Ours is a love of astronomical proportions
An orbit around the sun is only the least of it
I feel I am at my aphelion from you
For if you are the sun,
I am the moon
The Earth is your mistress,
And she and I must fight at each eclipse for your gravity

Do you see my earthshine from your corona?
Or am I simply just a hunk of rock compared to the lush Earth?
Perhaps one day we'll be truly ecliptic
But for now, I must settle for a gibbous love

The galaxy is beautiful
You are an artist
With our souls drawn in the sky as constellations
Gamma rays streaking the night,
Representing our passion
It's almost as beautiful as your solar flares as I am in sweet lunation

I feel the neutrinos surrounding me in this vacuum
But I feel so alone
You are far away from me,
But your heat will come from light years away,
Warming the Earth
And not my cold, Kelvin-measured heart
It is not my fault for the occultation, my love
The Earth is a very greedy lover

Just as your nova fades,
I am at the perihelion
I can nearly touch your ecosphere
But I cannot reach any further
How I wish I could be your equal
How I wish I could be at the periastron,
Never at the apastron
But I will forever have my phases
For I am the moon,
And I emit nothing
No darkness,
No light
Only gravity,
But that is of no use to you

For now, I am all right with our distance
Our attraction is immense,
But I am not quite as dense as the lovely Earth
I proceed into syzygy
The Earth smiles at the terminator
Time dilation becomes not just an idea, but a reality
As I look from your sun spots to the zenith
I dream of seeing infinite sunlight instead of occasional darkness
Even I know that my dreams are far-fetched
But for one moment, I swear I saw a quasar of hope