I chase the robin

I know it shall soon be mine

Any moment now it will grow weary

Its wings will become tired,

Its heart will start to give out,

It will have to surrender to me

The robin continues to fly

I won't be able to catch it

But I am too determined to stop now

I keep running

My legs get tired

My heart starts to give out

I will have to surrender to defeat

What is that?

I spot a wolf

I race away the moment I notice it

I hope I can outrun it

My legs hurt again

My heart starts to give out once more

I know that I have surrendered to the wolf

The wolf stands over me

I know that there is no way out

This is how it must end

The wolf is about to go for the kill

He takes off

I look and see that he has spotted another doe

He continues to chase the other doe

I see the exact same thing happen

Her legs get tired

Her heart gives out

She has surrendered to him

Just when she finally accepts that her life is over

He rockets away

After a third lovely doe

Only this time

She gets away

His legs start to hurt

His heart starts to give out

He has surrendered to her

But she keeps running

She escapes