You're Either Tired or Already Asleep

Groggily opening my eyes to my surroundings, I could not see two inches in front of my face. Looking around the dark abyss, I tried to find what on Earth could have possibly woken me up, but I didn't see any misshapen, shadowy figure in the corner of my room, or any sign of someone barging through my door, so I relaxed my body back onto the bed and fell back asleep. Yet, not one second passed before I heard the constant blaring of my phone, playing the song Bedrock by Young Money featuring Lloyd.

I wanted to scream out, but unfortunately was beaten to it by my aggravated sister saying, "Turn it off!"

Groping around the bed for the phone, I couldn't see it anywhere. However, it got louder and louder by the minute, taunting me. When I just about wanted to give up from finding it, I felt underneath this large pillow I had on my bed and found the menace phone. By this time though, my sister managed to run out of her room that is right across from mine and began to bang on my door.

Rolling my eyes, I said, "What do you want Sal? The thing is off, now go back to bed like a good little girl, and let me go and take a shower!"

Listening for the better part of a few minutes, I heard her breathing heavily outside of the door, and I wondered if she accidentally fell asleep in the hallway, but finally she muttered a quiet "whatever" and went back to her room.

Making my way over to my bathroom, I stared in the mirror for any noticeable changes over the past summer. My hair was certainly a lot longer this year reaching to my mid-back, curling ever so slightly in light, dark chocolate waves. Dull brown eyes stared right back at me, and I could see that I had purple bruises underneath from the lack of enough sleep for the past couple of weeks. My face was thinner somehow in shape, looking more defined, finally rid of the major baby fat in my face. The same went for my body, I mean, sure I was still curvy, but not in that top-heavy kind of way that I used to be.

Taking a glance at the picture in the corner of the mirror, I remembered how shy I was back then when I was a sophomore in high school. Chuckling at my naïve behavior in the past, I set forth to taking a shower. Before walking in though, I looked at the photo again and said, "This is what we've been waiting for…"

I could feel this giant pounding at the back of my head. Somehow my entire family managed to make me have a splitting headache within only three minutes. I mean, everyone was everywhere, my mom was looking for the registration forms, Alex, my brother, was looking for his backpack (which was on the couch), and Salma was taking forever in the bathroom, trying to decide whether or not brown matched blue. Each of them, however, was yelling at the other for taking forever doing whatever they were doing. I had about half a mind to walk to school, or worse the bus.

It's days like these that I wished I had my own car…

Anyways, my head was like literally about to explode, when all of a sudden horn went off from outside, and taking a look through winced eyes because the honk did not help the headache, I saw one of my very close and very awesome friends pull up.

"Yo, Marcel! We are going to be late for D.C. if you don't hurry it on up!"

Grinning from ear to ear, I ran outside to where Nick was, and waved back at my mom from the passenger seat. Taking off, I threw my stuff in the back of the car, and took notice of the true beauty.

"It's a 1998 silver Mustang GT convertible. My folks thought that getting me a new car meant getting me a car that was only 'new' to me. It's sweet though, I mean, sometimes there are some problems, but once you get her fixed up, she runs smooth."

I began to chuckle as he smirked, "Her? Are you kidding me? What is it with you guys and your cars?"

Showing a display of affection, he said, patting down the side of the car, "It's okay baby, she didn't mean it."

Rolling my eyes, I went back to looking at the road, watching the trees, or the blur of the trees, disappear as we drive right on by. Pretty soon we were able to see the tiny school with all of the many students we had scurrying about the campus, trying to see their friends and getting to know the new students. I didn't notice that we had parked until Nick made a little coughing noise from right next to me.

Whipping my head to look over at him, I saw that he had another stupid smirk on his face, "Are you ready for this?"

Taking a long look at him, I said, "No realmente, pero vamos a ir."

Chuckling softly, he got out of the car and went over to my side, "Well then senorita, we shan't be late," I laughed at his weird antics and got out of the car with him holding onto the door. Grabbing my stuff, I looked at the school that would definitely make or break me…

The chilly air practically froze me to the plastic seat I was in, numbing my toes and sending a sting down the length of my legs. It was seven thirty, and I could see that a lot of people were definitely not morning people, judging from how about half of them were still asleep (either that or frozen to death). Not even half of the class was here yet, and I was getting genuinely worried at the fact that the television monitor was due to turn on at any moment with only half of a class here. It wasn't really the fact that there was hardly anyone here, but the fact that my friends (besides Nick) weren't here yet, or rather hadn't texted me about being late. Our classroom supervisor, Mrs. Marshall, was nearly about to close the door shut and turn on the monitor when three girls walked in at that very moment, arriving just seconds before class started. I grinned from ear to ear when I saw that they each had a coffee in their hands and one holding a tub of muffins on top of her textbook.

