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Day 17- 7:45

I nearly trip as I fled down the flight of stairs. The doorbell rang; twice. Now a third. As I cross the living room they started to pound on the door. I rush to the doorknob swing it wide open with a small tug. "Couldn't you have-" I paused and stared in bewilderment. Tyler and Michael awkward stood outside; both trying to fit on the small welcome mat without brushing shoulders. "Tyler what're you doing here?" I ask shaking my head in realization.

"I walk with you to school," he laughed cheerfully. "Remember?" he asked a bit vexed by my forgetfulness.

"Oh yeah, right," I said scratching the back of my head. "Michael why're you?"

"Well, my school is on the way to your school, so I thought I walk you there…" Michael said. "But it seems you don't need me," he added turning to look at Tyler.

"Um, yeah. What about John and Kyle?" I questioned looking behind the two to see no one else.

"I told them to go without me 'cause I had something I wanted to do," he answered stuffing his hands into his pocket.

"Oh okay," I smiled. "Michael this is my best friend Tyler," I introduced.

"Sup," Michael said lifting his head in cocky manner of acknowledgement.

"Tyler this is my brother's best friend, and an old enemy of mine, Michael," I continued.

"Nice to meet you," Tyler said awkwardly.

"I'll grab my bag them we can go," I slammed the door close in their face and ran upstairs. Where's my bag? "Damn it, it's downstairs," I exclaimed frantically searching for my black and white backpack.

"Looking for this?" Mama walked out of the kitchen holding my backpack. I smiled at her.

"Thank you," I said hugging her and grabbing the bag. "Bye, see you after school," she smiled and waved as I ran outside. "Let's go?" I asked. The two boys nodded and we head towards our schools. Most of the walk was filled with awkward silence with an occasional glare and maybe a few stares. A couple of conversations sparked but nothing last very long. Actually none last long at all. The two of them seemed like opposites.

"Well, here's where I take my leave," Michael said rustling up my short brown hair.

"Hey," I whimpered combing back nicely with my fingers.

"Hey Amanda," he said turning around to look at me. "I may not be Eric and I may not always be there but," Michael kissed my forehead and smirked. "But if anyone messes with you, call me up," he waved and left just like that. I blush as I realize Tyler was staring at me.

"Let's go," I sighed bumping my shoulder against his. He smirked and nudged me back. We went back and forth in our childish fight until a girl walk up to us.

"Hey are you dating that high schooler?" she asked bluntly. I was surprise by the question but manage to shake my head.

"It's nothing of that sort," I laughed nervously. "He's like a brother to me," I added.

"That's what they all say," she turned away and marched off.

"Well that was weird," I chuckled. "Normally people ask me if I'm dating you," I said but started regretting it the moment the words left my mouth.

"What am I to you?" Tyler blurted out.

"Huh?" I exclaim at the sudden question.

"I mean, what do you see me as?" he rephrase. "Like as a brother or…" he stared at me.

"Oh," I said. "I see you as my best friend," I smiled grabbing his hand. "And I never ever want to lose you," I chimed in glee.

"Same," he smiled. "You're my bestest friend, too," he gave my hand a small squeeze.

"Bestest isn't a word," I laughed.

"Well, to me it is," the rest of the walk was fun and this time no one interrupted us. When we got to school the building was still pretty empty. Taylor and her friends sat at a table near the entrance to the hall, while Tyler and I sat at a table on the farthest side from the entrance. This wasn't on purpose for I usually sat on the opposite side. We let go of each other's hand and sat down.

"Good m-m-m-morning," Katrina walked up to our table and smiled innocently. I couldn't help but feel envious.

"Morning," Tyler smiled back. "Wanna sit?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine I have to go help out in the library, anyways. Thanks for asking though," she chimed. "Morning… Amanda," she said hesitantly.

"Good morning Katrina," I smiled the best I could.

"Well, I'm off. Bye," she waved to Tyler and walk off.

"What is she to you?" I ask a bit too bluntly.

"She's… she's just a friend nothing more; no need to worry," he replied a bit hesitantly I the beginning.

"Why would I need to worry?" I questioned. Was my jealousy this obvious?

