night. Incoming came the open door, a few people carrying in music and instruments. I didn't pay attention to them, I was having fun playing 'Who can complain about their boss more' game with a tipsy Tracy. Of course, I was trashing the attending doctor above me in charge of the ER and Tracy was 'nicely complimenting' the behaviors of her students.

As the night went on, I half listened to the music fill the bar and talked with Tracy.

First was a guitarist trying to get on his feet and start a career. Then some one else I didn't care for and would have gladly plugged my ears if I had plugs.

Then Sarah, the pianist. I loved the songs she picks, all different and unique. One night, one of my favorite performances of hers, was a few short songs of The Beatles. I listened to her Yellow Submarine, that flowed into A Day In The Life, and then Hey Jude. Some other ones were in between too. Sarah is very talented and I bet one of the best pianist I ever heard.

Today when she sat down on the piano stool, she had the Lord of the Rings theme. That was ok too, but not as good as her Beatles routine. As the song went on, I heard songs from the movie that I recognized.

Everybody clapped when she was done and got up to stand.

Then we were tormented by a country singer. I lost track of the musicians. Already gone through a few drinks, I limited myself if I wanted to get home in one piece. Gary got me a cup of water. As the cold glass touched my lips, I heard the most beautiful music I have heard in a long time. The song played was something familiar, I wanted to say Motzart or Beetoven. I wasn't great with music. The music was better than Sarah, and that's saying a lot for me. I looked up to see who the musician was.

A familiar looking man sat at the piano and his brown hair was getting in his way as his fingers moved with incredible speed across the keys. The long and thin face was quickly registering his movement from muscle memory and from the bar I could see the man's blue eyes move from side to side with his hands. His shoulders were hunched from his height. The music in front of him was not looked at and the music ebbed and flowed from the piano. He was about my age and wore long jeans which were rapidly moving, one foot working the pedals and the other tapping to the beat, both grey shoes lifting on intervals.

Something about how the left side of the long sleeve buttoned up shirt was rolled up to the elbow was weird. Then I saw it. A blue cast covered his left arm and the fingers had to stretch as far as they could to reach the notes. That was why he looked so familiar.

Jake London bowed to the crowd and walked off stage with his music. Only then did I hear Tracy talk to me.

"Earth to Evelyn…" I shook my head and looked at her.

"Oh, yeah sorry."

"I was saying he is kind of cute. You should ask him for… I don't know, a date?" She said, forgetting about my first worry about boys. My last boyfriend broke my heart and I swore off men for a bit when I found out he slept with his receptionist.

"Tracy, honey…" Gary tried to pull the drunk teacher from my mind but was taken away by a woman ordering shots for her group.

"No, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind." I twisted around in my chair and grabbed the front of his shirt when Jake walked past me.

"Hey, remember me?" I asked. He smelled like soap as I firmly sat him down on the stool next to me. I saw him gulp and his Adams apple moved up and down. Up close his blue eyes were vibrant and bright.

"Uhh, yeah hi, I want to-"

"What? I want to let you know about something, dipshit. Doctors provide a great service to the public. You should be respectful and let us do your job instead of being a rude jerk like you were in the ER." I steamed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gary and Tracy shirk away. Jake didn't look to thrilled either about the lecture I was giving him. His blue eyes widen with either fear or sadness. "Oh and by the way, you aren't supposed to use that arm for another 7 weeks. I wouldn't play the piano, or you are just going to make your condition worse." I pointed out and he hid his arm under his sheet music.

"Ok, listen. I'm sorry for being an ass to you, I really am. I don't like hospitals and they freak me out when I go inside. I technically deserved that load of crap from you so,… Yeah." He sat there quite awkwardly and I actually thought about what I said. The words I spoke were harsh coming out of my mouth and I could have given him the benefit of the doubt. His apology… I guess… It was ok.

"Ok, well… Be careful of that arm." I warned him and turned my back on the blue eyed man with a single good bye and a compliment on his wonderful music.

I looked at Tracy and Gary as I watched their eyes follow the figure out the door. I buried my head in my folded arms and hoped I wouldn't go to hell for the things I just said.

"Who the hell was that?" I heard Tracy ask.

"A patient. He got in a car crash a few days ago and was a complete butthead, as you kindergarteners like to say." I told them.

So much for patient confidentiality.

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