A/N: I just want to say that this actually happens in life. I based this lightly on a girl at my school and I just want to say that I wish the best for them. I don't know what life has in store for some people but, if you come accross a someone that is going through a bump in their life, please be kind. You don't know what they are going through.

The bus bumped up and down and I accidentally hit my seat partner with my elbow. I have piano lessons on Wednesday and I ride bus number 69 on those days. My normal bus which I go home to, a big house and lonely house until my parents get home, is nothing like this bus. This bus has a bunch of people who you could stereotype easily. Girls dress with tight jeans and translucent shirts that show their bras with black dyed hair. Boys dress with beanies and baggy jeans and graphic tees that disobey the dress code daily. Even the bus driver is an archaic lady with at least eight piercing. You know those people. That bus is full of them.

Anyway, I get off at the seventh stop. We turn the corner to the second stop and the bus driver looks up at the mirror that keeps an eye on all the high schoolers. The bus is the biggest bus, and I always sit in the front seat, so when I look in the mirror there is a sea of teenagers yelling and screaming. The bus driver groans and the suck up in the other front seat says "what is the matter?"

"Jordan! Sit down!" I look up at the mirror and there is a junior that is in my 6th period class that is standing in the aisle talking to his girlfriend two seats away. He looks up and reluctantly sits down to avoid the second suspension. The suck up asks who Jordan is. The girl behind her, Ellen taps on her shoulder very slowly and says with a small voice: "He is my brother" she says this with a pinched face, her hair pulled back like an innocent first grader and a pink and purple backpack with a butterfly back pack hugged to her chest. From your first look at her, you can tell that she has a disease that affects the way her brain works. No one nice would dare to make fun of the way she goes around during school. Only Jordan's friends and the assholes and bullies who want to make themselves sound better.

The next stop, is at a corner that has houses that is run down and looks like crack addicts live there. The door opens and that kid Jordan gets off plus 8 other children. They came from the back of the bus, and got trapped behind Ellen trying to grab her backpack and lunch box out from her seat. She moved very slow and when she got her shoe stuck on the leg of the third seat, everyone behind her except for Jordan yelled things like "Get a move on, Ellen!". Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jordan help Ellen get her foot out of the seat. He took her backpack and followed her off the slow steps.

She walked with a limp across the street with her over towering older brother. Jordan helped her get her backpack on and waved bye to his friends. I watched them walk up to a brick house and Ellen walked through the door Jordan held open for her.

Then the bus kept moving.

A/N: I just want to shed light on the fact that you should always think before you blurt something out, especially if coudl possible be offensive.