"Cause you'll always be my best friend," he smiled. Best friend?

"So you two went on a date yesterday?" I couldn't believe how jealous I sound. Tyler stared at me before sighing. "Never mind, forget I ask," I said turning away.

"No, it's fine. We were just hanging out. Like what you and I do; it wasn't a date," he answered. Suddenly he smirked. "No need to be jealous Amanda," he joke. "I won't push you aside," he grabbed my hand and smiled. Too late for that. "I already said you my bestest- yes it's a word- friend," he let go and went back to sitting.

"You say that but you actually want to leave me and go to the library, right?" I said staring into his eyes.

"No, Amanda-"

"I rather have you ditch me for someone else than lie to me and stay," I cut him off. Tyler looked at me then to the entrance to the hallway. "Go," I smiled.

"Thanks Amanda," he smiled and left.

"No problem," I sighed to myself. Did he really like this girl? Frustrated, I ripped my glasses off my face and place my head down closing my eyes.

"You okay?" I shot up to see nobody. Who was that? Placing my glasses back on, I scan the area around me but saw no one close enough to have said anything that clearly. It was a boy, about my age. He was probably a new kid or something, for I've never heard his voice before. After a few minutes of searching and wondering I proceed to my nap. The person's voice echoed in my head. It was gentle and very calming. It was kind of feminine; not that the pitch was high or any of the sort. No, it was a lower tone than any female I have heard but it had a ring to it which made it kind of feminish.


Day 17- 11:02 am

"Why, you're here early Amanda," Mrs. Marson smiled as I entered the doorway.

"Yeah," I sighed.

"Something bothering you?" she asked filing some papers.

"No," I whispered. "But I do have a few questions; you're married, right? Well, how'd you meet your husband?" I question taking a few papers from her hand and filed them.

"Oh, I wonder what this is all about," she smiled. I blushed in embarrassment. "Anyhow, I just got married five years ago, but I've known my husband for more than fifteen years," she laughed and shook her head. "I'm embarrassed about how my husband and I first met," she shook her head again. "It always makes me laugh. You see, I use to bully him,"

"What?" I exclaimed slightly shock.

"Why, yes; we used to hate each other. Although he won't admit it, I was the one mainly bullying," she laughed again. "Supposedly, he had liked me, while I on the other hand, well let's just say it wasn't that simple. We would always fight about the smallest detail, the other always wanting to be at the top. We both choose the same college because we both wanted to be teachers," her smile shined. "Eventually, he caught me in between his fingers and, well, let's just say we're happy," the bell rang as if on cue and she walk off to her desk.

"What were you and Mrs. Marson talking about," Tyler asked as he took his seat next to me.

"Love," I smiled.

"Love?" he asked.

"Yup, love," I laughed and started on my sketch book. Her story reminded me about me and Michael. Although we are not lovers or any of that sort we were enemies and now we are friends. Eric maybe gone but now I have Josh and Michael to help me. The last time I saw either of them, not counting yesterday, was back on October 31st; Halloween.

"Amanda, what would you do if I dated Katrina?" I jumped at the question. Tyler didn't stare at me; his eyes seem to be avoiding me. Is he testing me?

"Um…" I took a deep breath. "I would be happy for you," I said trying to sound as convincingly happy as possible. Tyler looked at me; his eyes seemed kind of far of. Kind of sad. I shook my head and look at my paper. He wasn't sad I was just making it seem like he was because I liked him. "My turn to ask a question. How would you react if I dated Michael?" I asked.

"I though you said you only saw him as a brother?" Tyler snapped. Was he… jealous?

"I do! And I thought you said you only saw Katrina as a friend and nothing more? I thought you said I didn't need to worry?" I exclaimed my temper exploding.

"I do and you don't!" he yelled standing up. Everyone turned to look at us. Tyler sat back down awkwardly as Mrs. Marson walk up to us.

"What happened?" she asked getting straight to the point.

"It's nothing important," Tyler said.

"Yeah, just a small dispute between friends," I added. Mrs. Marson nodded, but not for even a second did she buy our excuse. "Sorry," I whispered. Tyler looked up at me.

