Full Synopsis:

Macie is just a normal 14-year-old freshman in high school. She's going through her first year of high school without her absolute best friend, a lot more drama than she intended on being a part of, and she's still trying to figure herself out along the way. Then again, what fourteen-year-old knows exactly who she is? She's hoping for high school to be a refreshing new start, seeing as her eighth grade year was not one of her best. For the first month, things seem to be a lot better. She's hanging out with better people, has become really close to her new best friend, and her classes seem to be really easy. In October, things take an unexpected turn for the worst. Everything starts going down-hill. With her classes, her friends, even her family. The love, the hate, the fighting and secrets were all supposed to be nonexistent. But of course, it did happen. All she knows is this is not what she was expecting out of her freshman year.

A/N: Hi you guys! This is my new story! I am really looking forward to writing it. I have done a lot of planning for this. When it's completed, it will have this (Introduction and Preface), the prologue, 61 chapters and an epilogue. Therefore, this will not be done quickly! But stick with me, will ya? We'll make it through.

Also, I am writing this in a journal almost? Like, it will say "May 28, 2011: *blah, blah, blah, insert story here.* The prologue starts on May 28, 2011. The final chapter ends on May 25, 2012, but the epilogue ends on June 8, 2012.

I hope you guys like this story!


I saw her walking through the crowds after school. I tuned Eden out and focused on her. Her strawberry blonde hair was being held out of her face by her hand. She was pushing past people, not even caring who she was passing. She was headed straight towards her girlfriend with a determined look on her face.

I'm not sure why, but my stomach dropped. Something told me this was not good. What had happened? Had she somehow found out? No, that wasn't possible. She couldn't know. So why did she look like that? I wondered what was going through her mind.

Eden kept talking, and I kept ignoring her. Who cared? Bailey was listening to her, so my attention wasn't required. I turned my head to keep my eye on Belle as she went out of my view. She got closer and closer to her destination and my heart raced a little faster with each step.

"Macie, are you even listening to me?" I halfway heard Eden demand.

I nodded, but didn't turn my head to look at her. "Yeah, yeah. Something about your dad's motorcycle, right?" I heard her sigh in frustration and I knew I was wrong. She mumbled something to Bailey about my lack of attention. I still didn't care.

Belle finally stopped. She began talking, though, of course I couldn't hear her. Her hands were going everywhere, and I could tell she was pissed. By the way her girlfriend's face fell, I understood what was going on. Belle's sister stepped back, clearly not wanting to be a part of this. Her girlfriend was shaking her head, obviously denying everything.

Was I really that stupid? Had I really thought I could get away with it?

I felt nauseated the whole walk to my bus. I sat down next to a random person, since someone was sitting with my sister. My heart pounded and I wondered what I would hear about it. Not a minute later my phone lit up.

One new text.

I thought I made this fucking clear the first time, bitch.