"Nina? Nina, is that you?"

The woman looked up from her coffee to see a man smiling at her.

"Yes. Do I... know you?"

"We went to high school together. I'm Jay."

"Jay! I remember." She stood and hugged him. "How have you been?"

Jay sat down at her table. The two went on to talk about what they did after graduating, their current professions, and so on.

"I see that you're married," Jay commented.

Nina looked at her ring. "Yeah. For two years."

"I'm sure he's lucky. I used to have the biggest crush on you."


"Yep. Ah, that was a long time ago."

They continued to chat over coffee until Nina had to leave for work. They exchanged phone numbers and went their separate ways.

Nina drove home from work that night. On her way to the bedroom, a dim light from the dining room doorway caught her attention. She entered and smelled a lovely scent. Candles were in the center of the table. Both sides of the table had a dish topped by a silver cover.

Nina sat down at the table and waited for her husband to return. Quite a while went by, but he never showed. So she decided to at least check what they were having for this romantic dinner.

The woman lifted the cover and dropped it with a gasp of shock. On the plate, there was a heart. Blood pooled all around it. Frantically, she crouched down, picked up the cover, and slammed it back down with shaky hands.

When Nina stood, she realized that she had been sitting on a pink card. The distraught woman picked it up and read it:

"You stole my heart, so I stole your husband's."