Positive or Negative? Negative

Theme: Letting go of the past and the present

Background: This poem is deep in meanings and in metaphors. It speaks about troubled times and being tired of holding on when all seems useless.


It's in my tears that I find the will to carry on.

It's in my scars that I see things have changed and gone.

It's in my broken heart that I see things will never be the same.

It's in my mind I see that everything was just tamed.

It's in my will that I see I need to become stronger.

It's those little things in life that make us better.

It's those little things that bring forth the future,

And everything that makes it worthier.

And I did use to have those golden dreams,

But it's reality that ripped my dreams at the seams.

And now my creativity becomes logical,

And my shine draws to a close, I became normal.

It's the fall of the curtains, the end of the show.

It's time to let the spotlight glow,

Wither and die like the sun is setting.

Let go of my heart and my broken feelings.