Positive or Negative? Negative

Theme: Break ups

Background: This is one of the best poems I have ever written. It is also one of the rare old poems I haven't destroyed by fire. This poem talks about the first boyfriend I had and how the breakup affected me afterwards. Somehow a part of your heart stays with every people you fall in love with and afterwards… You never forget them, as much as you try to.


We can say there's a life after you,
And that it's only a phase I'm going through.
People can say all they want that time will heal,
But they will never know how much hurt I feel.

People can always try to make me feel happy,
But the ending will never come in this story.
I can try to smile and let you go,
But the process will always be long, painful and slow.

For now your memories stay stuck in my head,
Your presence stops me from moving ahead.
Each time I try to move on,
You seem, to every time, pull me back harder to the ground.

Your grasp on me, your vines entangle me,
Stopping my wings, my will to be free.
Without you knowing you have my heart,
You continue to smash it and break it apart.

I apologize for giving you my love,
I apologize for making it so darn tough,
But I still bear strong and tender feelings,
And I can't forget, in a blink of an eye, everything.
It is so unfortunate I'm so unable to hide,
My feelings and my love for you all inside.

Sometimes when I am left with my thoughts, all alone,
I can't help but hear the faint ring of the phone,
The time when you used to call,
The time when, between us, there was not a single wall.
I can still feel your sweet lips on mine,
Your hugs made everything seem fine.

But as those thoughts come and never want to fade,
I cannot undo what has been made.
Once upon a time we were together,
And we were made to love each other.
I will always love you 'till the day after forever...