"Ughh," I grunted. "That hurts!" Oh, sorry! My name is Ashley. I know it isn't a strong name, but I try my best not to show that I'm weak. I don't remember having a last name… My last family abandoned me to get some money from a rich academy called: The Fine Arts Academy. I call it everyone's worst nightmare. It's a school for becoming a spy and ninja. I am on level 15. I am almost on level 20, which is the best level for everyone, even me. That is because I'll finally become the best ninja and spy. Plus, I've been here for around I don't know, a few years, and it's amazing I've already reached level 15. Every girl at the school looks up to me, because I've gotten so far. This is the dark ages, may I add? So, there are many threats. I say that my parents may of sent me a letter several times, but I refused to read from some people who would not keep me. It's better for them anyways, so I decided not to contact them anymore. My best companion here is Martha. She is a true lady. She still can't beat me here at the academy. My other friend, we made up her name. We called her Ssavy. I seem to enjoy both their company. Now, let's get back to the present, now that we've introduced each other.

I threw a punch at the animal. It was angry, and very, very, huge. It snarled at me. "You can do it, you can do it!" I thought. I got out my dagger. I tried slashing it, it dodged my attacks. "Ughh! Stop moving!" I kicked it hard, and it seemed to whimper. I smiled; I was almost done with this. Or so I thought, because it threw its whole body at me. All the wind had knocked out of me. "Aw, god." I caught my breath again. It seemingly decided to copy my movements, scan my strategies, and so on. That is why I decided to just throw myself at it. "Why won't you die already?" At last, I slashed its eye and it screeched in pain. I smirked then. After that, I stabbed its chest, into its heart, and it gave its last dying whimper, and fell down to its death.

"Professor Windsor! I've done it! I've aced this!" I smiled, despite all of the blood spatter from the abbadon. An abbadon is a huge, furry, monster with razor sharp teeth, claws the size of a boulder, with the nails so sharp it can slice you in one swipe.

"Hmm, indeed, you did. But not without some major injuries."

I frowned. "So it was bad?"

"I never said it was bad!" Professor Windsor snapped.

I put my hands up in surrender. "Geez! I only asked."

"I know, Ashley, but, you make me frustrated sometimes."

I sighed. "Yeah, I kind of have that effect on everyone…" Some of my tears let out. "Even my parents left me."

"….Um, uh, I don't know how to handle these situations."

I smiled and wiped my tears away. "I'm fine, Professor Windsor." I straightened out my uniform. "Let's get back to Fine Arts, shall we?" I gave a small, yet sad smile. I started back before the professor and I overheard her mumble.

"She's such a successful, yet sad little girl. I wish she'd learn to trust."

"Professor, you're such a slow person!" I smiled.

Professor shook her head. "Kids these days. Just can't keep up with them."

I smiled as we walked towards the academy.