"No, I'm sorry," he sighed. "I was the one who started this conversation and the one who started a scene," he continued. "It's just that things change and people started asking-"

"If you were going out with me," I finished his sentence. Tyler nodded. "You didn't want me to get bothered by these rumors so you started hanging out with Katrina to draw me away from all of this attention and away from Taylor's target. Taylor was the one who tried to hook you up with Katrina so she would obviously not bring any harm to her. It was killing to birds with one stone. The problem was that you started to hang out with her a lot more and realize you might actually like this girl. You wanted my approval before you left me in the dirt for her," I added.

"Wow," he whispered. "Bulls eye," he let out a giant sigh. "Well, some stuff was wrong; like the fact that I'm not going to leave you in the dirt, but I'm just not going to be around you as often, plus I wanted my best friend approval," he smiled but soon it dimmed away. "How'd you find out?" he asked.

"Your eyes," I answered with a very proud smile.

"Damn," he smiled in amazement. "Not only are you weird and smart but you can tell what people are thinking just by looking them in the eyes?" he laughed. "You also have an outstanding memory. Plus, your hearing is very acute," he sighed with a giant grin. "No wonder you're my best friend," he smirked.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" I laughed. "And I know I'm awesome," I joked. The rest of art was happy and peaceful; like our normal days, or at least our days when Tyler didn't know Katrina.

"Amanda come back to this classroom after school. There is something we need to talk about and right now is not an appropriate time," Mrs. Marson said as we started to cleaned up our tables and projects.

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" I asked worried.

"No, nothing like that. There's something we need to talk about though. Plus, I wanna give you something," she smiled childishly. I look at Tyler., he merely nodded his head.

"Okay," I said.

"Oh? Did you think I was giving you an option?" she laughed. "If you didn't came I would've just, I don't know, bother you for the rest of the semester," she chime merrily. I laughed too.

"I know you would, Mrs. Marson," the bell rang and we left the classroom. "Hey Tyler are you going to wait for me after school or are you going to go home instead?" I asked as we headed for our lockers.

"I might wait we'll see," he said turning into his hallway.


Day 17- 12:04 pm

Tyler sat down in front of me. The usually seven bags of chips placed in his hands. Taylor hadn't bothered me so far all day, what a surprise. I don't think she said anything to Tyler either. Andria sat by her lonesome self at the edge of a half empty table.

"What happened to her?" Tyler asked nudging his head over to Andria. "Wasn't she one of Taylor's friends? Why's she sitting by herself?" he opened his second bag of chips and passed it to me.

"Let's just say that yesterday and the day before that something had happened," I replied taking a bite out of the salty snack.

"Details?" he said still staring.

"That's not polite," I laughed hitting him teasingly. "Anyways, two days ago Andria tried to start a fight with me but Taylor told her to stop. She said something to get her mad and Taylor exiled her," I explained. "Yesterday she was official kick out, but you were here for none of it," I grabbed another bag of chips and rip the top open.

"Yeah," Tyler laughed as if he was guilty; which I think he was, but I won't say anything. "Hey, who's that?" he point over to the table. I turned around to see Andria getting comfort by a tall and slim dirty blonde guy.

"That's Gary Slifer," I replied. "He's in the drama department," I added turning away from them again.

"Did I forget to mention that you know almost every student in this school during science?" he laughed.

"I know every student, unless they're a new kid," I smirked. Are you okay? His voice started ringing in the back of my head. "I'm fine," I mutter to myself.

"You're so damn smart," Tyler cried with glee. "You know, you're really amazing," he smiled.

"You could say it more often, you know?" I smiled. Suddenly my phone rang. "Hold on," I said grabbing it from my front left pocket. "Hello?" I said curiously.


"Michael?" I exclaimed in shock. "Aren't you-?"

"I'm at lunch right now," he laughed.

"That's good I thought you were ditching class," I laughed. I saw a glimpse of Tyler's expression. He looked kind of annoyed. "Um… I kinds have to go so um," I mumbled.

"It's fine. Do you have text?" he asked.

"Yea, I should," I chimed. "Bye," I hung up on him and place my phone inside my jacket pocket. "So, are you going to go to the library?" I asked, slightly sadden.

