"She comes off strong,

but maybe she fell asleep crying.

She acts like nothing's wrong,

but maybe she's just good at lying."

Chapter Two: Hated


"So tell me again why you couldn't fix your eyeliner." Sarah says, looking at a strand of her naturally pale blonde, curly hair in between her index finger and thumb.

"I ran into Nykulus." I answer brightly, looking up at her as I bite back the insults he threw at me.

Sarah automatically stops what she's doing, the strand of hair falling perfectly back in place with her other curls, and gives me her full attention, her hazel eyes swimming with unneeded spite, "Did he say something to you?" She asks sharply.

I resist the urge to roll my eyes, "No." I say innocently, looking up at her with confusion, "Why?"

"Oh, um, no reason." She covers up pathetically, looking at her lap.

I raise a playful eyebrow, "Do you, by any chance, have a crush on Nykulus?"

Her hands fall to her lap, her manicured nails playing with the sparkling hearts on her pink skirt, "Well, I mean, you know… He is really cute and he has this edgy presence about him and he can be really funny…"

I have to give her that. Even if he is a jerk, he definitely had looks on his side. He's beyond sexy with a hard jaw bone, perfectly sculpted lips, and a rigid body that's neither too muscular nor too flimsy. And, according to several girls in school, he's great in bed, which explains why so many girls keep going back to him after he screws them over with another girl the first time.

Because, as gorgeous and funny as he may be, he's well-known for his "play toys" (as I've heard a couple football jockeys in class call them), or the girls he's slept with then left after the fact.

"So why don't you go for it?" I ask cluelessly, pretending as if I don't know he's probably planning on having sex with Alyson tonight.

She sighs, "Cyan, I wish I had your optimism."

Ha. Yeah, me too.

I blink, tilting my head a little.

"Hey Cyan!" Someone calls out, causing the subject to drop immediately as Emily comes over to us, her red hair bouncing in her face.

"What do you want?" Sarah asks viciously, glaring at her.

"Aww, come on, Sarah, not you too!" She whines, sitting down at her desk next to mine, "It was just an observation; I didn't mean to sound bitchy."

"According to Abby, it sounded pretty bitchy." She says curtly.

"Abby?" Emily repeats, "Abby wasn't even there!"

"So? It's still pretty obvious-"

"Girls." I interrupt, smiling warmly, "It's fine."

She smiles in relief and Sarah rolls her eyes, "I really didn't mean it to be mean." She promises.

"I know." I say reassuringly. "No harm, no fowl."

Someone clicks their tongue suddenly and we all turn to the doorway.

Speak of the devil.

Leaning against the paneling is Nykulus Riddle, his entire body language screaming fuck off. His jet black hair is tousled and messy, a few stray strands sticking up here and there, with his side-cut bangs covering his right eye. Today, his snake bites are silver rings instead of studs, wrapping around his bottom lip almost snugly, making him mouth look sexier. He's wearing a pair of black ripped skinny jeans with a Bring Me the Horizon short-sleeve, showing his fairly muscled arms, which, at the moment, are crossed against his chest in a very get the hell away from me way.

"She has a right to be mean." He says, looking down at me, "The eyeliner makes her look like a raccoon."

"That's awful!" Sarah sticks up for me, "You're friend Michelle wears her eyeliner thicker than Cyan and you don't call her a raccoon!"

"That's because Mitchie doesn't look like an animal." He answers easily, glancing at her, "Next time, you might want to watch your mouth. She doesn't like it when people call her Michelle."

"Shut up, Nyk." Sarah hisses, "The only person that looks like an animal here is you."

I blink in actual surprise, staring at Sarah.

He smirks and walks over to us, standing in front of her desk that happens to be behind me. He leans down in her ear, though he speaks loud enough for us to hear, "Now, now, Sarah. Save that sharp tongue for later when we're alone. Or did you forget about the other night?"

Her face turns bright red and she covers her mouth.

Nykulus straightens himself up, looking smug, "Guess you forgot to mention that to your so-called friends."

"That was uncalled for, Nykulus." I say lightly, looking up at him, "You shouldn't say things to intentionally hurt people."

He snorts and leans against my desk, palms flat as he looks me directly in the eye, "You should learn to keep your mouth shut, Virgin Marry. Despite what the fucking idiots here think, you're not anything special."