Olivia, a very enthusiastic baker of the bunch, is a very forward girl when it comes to her stage presence, admiring the rushing feel she gets when she stands in front of an audience. This, however, clashes with her tendency to be shy around the people she knows well or to complete strangers. Her hair, though originally a bronze color, was died to the color of a midnight shadow, curling about and framing her face perfectly. It contrasts well against her alabaster and creamy white skin, and her rosy red lips. Her clothes are more of the modernized twenty-first century mixing with the many styles of the twentieth.

Then there was Scarlett, a rather eccentric girl with the knowledge of every volume of the encyclopedia in her head. She has a knack for the performing art, loving to play in the band as the assistant drum major and act in the school play. Scarlett has a feisty attitude and does not care for people who lie to her face, but she can be so very kind and compassionate to the people she cares about. Her hair is a light auburn with golden flecks imbedded into the short wavy hair, which tends to curl or poof in the humidity. She tends to wear her makeup and clothes in a sort of fashion to stand out against the crowd, thickening the eyeliner or using a darker shade of red for her lips.

There are many ways to describe Aria, but the words that seem to pop up more so than any other description of her would be tall, thin, and blonde. Though she is very shy in person, Aria tends to speak whatever she is thinking through the quirk of her mouth or in the way that she carries herself. She is another one of those girls, who loves to be involved on the stage, but whether or not it is behind or in the dead front all depends on her behavior throughout the day. Aria is dating Henry Anderson, a band member, and though their relationship is climatic at times, they do love each other well enough. Her hair is cut into a very short pixie cut, much like the famous British model Twiggy, and though she is naturally a blonde, she bleaches her hair to the point of being platinum. Her style and choice of clothing is restricted to the styles of mod, emo/goth, and punk, but no matter what her style in clothing, she will always be seen with thick eyeliner to accentuate her eyelashes in an Egyptian style and red lipstick.

The three of them are all like addicted to coffee, which I don't understand how by the way, considering on what it does to your hours of sleep and nervous system if you have a lot. Laughing their way into the room, I waved them over to the furthest corner of the room from the door. Then with Nick in the only seat on my right, the others began to file into the seats on my left hand side, whispering a quiet, "hey" or "thanks".

Mrs. Marshall began telling us to settle down and get ready to start class, reminding us that we have to pick up our class schedules right after this, and that the principal wanted to speak to all of the students after dual credit, so that we were all together. I could see Nick beginning to roll his eyes, sighing about how we once again have another school assembly about how we must all strive together to achieve greatness at this school, in hopes that we all work together as a school.

I could feel my hair rise on end when the television monitor was turned on and our professor, Professor Bennett, appeared on the screen, welcoming us to his English class, saying how lucky we all are to have this opportunity or whatnot. He never took notice of the lack of the number of students in the room currently, but, I mean, what can you do? It's not like he can just reach out from the television and pull people into the classroom.

"Is it just me or was that one of the longest classes we have like ever had?" Scarlett was still sipping on her coffee, trying to get as much energy as she could for the rest of the day.

"No kidding, I felt like time had stopped after a while," Aria was trying to look and see if any of her makeup was smeared from where she had rested her face on her hand for the majority of the class.

"I feel overwhelmed by everything that he said within the first couple of minutes only, let alone the whole class," and it was true, my head felt like it was going to blow at any given second.

Olivia started in, saying, "Maybe this little assembly will be really quick and the rest of the day will be a huge breeze?"

"Not likely with these teachers always confusing us for a bunch of prisoners," Nick stated this in his honey-sweet Texas droll, and I couldn't help but snort at the comment.

Upon entering the really large gym, I saw all of the students piling in, each class doing their own thing: the seniors were settling into the comfortable middle area of the stands, where the amazingly comfortable seats were; the juniors were trying to sneak their way past the teachers and staff into the senior seats; the sophomores were quietly filing into the back of the whole place, trying to get away from all of the supervisors and whatnot; and the freshman were scurrying about, trying to find any viable area to sit that was the closest to escape from the gym.

Deciding that we weren't in any big rush to get out of here for classes, we sat in the back of the senior stands, trying not to bring any attention to ourselves. Then when we looked down over all of the people, we could see the principal laughing for God knows what reason at something Ms. Wilson the main history teacher said. Teachers really shouldn't flirt…

Watching them for what felt like forever, our principal, Mr. Hanson, went to stand directly in front of the large crowd of students, bringing the microphone to his lips, saying, "Well, it's great to see most of you again for another year and meet some of you for the first time as high school students."