"Yeah, I'm going soon," he said. I nodded my head. Tyler got up throwing away his trash and towards the library. All of a sudden my phone vibrated causing me to jump and freak out.


Hey :) hows school so far?

Boring as hell, hbu? x_x

Fine, been a bit awkward between me and Tyler, though -_-'

U like him dont you ;)

Shut up _

Lol I'm just teasin ya

Whatever XP

Hey can what time your school let out?

3:15 but I dont start walking till 3:25ish, y?

Okay, can ya wait for me outside my school gate if Im not already out there?

Um, I'm not sure if I can today cause my teacher wants to see me after school _

Whatd you do? O_o

What do u mean what I'd do?

Whyd you get in trouble?

Supposedly I'm not in trouble Mrs. Marson just wanted to tlk about something Im not sure yet, she wanted to give me something too _

Mrs. Marson? The one that married the English teacher? She's the art one, right? She's cool, once she let me ditch class x)

Yea I think that's the right one, you would ditch class though lol :3 but who's the guy she married?

One of the teacher at my school, he teaches sophomore English at my school, he's pretty cool too, he lets us txt and sleep in class as long as we pass x3

Haha really? He sounds cool; does that mean you cant text in class? XD

Hey! I aint a failure, I have 1 B and the rest r A's ;3

Really? :O I'm surprise haha jk, gtg now bi, ttyl?

Lol yea bai ttyl

I place my phone back into the front left pocket of my jeans. I was kind of tired for some weird reason. Moving over to were Tyler sat, I watched Andria and Gary. He was hugging her from around the waist, placing his head on hers. They look cute together; at least not knowing their history and background. Personally, I think their personality complement each other quite nicely. I close my eyes and smiled.

"Hey," Gary said sitting in front of me, I looked up.

"What do you want," I questioned placing my head back down.

"I want to thank you," he smiled.

"For what?" I asked turning to. I've only spoken to Gary once and that's when he asked to borrow a pencil last year. He already thank me for that, so I take it he meant something else.

"For giving me a chance to talk to Andria again," he smiled once more. I couldn't have help but smile too. "It's not that I wanted her to become unpopular or anything like that, I just…"

"Wanted a chance to talk to her like old times?" I finished his sentence.

"Yeah, my words exactly," he got up and walk away. I shook my head; smiling. I stared at them with a small laugh.

"How cute," my eyes close and my mind drifted off.

"Are you lonely?" I jump out of my seat and look up from the ground. It was the same voice from this morning. Sighing I sat back up and closed my eyes.

"Yeah, I'm lonely," I whispered. I thought I felt someone stroke my hair, but then again I could've just been crazy.


Day 17- 3:18 pm

"Mrs. Marson?" I yelled knocking on the side of the doorway before entering. "Marson?" I repeated looking around the empty classroom.

"In here!" The voice definitely belonged to Mrs. Marson and it was coming from the back of the class. I walk towards her voice. She was in the back close trying to pull things out. "What's your favorite season?" she asked smiling at me.

"Um… I guess summer. I don't really like the cold," I whispered the last few words. "I'm not much of a fan for the heat though," I sighed leaning against one of the unused desk.

"Is your favorite month June?" she asked with a sly smile.

"Yeah," I replied awkwardly. "How'd you know?" I asked.

"Well, hinting that you hate the cold and major heat I assumed June. Also your drawings lead towards June. Plus, that's the month of your late brother's birthday," she reason. I paused; I never notice how you can know something about someone just by what they say. I shook my head.

"What was it that you wanted?" I asked. "I'm kind of in a hurry," I murmured.

"Meeting up with a friend?" she asked; I nodded. "Tyler?" she assumed wrong this time.

"N-no," I sighed. "He's probably out with Katrina again," I shook my head again. "I'm hanging out with Michael… a friend," I whispered.

"High schooler?" she said looking through some old stuff. "Where'd I put it?" she mumbled looking at different canvases.

"I won't even ask how'd you know," I sighed.

"Wanna talk about your problems?" she asked. "I mean till I find what I wanted to give you," she laughed. "You don't have to if you don't want to. I ain't a license consoler, but I bet you anything that I'm better than Mr. Ryse. Unlike him, I actually care," she smiled when I didn't reply.