My nails automatically dig into my wrist, pricking my skin, but I don't blink, silently challenging him. He returns the challenge, staring into my eyes without blinking.

Suddenly, the cut from earlier this morning breaks and I can feel the hot liquid come out in a rush.

With a silent cuss, I stand up, smiling down at Sarah and Emily, "I'll be right back." I say quickly, trying not to sound curt.

Nykulus snickers, "Running away? That sounds like a coward."

I don't even pause as I head out of the classroom, taking a sharp left to the girls' bathroom.

The girls' bathroom is vacant thankfully. I round into the nearest stall, sliding the lock home, and pull up my right sleeve, cussing softly. The thin cut from earlier has blood smeared around the edges from my black hoodie. Below it, impressions of my nails are starting to swell, the crescent markings puffing up in red. Quickly, I grab toilet paper and press it down, cringing as I put more pressure on it.

That's because Mitchie doesn't look like an animal…

Sighing, I collapse onto the porcelain, toilet lid, leaning my head against the mahogany-colored stall walls.

Honestly, I should be used to this. There isn't a day that goes by that Mr. Bad Ass doesn't insult me. Hell, I think it's almost routine now since we share the same class at the very end of the day. But still, that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt every time.

Maybe if you had a body worth looking at…

I bang the back of my head against the wall hard, groaning.

Why can't he just like me like the rest of the student body? That would make everything easier. Even if he only saw me as some sex toy he can throw away and get back at any time like he sees Alyson and Sarah, it'd make it easier, because then I wouldn't have to deal with his harsh remarks (at least, not to my face) and could go an entire day without dealing with him. But instead, he spends countless time insulting me just for the hell of it.

I rub my forehead and cringe when the tip of my finger nicks the side of my eye, immediate pain flashing.

You're nothing special…

I look down at the toilet paper, noting the lack of red liquid soaking it. The blood has finally stopped. With another sigh, I stand up, peeling of the white, flimsy paper from the thick gash. It sticks to it a little, but I manage to get it off without opening it up again and toss it in the toilet, flushing.

Rolling down my sleeve, I step out of the stall and try my best to ignore my reflection, focusing on washing my hands instead.

Suddenly, the sound of high heels fills the hallway and sure enough, Alyson walks in, tilting her head in surprise when she sees me.

"Oh hey, Cyan." She says, smiling almost immediately, "What're you doing in here?"

"Just freshening up." I lie, returning her smile, "You?"

"Actually, I was about to fix my makeup, but now that you're here, I have a favor to ask you." She grabs my hand, a pleading look shining in her grey eyes, "Will you go to the football game tonight with me?"

I blink, caught off guard, "Huh?"

"I know you don't usually go to those things, but I'd really really love you if you came." She begs, "I'll even pay for everything. I promise."

"Why do you want me to come?" I ask, trying not to sound on edge.

I can't leave Callie at the house alone after dark.

Her face contorts into a look of both disgust and desperation, which, along with the bright pink lip gloss and thick cover up, makes her look like she has mud plastered on her face, "I told Nyk I'd watch his little sister for him while he's in detention." She sighs in annoyance, turning to the mirror to fix her already-too-much makeup job in complete obliviousness to how still I've become, "But I can't handle some snot – I mean, a kid all by myself. Trust me. Kids and I don't get along."

Damn. I can't leave Callie at the house alone, but I can leave whoever Nykulus's little sister is with someone like Alyson. Knowing her, she'd run off with some guy without even a second thought of the poor kid stuck alone at a game full of hormonal teenage guys who only want sex.

I mentally sigh, imagining myself hitting my head against the stall wall again, "Okay." I say brightly, smiling flawlessly, "I'd love to help. What time are you picking me up?"

She squeals and wraps her arms around my neck in a grateful hug, jumping up and down, "God, I knew there was no one better than you in this entire world."

I laugh, returning her hug with as much enthusiasm as I can muster, "I wouldn't go that far."

She lets go, grinning so wide, I'm afraid her face will break (wouldn't that be a shame…), "I'll pick you up around six, so be ready."

"Okay." I agree.

"Thank you so much!" She squeals again, throwing me into one last hug before skipping out of the bathroom like she won the lottery.

As soon as I'm sure she's out of earshot, I groan, running a hand through my already-chaotic hair.

What am I going to do now?