Fairytale Amiss

You watch me from across the room,
Eyes glittering softly, we catch gazes,
Just for one moment I truly believe,
That maybe you might just love me too.
But I'm just a fool.
Who would think that I could earn love?

From brooms and rats, to roses abloom,
We've had our fun, but now this dance is to end.
And I'm just another girl,
Just another part of the story,
The fairytale, that's pieces amiss.

Can't you see, we were meant to be?
And despite the fact that it's clear,
Our contradicting love is dead,
It shattered before it could ever start,
You tread roughly, across my tear strewn heart,

But I still love you,
And every once in a while,
I see that dancing fire that I always loved about you.
You never left my mind,
My permanent resident.
But you're just a boy,
And I'm just a fool.