A Hundred years ago a vampire by the name of Vladimir Victor had built a mansion on a grassy hill near the ocean in America, just outside a large village known as Darkwood village. Vladimir had moved a full European clan of vampires to Darkwood to live in his mansion. The villagers knew the mansion as Victor Manner. Soon the vampire clan built an underground City they called Brightwood just to contradict the village above as hummer.

A vampire slayer was ordered to destroy the Vampires. The slayer was John Wolf. John had destroyed the vampires except Vladimir. He decided to lock the Vampire inside the Underground city. The contractor had said that John Wolf could keep the mansion and a good sum of gold.

John wolf had formed a family and they have lived in the mansion for many generations. The first born son would keep the mansion so the name would be passed down in the household for as long as possible. When only a daughter would only be born the husband of the daughter would accept the name of the family.

When the village became a city that continues to grow the Wolf family started being a guardian to the citizens of the city, Darkwood. Over time the vampire trapped in the underground city fumed with the hatred for the Wolf family.

None of the wolf family members knew of the underground city and has stayed that way. When America became its own country apart from England the heroes of the Wolf family stopped giving their help. At night however they would still protect the people, but only under cover.

It has been that way for a long timeā€¦

Many decades later the family had found the underground city. When technology improved they started using the underground city as their underground base.

The base held their horses, vocals, weapons, and when the technology was available the information of the city and the people in it. They always had the top tech. This was only possible cause of the gold that had multiplied and the good business of their companies they ran.

Their name was well known through out the city and so everybody who was anybody wanted to be their friends. For their great money and history gave them political power as multi billionaires and the most popular people in the area.

Vladimir Victor was still boiling in his anger and held his patients waiting for a fool to reopen his imprisoned tomb, and that had happened. One night after a party a boy of the Wolf family had entered the Underground layer and had stumbled upon the coffin that held Vladimir.

Vladimir had escaped low on blood, he drained the son and ran off into the night into the city and started up a new family training them to hate the Wolf family and preparing them to destroy the Wolfs.

The Victors also grew in popularity and money just as the Wolf family but they never forgot history. The history of how the Wolf family had destroyed the Victor Clan.


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