You say you want a girlfriend

But you don't realize

how many girls, such as I

who would do anything

just to be your everything

You say "what do you mean by I know there is someone out there that likes me?"

When you don't even realize that

If you opened your eyes

You'll realize I'm the one

Who liked you all this time

Why do you think

I'm always complementing you

And trying to make you feel better?

Obviously, flirting with you there and here isn't working

And you just don't get the hints I'm dropping.


I wonder "should I start stopping?"

But that doesn't stop me

I think it's about time you used your mind

Because you ask so many questions

Like if they're the hardest things to answer

When in reality, the answers are literally right in front of your face

I may as well tell you how I feel about you

But that just can't be done

Because I don't want to ruin anything

Even if holding on to that little piece of thread

That's holding us together

Won't get us anywhere

or help us become anything.

I just don't wont to make a picture perfect mistake

I just, want this time to be different…

So goodbye for now

And if you ever feel the same way about me like how I feel about you

Just tell me

Because then the truth might be revealed

About how I feel about you

But please don't take too much time

Because J.M

If 1+1= a lonely me and a lonely you

Then, I think I'm falling for you…