I could already feel the entire student body falling under a spell of sleep and boredom…

"Well so as not to bore you too quickly, I just wanted to say a couple of things before you guys head off back to class. First, if you will notice we have a few new faces added onto our staff this year. Mrs. Dunst will be taking control of Home Economics, Health, and our Financial Management classes as well as being a sponsor for the Beta Club. Then we also have Mr. White who will be taking control of Drama and Choir as well as our new Filmmaking class. Please give them a big Mustang welcome."

Dragging my hands together, I forced them to clap, so as to make sure that I don't fall asleep and begin to snore. Mrs. Dunst was a very tall woman with many pretty features, especially with how her curly, chocolate brown hair framed around her high cheekbones, accenting them. She was probably in her later thirties or early forties, but she still looked like she was doing well in keeping in shape. Mr. White wasn't nearly so lucky though. He was a balding, short and stout man with tuffs of white hair protruding from his head. Looking very strict, I wondered how anyone was going to survive with such a stiff neck teacher.

"Now, there are a few things regarding the dress code that I want to attend to. Like every year before, I have had the pleasure of telling a few of you young men to shave or get a haircut. Please do take my warnings to heart because I am afraid that it had gotten to the point to where I have grown tired of having to remind you of the dress code. Last year, we had so many people sign the papers saying that they realized or acknowledge the fact that they broke the code. This year, I am going to be taking the dress code more seriously, and if you do not listen to any of your teachers when they tell you to address the situation, whether it being your hair or your clothes, it will result in break detention, then lunch detention, and if you still don't listen it will be I.S.S. Do I make myself clear?"

My eyes might be stuck from the number of times that I have rolled my eyes in the last five minutes.

"I do believe that was everything that was needed to be covered. If all of the seniors who are in Dual Credit would remain here, I would like to hand you your class schedules for this semester."

Watching as the entire student body, save a few students began to walk out of the gym, we made out way down the stadium seats closer to where Mr. Hanson was currently trying to shuffle around a bunch of papers in his hands. When he finally took notice of us standing there waiting for him, he smiled with such enthusiasm it made me want to back away slowly from him.

"Ah, let me see if I can find your schedules in this stack and if not, you might have to go over to Mrs. Brooks over there. I think though that I have A through L, so Miss Rodriguez and Mr. Thompson, if you wouldn't mind reporting to Mrs. Brooks."

Giving him a rather curt smile, I walked over to the tiny woman. Mrs. Brooks was a rather short and thin woman with dark curly hair that barely reached her earlobes. She smiled when she saw us though, "Ah, if it isn't two of my brightest students. I suppose you are in need of your schedules. If you would be so kind as to wait for a bit so that I can locate them, I would appreciate it."

It didn't take her long for her to find our schedules, and as soon as I had received mine, I went straight to look at it:

Student Schedule: 2012-2013

Pinewood High School

Name: Rodriguez, Marcella T.

Sex: Female

Birthday: 05/31/1995

Locker: 000048

Grade: 12

Period : Subject : Teacher : Days Met : Room

1 : Dual Credit English/Government : Professor Bennett/Mason : MTWTh : 0302

2 : Psychology : Ms. Wilson : MTWThF : 0203

3 : Anatomy and Physiology : Coach Thames : MTWThF : 0303

4 : Spanish IV : Mrs. Lopez : MTWThF : 0204

5 : Yearbook : Mrs. Marshall : MTWThF : 0302

6 : Calculus : Mrs. Greene : MTWThF : 0208

7 : Home Economics : Mrs. Dunst : MTWThF : 0202

8 : Health : Mrs. Dunst : MTWThF : 0202

This might actually be the one year that I don't actually have to fight against the guidance counselor about my schedule. It was a somewhat accessible schedule, making it a little easy for me to make it to all of my classes without being late for any of them. Looking at Nick, I saw that he had a very angry scowl on his face, holding the paper far away from his body as though it was a full doggy waste bag.

Wanting to make him a little miserable, I whispered, "What's wrong? Did they not give you the right schedule? Or did they not follow your exact instructions on how you wanted your schedule to go?"

He gave me one of his very skeptical looks and retorted, "Haha, very funny."

I was beginning to get a little pissed, "Well what's your schedule? Maybe it isn't that bad."

"Dual Credit, Band, Anatomy and Physiology, Spanish IV, Auto Mechanics, Calculus, Home Economics, and Athletics."

