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Have you heard of the Legend of a Double Seventh Son? Well basically it all begins when a couple has many, many children until they have their seventh son.

The seventh son has enhanced magical abilities past normal people, by about ten to fifteen percent. If a Seventh Son gets married, and also has seven sons, then that seventh child will have an extraordinary knack for magic, Usually capable of achieving the ability to do Magyk.

Magyk is a super advanced form of regular magic. Few people are capable of Magyk; even fewer are non-double Seventh Sons.

But on the contrary there is also a curse, the curse of the Thirteenth child. Now, the Thirteenth child is said to sow sadness and bring unluckiness to all who know the person. Now the Thirteenth child is usually referred to as a Darke Child.

Having a Darke Child is the Second greatest shame a family can have. The greatest is having a Darke Child who is also a Double Seventh Son.

Can you imagine it? A Darke Child who can also perform Magyk. One who has some of the strongest kind of magic known, and brings sorrow and the unluckiest things one could have.

Now imagine if you were an enemy to this person? No, imagine if this person was your dictator? Your country would have terrible harvest if you got on his bad side. Or if you were in his court and didn't follow his command?

A fate worse than death.

First, he would creep into your dreams and give you life scarring nightmares, and then he would slowly kill all your loved ones, right in front of you. And then when all seems lost. He lets you go, he just drops you off at the edge of the dark forest. To fend for yourself, with nothing but yourself, your clothes, and your own insanity.

Also, if you didn't think it could get much worse, he can revive himself from near death with Magyk. And if he's an elf, physical perfection, meaning enhanced physical strength, agility, and wisdom. And a boost to magical ability, not that he needs it.

Such a person is our king; none of us will bow down to him willingly of course. But the thought of being whipped and a day without food is torture.

There are thirteen legal towns, Thirteen, just another way to make our lives miserable.

Every town is equipped with thirteen enforcers. The enforcers make sure we obey the law, and if not, the next day without food and you get whipped.

I was an elven servant, but I bought my way to freedom, so now I only need to care for myself. My name is Locien Tathviel, if you were wondering. Well this is where my story starts.

As usual I wake up with the sunrise, so I can bathe earlier in than most people. I was finishing up when a man that I didn't recognize came and went into the river to wash, I paid no mind to him.

I went to my home and put on a fresh tunic. And then walked to the pavilion. They gave me a small bowl of oatmeal, and river water. It's disgusting, but I've grown used to it.

I was eating the disgusting slop when the strange man from earlier sat down across from me and started to eat.

I thought, "Maybe it's a coincidence, or a different man."

Then he said, "You're the elf from earlier correct?"

So much for that theory.

"Yeah, I responded.

"Well there is an elf program, that brings elves back to their parents if they were taken into slavery." He said, I'm the leader of this program, its called E.E.S.R., I admit it's not the best acronym but its stands for Every Elven Slave Returned." He said.

"May I be in the program?" I asked.

"Yeah, if you have a name, a lot of elven slaves don't remember their names, and without their name, there is know way to bring them back to their parents" He told me.

"Yeah, my name is Locien Tathviel." I responded.

"Congratulations Locien, You are a part of E.E.S.R" He told me.

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