The feeling of leaves snapping under my feet and the cold air smacking against my face. I feel so many different emotions as I run through the forest for my life. I hear shouts behind me, every now and then a gun shot. I keep running, just running. I don't know where I'm going or how long I'll run. I might never stop. My feet hurt, my chest is heavy, I'm covered in blood, and yet I keep running. Nothing makes sense, I can't trust anyone and no one can trust me. Images flashing through my head. Blood, blood and bodies everywhere, smoke covering the air, and heat from once burning wood. I try to remember what happened, but nothing makes sense. "Who were the men and how do they know so much about me? Do they want me dead or for something else?"These questions flow through my head as I duck under a falling branch. I see the sun rising in the distance."I'll Have to find some place to hide. They will be able to scout my out in an hour or so."I think with worry."Where will I go? I don't even know what country I'm in."Bang! I fall over in a pile of sticks and leaves. My eyes fill with black.

4 Days Earlier...

"Please, I don't want to go." I beg the woman in front of me.

"No! You have to go. Every one under 18 either goes or is executed." She looks into my eyes and I can see her fear. She knows that she will be executed no matter what. I feel her pain, I won't see my family ever again. Everyone in my family is over 18, I cried so hard when they were pulled away from me by the men in masks. Everyone seemed to know who they were, but I didn't. I was only 13, they didn't like telling young people things. That's what I hated the most.

"Where are we going?" I held back my tears. I needed to stay strong.

"They won't tell us." She looks behind her and sees two masks. She pushes me in the bus. "Go!" I turn around and run to the back. All around me are children. All the same, covered in dirt, and red swollen faces from tears that won't fall anymore. "Did I look like that? Probably." I was scared, but I also knew what had to be done. I sat in the back and just sat there, I wasn't thinking or looking at anything really. I was just sitting there, waiting.

Finally after about an hour, a masked man entered the bus. Some of the other children screamed, others hid under the seats, and the rest, like me. Just sat there, waiting for what was to come.

"Don't try anything or you WILL be made an example of" His voice was muffled because of the mask. I wasn't going to try and escape, but I was going to ask questions.

I stood up and slowly walked closer to the man. I was scared out of my mind, but I made sure I looked confident. He turned his head toward me.

"You! What do you want?!" His muffled voice would have made me laugh if he didn't have a gun in my face.

I was scared, but I stayed in control. "Where are we going, sir? What are you going to do to us?" He looked surprised by my confidence and I was surprised I hadn't lost my mind yet, but I guess I was stronger than I thought.

"Who said we were going somewhere? And WHO said YOU could ask questions?!" I could tell he was smiling under that mask and I wondered what his face looked like, I really wanted to punch it. I took a second to respond, I was on auto pilot.

"I'm sorry, SIR. I must not have been informed correctly. I'll leave you to your work, whatever that may be." I gave him a large grin and walked back to my seat. He left the bus. After a minute I finally realized what I had said. Where had that come from? Who am I? I'm not Alison anymore, at least not the same Alison I had known just yesterday. I was different. Stronger? Weaker? I didn't know, but I would find out and by the looks of it soon. I see the same mask come back on the bus, but this time with two others. He pointed at me. "Fuck" I say under my breath as they walk up to me and drag me away and off the bus.