"Thanks, but no thanks," I whispered. " It's not like I have any problem; other than the fact that my best friend- also known as the guy I like- is spending more time with a girl who is obviously heads-over-heels for him. Plus, I might have feels have some sort of feelings towards my late brother's best friend, who was previously someone I couldn't care less for! Did I forget to mention that my best friend had some feelings, possibly love, towards me about less than a week ago?" I complain with sarcasm and wrath. "Ugh… sorry about that," I apologize.

"No, no, it's fine, please continue, if you want advice just ask," she smiled.

"Thanks Mrs. Marson," I smiled back. "Some advice please?"

"Of course," she chuckled. "First answer a few question; if Michael asks you out would you say yes?" she question.

"Would I say…?" I pause and though carefully. "No, probably not. I mean, yes I like him but I… it's just that he's, I don't know," I stammered trying to fine the correct words.

"A brother?" she asked. I stared at her. "That's what you said earlier today, right? Second question; is he your replacement for Eric?" I didn't reply. "Okay, fine. Question three; how would you honestly feel if Tyler and Katrina started dating?" she question, her expression was blank. I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

"I… I would hate it!" I yelled.

"Good," Mrs. Marson smiled.

"Good?" I exclaimed in confusion.

"Here you go; this is what I wanted to give you," she said passing me a canvas small enough to fit in my backpack. I paused and look down at it. It was a picture of a sunset, or maybe rise. The colors were of a sunset- red, pink, purple- but the sky was turning blue like a sunrise. The top of the painting was a blue; shades of blue. The very top was a light blue and started darkening to a violet purple. After the purple it turned red, then to a magenta pink.

"I-i-it's beautiful," I whispered. "Why are you giving it to me?" I look up puzzled.

"I don't know; I felt like it? Or maybe because it belongs to you," She smiled. "I take it you like it. Here, this one I actually painted," she smiled passing me another canvas about the same side. This one was of the sky; just the sky alone. White fluffy clouds splattered the baby blue void. "That was my very first painting," she smiled again.

"Wait if this one is yours than who painted this?" I asked turning to the back of the first painting.

"He never completed it," she whispered. Eric Mekhil. "He's been working on that same painting for three years. That's not the exactly one though," I looked up from the paint to her. There she held six other replicas of the painting. "He wanted it to be perfect, for his dear little sister. Even after he left middle school he still continued to work on it. He never completed any of them. I told him he was a piece of bullshit for wasting canvases and paint. But I had to give him credit for trying so desperately. It was his first painting, plus he was giving it to you, he wanted it to be perfect. Promise me something," she said placing away the other canvases.

"What?" I asked.

"Finish it," she said turning of the closet's light. "Don't just stand there," she smiled. "Aren't you meeting up with someone?" she pushed me out of the classroom.

"But Mrs. Mar-"

"No buts. Don't keep him waiting. Buh-bye," she smiled. I laughed and walked away. Carefully, I placed the two paintings in my backpack. When I got to the front of my school I saw Taylor, her 'friends', John, and Kyle. What the hell are they doing here? More importantly together! I held my breath and sped pass them, or at least I tried.

"There you are," John said slamming me into the school's gate; I choked.

"What took you so long?" Taylor mocked. "You made us wait so long," she pouted.

"And here I thought you could've change," I snapped. Taylor just stared at me.

"Choke her," she commanded. John did the honors grabbing my thin throat and pushing me against the gate once again. I held my breath not wanting to strain my lungs too much. "You owe us, isn't that right boys?" she giggled, giving a little wink to Kyle.

"Of course, Madame," he smiled and kissed her hand. The scene sickened me. I felt light head as I tried to exhale slowly.

"Trying to breathe, huh?" John laughed. "Too bad you can't get through my grip," he boasted. I grabbed his wrist digging my nail into his flesh. "Son of a bitch," he cursed pulling away. I coughed; my lungs plead for some oxygen. It took one look before I punch Taylor in her "beautiful" face.

"That's playing dirty," she snapped rubbing her sore cheek.

