When we got to the training area, Aqua was energetic. "Come on! You people are so slow! Let's train! I want to test your power!" I looked at him like he was demented.

I forced a smile. "A little…hyper, aren't we?"

"But of course! I get to work with the famous White and King!"

"H-how do you know my last name?"

"It's obvious! I'm so glad."

My eyes flashed with horror. "Aren't we…enemies?"

Aqua looked at me nonchalantly. "Did you not say to me that you would become the most powerful mage couple ever?"

I nodded, admitting. "Yes, I did."

He pointed at me. "Then that is precisely what we will do, and learn to get along, if you don't already."

I nodded. "Yes, we do."

"And so, that is my point, Ashley. Now, shall we train?"

"Yes. No matter if he is my enemy or not, I will overlook that and become the most powerful, with Keijon." I looked at him and smiled, and then he took my hand and kissed it.

I tried not to blush, but I failed. "L-let's start training." I looked away and stood up straighter.

Keijon smiled with complete satisfaction. At least, he tried to look satisfied, because in his eyes, I saw a hint of sadness.

I smiled back, hoping that he'd forget his unknown sadness. "I'm going to beat you, and make you lose every single time."

He chuckled. "As if you could. I will beat you. I have King's blood in me. One of the most powerful mage bloods! That's not all; I even know how to use magic, unlike you, who doesn't even know how to control her magic."

I looked at him, frightened. I was scared because his switch was turned on. He was completely different than before. "Ah, but you forgot about the most powerful mage blood of all, the White mage blood. Me. I may not know how to control, but if I believe I am strong, then I am strong. That is all."

Keijon was flabbergasted. He most likely thought that I would not make it at all and that he would utterly overpower me.

"Then, shall we start?" Aqua spoke. I had forgotten that Aqua was still here with us.
I growled. "Of course. Let's start now!" My face clearly expressed anger, but my eyes shined a brightening gold. I smiled a devilish smile.

Keijon, who once sneered, backed off, stepping farther and farther away from me.

Aqua looked and only replied, "The wise hawk hides her talons, young Keijon."

Keijon's eyes fired crimson with a glare like a feisty tiger.

I raised my arm, and spouted intelligible words from which I had no idea where its origin was. A wand appeared before me, and I hastily grabbed it. Without hesitation, I attacked him with magic. That was before I went out of control. I can't exactly remember what happened when I went out of control. All I knew was that my eyes turned white and out of control mode. When I stopped levitating, by the way, I don't realize when I started levitating, but I dropped to the ground and everything around me was destroyed, except for Keijon and Aqua. My eyes slowly colored gold, and eventually, dark brown again, my original color. I breathed a sigh of relief. That is, until I saw the surroundings around me.

"Uh-what exactly happened here?" I asked obviously not understanding the conversation.

Aqua looked at me. "Cool! I saw the legendary White-eyes magic!"

"L-legendary White-eyes magic?" I questioned.

"Where your eyes turn white and you slip out of control…like right now…?" Keijon guessed.

"…Exactly." Aqua answered. "I will help you control that power. I know very little about it though, because the truth is, it was very hard to even find out about it. I believe only one mage could do the legendary magic. That mage…that mage is you, Ashley."

"I see…" I answered.

"Then, I will support you, Ashley." Keijon assured.

I looked at him. "I believe you. Don't worry about us fighting either. Even though we fight, we will always come back together."

Keijon smiled. "I believe you too."

I playfully punched his arm. "Let's start training for real now." I wouldn't let him get the first attack, so I back flipped away from him.

"Hey, you're cheating!" Keijon whined.

"Stop whining and fight." I teased him and went down into a fighting position.

He smirked. "Who's going to whine after this...?" He threw icicles at me. I dodged them and threw fire at him. He nearly missed.

"I believe that's going to be you," I smiled. "But don't worry, I'll still love you after this." I winked.

After the fight, there was nearly nothing left of the training area. I looked at Aqua. His eyes widened at what was left. "S-Sorry, Aqua." I smiled sheepishly.

"It-It-It's amazing!" huh? "The wonderful combination of King and White is simply amazing!"

I face palmed myself. Of course. This guy loves magic. It doesn't matter, as long as we're still okay...wait, what about Keijon? Is he okay?!

I looked at Keijon, and to my relief he was fine. He smiled back at me.

We are fine. And we will be. That's all we have to know. Oh, boy was I wrong...