When I originally wrote this it was for extra credit. I didn't know if it was an ode, or a ballad, or just...something. So I'm leaving the original title along with the new one. Inspired by "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore" by The High Kings, here is...something.

The Storm Will Tear


An Ode or a Ballad (Or Something In-Between)

My hand slips out from under yours.

Stay, my darling, stay.

My cries are drowned out by

The thundering sea surrounding us.

Stay, my love, stay with me.

Leave me never, not now.

Years have passed since your last letter.

I think of when times were better.

Our love is everlasting, so they said,

But that was before you were dead.

Your smile, imprinted upon my mind,

Brings me joy at midnight.

When I feel somber or sad,

I imagine your sweet caress,

Soft as a wind whisper,

Against the cheek you kissed.

As you stood upon the deck,

Were we to know about the shipwreck?

It would take your life from me.

Words cannot describe how I miss thee.

I suppose the lesson is learned.

You told me I would learn it,

One way or another way,

Though another would be sweeter.

You warned me about my love;

About how strong it can be.

So I'll look for another man,

Though I doubt he'll love me like you can.

I know it will be very hard,

However much you've left me scarred.