It's just so hard to think

That I once believed.

I begged him not to leave

And now I watch him,

As I try not to breath.

There goes my past

There goes what I thought would last

There goes my dreams

There goes what I thought could be

There he goes with eveything,

There he goes, but he left me.

My raggered breaths

Turn to cold whispers

Asking questions

With no answers.

I don't know how time goes so fast.

All I know is

There went my past!

There went all things I thought would last.

There went my dreams.

There went all I thought could be.

There he went with everything

There he went, but...somehow he left me.

With the knowledge that I'll

Never move completely on,

I take comfort and become strong.

One day he'll realize that he was wrong.

He'll be begging for that one thing he left,

Oh this, he'll definitely want back.

He'll beg me not to leave,

And I'll hardly listen to him as he breaths:

There goes my girl.

There goes my world

There went my last chance,

There went everything I loved in the past.

There went my future.

And if I could wish anything,

I wish I were still with her.