"I'm the one playing dirty?" I laughed at her sarcasm. "Look who's talking! Aren't you the one who gang up on me? Nine against one is just not fair," I sighed.

"Shut up! This is your fault, not ours," Jennifer yelled. I turned to look at her.

"Sorry but you aren't very important to me," I said looking away. "Those three are," I pointed at Taylor, Kyle, and John. "What is it that you really wanted?" I asked. "Oh yeah, one more thing; no attacking without a fair call, okay?" I smiled.

"You six leave, we can handle her," Taylor smiled at the other girls before looking back at me. "What's a fair call?" she asked blankly; the others walking away from the scene like nothing.

"If they say or do something that totally offends you or provokes you," I reasoned. "And no hit backs!" I declared. The three look at one another before nodding in agreement. "Good," I sighed. Now all I have to do is not say anything to get them mad.

"We want our friend back," Kyle said bluntly. I was taken by surprise.

"Your friend back?" I asked in confusion. "Do you mean Michael?" Michael! "What am I doing wasting my time on you three?" I exclaim trying to get pass the three. Taylor slapped me, my glass slipping off my face. "Ugh," I mumbled rubbing my head. "Look can we deal with this later? I kind of have plans," I said.

"We're not done with you just yet," she said coldly.

"Leave Michael alone," John snapped.

"What? Why?" I questioned completely bewildered.

"Cause he's our friend," he yelled.

"Well, he's my friend, too," I reasoned.

"First you take Eric awa-"

"Whoa, stop right there," I said cutting Kyle off. "Eric- if anybody's- was mine. No actually they both belong to themselves. Eric is Eric and Michael is Michael," I reasoned. "Anything else?" I said about to walk away.

"Give back Tyler," Taylor whispered as I walk pass her.

"I already said this, didn't I? Tyler is Tyler; he belongs to nobody," I glared at Taylor and continued to walk, picking up my glasses.

"That's not what I meant," she yelled. Her voice was strong but I could hear her hesitation. "Tyler is free, I know. What I meant was to give back the old Tyler. Ever since you came into the picture he doesn't talk to me, not even at home. He's became more aloof, more gullible… especially to your lies," she said coldly.

"Sorry Taylor, I would if I could," I said sincerely. "I really would, but he isn't 'mines' anymore. If he belongs to somebody then it's probably going to be Katrina," I whispered. "I should be going now," I said walking away without turning around.

"You're wrong, Amanda!" she yelled.


Day 17- 4:09 pm

"Sorry, that it took me so long," I panted when I finally got to the high school.

"It's fine," Michael smiled walking up to me with open arms. "You're injured," he said concern.

"Huh? How'd you…?" Was I shock? No. Was I surprise? Yes.

"I've been in enough fights to tell," he whispered placing one hand on my cheek and his other on my neck. "Someone slapped you and… choked you?" He exclaimed. "Why did someone choke you?" he said his eyes filled with bitterness and rage.

"Don't jump to any conclusions," I exclaimed. "D-d-don't worry," I sighed. "Let's just go home," I smiled.

"Fine," Michael sighed. "So, what'd Mrs. Marson want to give you?" he asked.

"Oh yeah," I took off my backpack in a rush and opened it. I sighed in relief as I saw no damage to the marvelous paintings. "Here," I smiled pulling them out and handling them to him. Suddenly a tear slid down his cheek.

"Eric," he whispered.

"How'd you know?" I asked.

"I was the one who took the picture," he replied.

"What picture?"

"Remember four years ago when you, your brother, and I went to the park? It was Eric's birthday." he said. Oh yeah, we went to the park and played games. Michael brought Josh's camera. "I took a picture before we left," he chuckled. "This painting is of the picture I took. The picture of you," he smiled placing it back into my backpack. "C'mon let's go," he ruffled up my hair and laughed. I mumbled to myself as I comb my hair back into place with my fingers.

"Just like Eric," I smiled running to catch up to him.

"Hey, did you tell Eric everything?" he asked when I caught up to him. I paused to think.

"Yeah, I guess I did tell him everything," I said with a smile.

"Did you tell him who hurt you when he asked about your injuries? Even the smallest of cuts?" he continued to question me.