I stared at him for the longest time, asking with my eyes what was wrong with the schedule.

"Don't give me that look. You know what happens in Home Economics! It's such a girl's class, with all of the knitting, sewing, and cooking!"

"Geez, sexist much?"

Throwing his hands in the air, he replied angrily, "That's not what I meant. It's just all the projects that come with it is all."

"You don't want to take a class because it requires you to do work. Oh my gosh! What is the world coming to?"

Getting exasperated with me, he said, "Whatever! I just wanted this year to be like a blow off, but whatever. Anyways what's your schedule?"

Smirking by this point, I said with great happiness, "Dual Credit, Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Spanish IV, Yearbook, Calculus, Home Economics, and Health!"

"Well someone sure sounds excited about their schedule!"

Turning around to get a look at the person who spoke, I saw Olivia was smirking, also looking happy, "Yeah! I got all of the classes that I wanted."

"Cool me too! Let's go to class before we're late."

Apparently, I had psychology with Olivia, in which case I did not mind at all because she is a really good person to have in class with because she won't just stand off to the side and not help with homework or projects.

After having Ms. Wilson for U.S. History last year, we kind of already know how she operates when it comes to class. Sure, she is a really good teacher and she knows what she is doing, but there does tend to be some times when she is a bit of a head case when it comes to people coming into her classroom, meaning she is really strict when it comes to unwanted visitors.

Like last year, we were expected to have the first section of the first chapter read by the time we step into class the next day with an outline on what the lesson was all about. I also know that tomorrow she will scrutinize over the notes while we do the section assessment for the previous lesson in class, and make big red marks all over our papers, assigning us to once again read and outline the next section. This is all done like clockwork until we have a test, in which case we have two days of prior notice to study for and at least one quiz and one test review during those two days. It's all pretty much been there, done that…

The rest of the day went like a big blur for me, I went straight from Psychology to anatomy with Nick, in which case was a little unnerving with what we were suppose to be learning in that class. Hopefully, he is a bit more… mature when it comes to an education. Anyways, after anatomy we had Spanish IV with Scarlett, who was not in the greatest moods after a little incident with band during second period. Apparently some of the seniors in the band thought it would be funny to make the new band members to go through an "initiation" in order to be in the band. Long story short, their was a lot of students covered in honey and feathers, and Scarlett had to help clean up.

Lunch and advisory were all right, but Olivia and Aria didn't have the same lunch as us because of our schedules, so it was kind of tiring trying to come up with a good conversation, but some of the girls from Scarlett's drama class came up as well as some of the athletic guys. It wasn't an entire drag…

Yearbook and Calculus were kind of boring today, we didn't really do anything because both of the teachers were kind of unprepared for anything, and we still had to set up the accounts to long into the computers. Basically it was a blow off time. I managed to fall asleep for the majority of the two classes because of how tired I was from getting like little to no sleep after work yesterday. I worked at the town diner, where it pays reasonably well for such a small place, but nearly everyone goes there, so it's a good job. Thankfully, I don't have to wear roller skates, considering how much of a klutz I am, or otherwise I would be dead on the floor.

I can hardly stand to be around anyone right now, it was the end of the day, and I was so angry with everyone by this point. During home economics, Nick had decided that considering how I was in the class with him that we would be partnered for like every single project. Yet, when I took a look at the teacher's lesson plan she printed out for us for the year, I saw that there was like so many different projects, one for every six weeks, and then a huge project that would depend on how we fare with it for the entire year.

Now don't get me wrong, as much as I love the guy, I don't like working on projects with him, and not because he doesn't do anything, but rather because he doesn't let anyone else do anything to help. He tends to get this "holier than thou" attitude when it comes to group projects and it gets on my nerves because a lot of the time his plans either suck or never work out in the end. I really wanted to know what the big project was, but Mrs.. Dusnt wouldn't "reveal the surprise" to me.

Going back home with Nick, I started to drift off in the passenger seat, going over everything that happened today. All the muscles in my body were beginning to ache in pain from what they knew was going to happen tonight: practicing with my sister and working for several hours.

"You know if you are really that tired from only one day, maybe you should take the day off from work."

Looking at Nick through half-closed eyes, I grumbled out, "You know I can't do that."

Sighing, he avoids my stare, "Yeah, I know…"

AN: Whew! That took me a couple of sleepless nights and a whole lot of yawning, but I made it through. I know this is really long especially just for a first day, but I still hope that you guys like this. I was going to use it for something else, but the entire scenario is different between the two, so please read and review.