"Yup," I laughed. "Wait, how'd you know he asked about all my injuries?" I said curiously.

"Well, he was the one who taught me the signs of a serious injury. Plus, he would always pester me about mines," he smiled. "If you told him…"

"Why don't I tell you?" I guess the ending of his sentence. I guessed right for he nodded his head. "Well, I told him everything because he told me, too" I added in a whisper. Michael looked at me and smiled.

"I guess I have to tell my secrets too," he laughed.

"Fine, Taylor slapped me and John choked me," I whispered with a small seldom sigh.

"Wait what?" he yelled pounding his fist into the lamp post in gulf by his wrath. "Why the hell did he do that for? And who the hell is Taylor?" he asked.

"She's a girl who goes to my school and wants to make my life miserable," I replied. "And I guess he did it cause he didn't want me around you anymore, or something like that. Kyle and John were doing what Taylor told them to do," I added.

"Little bitches," he cursed. "Are you sure you're okay?" he looked concern.

"Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry too much about me," I smiled grabbing his hand. "Look, you're bleeding now," I sighed. "Your house is close by so let's go there," I said talking a turn towards Michael's house.

"Um… let's not," he said in a quick panic.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because, well, I don't really get along with my dad and my step-mom," he reasoned.

"Oh, okay," I mumbled. I nearly had forgotten his parents divorced last summer. "Then where do you go 'home' to, now?" I questioned.

"Uh… it doesn't concern you," he said looking away. I grabbed his arm and tugged on it. He looked at me.

"No secrets," I whispered.

"No secrets," he repeated followed by a sigh. "I'm moving," he said after a moment of silence.

"Moving?" I whimpered.

"Yeah," he whispered. "As you know Josh just got engage and he plans to move to his fiancé's hometown. He asked if I wanted to tag along; you can probably predict my reply. I was already living with them in their apartment. I thought about it at first, I didn't really wanna move, but considering my home situation Josh didn't want me living there again. Since Eric's already gone, I thought there was no point in staying. All of this was made final before I reencounter you. That's why I didn't try to get too close to you," he sighed. "Why're you such a good listener?" he whined in a childish outburst; I laughed.

"I understand," I smiled. Michael stared at me eyes filled with sorrow. "Don't worry," I chimed holding his hand. "So when are you moving?" I asked.

"In a week," he replied sadly.

"We can still call and text each other. So, don't be sad on my account," I placed my hands on his cheeks. "Smile for me, instead," I laughed and he smiled as I said to. "Who else knows?" I questioned.

"No one," he exhaled heavily. I gave him a pout. "Not fair," he smirked. "I have to smile but you can pout?" he teased. I laughed.

"I don't remember why I had hated you so much," I whispered.

"I remembered why I hated you," he snickered. I slapped him in the arm playfully. "It's not a bad reason, trust me," he smiled softly kissing my cheek.

"Stop doing that," I yelled embarrass. "So, why'd you hated me?" I asked rubbing my cheek.

"Cause you were a kid," he replied.

"That's it? Are you serious? You only hated me because I was young? You're only two years older than me," I complained.

"Yup! Plus you were really close to Eric and all," he added.

"You're so gay!" I joked.

"I'm not gay," he yelled messing up my hair again.

"Quit it," I laughed.

"C'mon let's go," he grabbed my hand and we head to my house. The rest of the way was lively and- I guess- out of control. When we got to the front of my house Mama had offered he stay for snack. He kindly declined her offer and left. Mama had always love Michael, compared to Eric's other "friends." Michael had slept over often as a child, most nights he would try to scare me so I wouldn't be able to sleep. Nobody ever spoke of how much he and I hated one another. It was like a silent yet obvious hatred.

"I'm not eating dinner," I said going upstairs. Dropping my backpack to the ground I flopped onto my bed. There was a small ring. I looked up and grabbed my phone. Tyler. "Hello?" I chimed laying back down.

"Hey," he laughed.

"Hi, so what you want?" I said getting straight to the point.

"Wanna hang out tomorrow after school?" he asked.

"Okay, why not?" I smiled.

"Aright," he yelled in victory. "See you tomorrow," he hang up on me and I let out a happy giggle. I missed him.

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