Chapter 1: Singing Sensation~!

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"Violets are red, roses are blue, you are sweet, but you don't love me..." I sang to the cheering and screaming audience.

"I LOVE YOU SAKI!" Some fan shouted. I strained to see who it was because there were millions of flashing lights flashing in my eyes.

"Why can't you see? I'm not like the other girls, I'm different." I continued singing to the hyper jumping fans in front of me that were currently screaming their hearts out for me, Saki Kiryuu.

"My heart yearns for you, cries for you, and admires you, but you don't notice. We're just friends but can't we be more 'cause..."

The crowd as gone awfully quiet and awaits the chorus of my new song 'I Love You'.

"I love you! Yeah, yeah, yeah... I love, love, love you! No matter how hard I try, I still love you. I love you."

Everyone screams louder and I'm temporarily blind from the blind lights. This, my friend, is my life as a celebrity singer.

"Every time I reach out, I just get pushed away... Every time you slip out of my grip, whoa-oh-oh..."

"MARRY ME SAKI?" Some random fan shouted his awfully loud proposal. Doesn't he know that I just recently broke up with a certain someone? My heart's broken into a million pieces...

"When you smile, I smile. When you're hurt, I cry. When you need somebody, I will be there 'cause... I love you! Yeah, yeah, yeah... I love, love, love you! No matter how hard I try, I still love you. I love you." I sang my heart sincerely and poured out my emotions about my ex-boyfriend.

His name is Kai Couture, he's 17, exactly one year older than me, and I'm a complete idiot to fall for someone like him. Kai has beautiful amber eyes, messy orange hair, and sun-kissed skin. Ever since he cheated on me with Ms. Whore, we haven't seen each other since. Unbelievably, I honestly miss him a lot and my feelings of love have never gone away.

I wish I could stop loving him, but I just can't. To stop loving someone is like trying to forget someone you haven't even met. That's how hard it is! Trust me, know the guy you think you like first before getting serious unless you want to be heartbroken just like poor me.

"Why can't you love me? Make the pain go away, make the dark emptiness change to light once again... I still love you." I sang softly with my eyes starting to water.

I can't control it! I need to learn how to contain these feelings on stage, seriously. The crowd cheered and 'woohoo-ed' as I shouted while flashing a bright smile, "Thank you so much! I love you all!"

I walked confidently back stage and heard the noise slowly die away. I covered myself in a black leather jacket because I was wearing a black and white dress that was quite short and walked outside to my cheering fans. Gotta look always look presentable, right?

"OMG, I can't believe I've seen the Saki Kiryuu in real life! Can you please sign this?" A bubbly girl with brown hair with gold streaks and green grass eyes asked happily.

I grinned and took the photograph of me. In the picture, I saw my raven hair with purple streaks, crystal blue eyes, and genuine happy expression. This must've been taken when Kai and I were still dating... My mind temporarily went on flashback mode.

"You know that I'll never stop caring about you Saki," Kai smiled adorably, his amber eyes focused entirely on me like I was the only girl in the world.

I blushed and stuttered, "S-stop embarrassing me, Kai!"

"I can't help it," he pinched my cheeks, "you're so cute when all flustered."

Snapping back to reality, I shrugged that fact off as I quickly signed it and readied myself for the next, oh maybe hundreds of other fans wanting me to sign. This was definitely gonna be a long night. Good thing it's Saturday. T.G.I.S, thank goodness it's Saturday. Love that saying! I noticed an interviewer push other annoyed fans out of the way to find me.

I hate interviews, but I have to act nice so I'll stay a popular singer.

The interviewer had bouncy curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Looks like those dumb blondes to me... But not all blondes are dumb! Believe me, I know a lot of intelligent blonde haired people in this world. Dumb blondes is such an overly used stereotype.

"Saki, what another amazing performance! As expected from one of the Top 5 female singers in the world!"

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. Top 5 female singers in the world...? Oh, she must be talking about how I'm the third best female singer in the world. Avi was the first and Serena Couture was the second. Yes, Serena is Kai's sister. We're friends but haven't been in contact ever since we broke up.

I smiled brilliantly and answered, "That's me, Saki Kiryuu. I'm sure there are many more talented female singers out there... But, thanks, anyway!"

She grinned and asked, "Who inspired you to write this new song, I Love You?"

My smile wavered as I answered quietly, "Someone who was and still very special to me."

The nosy interviewer pouted and asked, "Ever since your break up with Kai, how have you felt? Don't lie and tell me you are okay because you aren't. Any girl wouldn't be."

I frowned and my blue eyes saddened at the recent memory, "I... I feel betrayed, sad, and ashamed that I couldn't stop Kai from doing that. Maybe if I loved him a little bit more, things would've turn out better..."

Everyone around me instantly started shouting stuff like 'He doesn't deserve you!' and 'Don't worry!' and 'It's just a stupid question!'

I smiled at everyone's reassurance as she continued questioning, "Have you found another love yet? Or are you still getting over him?"

I smiled sadly and answered, "There are plenty of fish in the sea and I'm just waiting for Mr. Right to appear."

Ms. Reporter smiled playfully and inquired, "Would Mr. Right happen to be Darren Swartz? The guy you sang a duet with?"

I shook my head and replied, "No, we're just friends. I mean he's cute, but just not the one. You know what I mean?"

"There's a rumor going around that you're going to act in a drama called 'Blind Love' with Talon Hwang. Is that true or false?"

I started to laugh senselessly and smirked, "Well, that is truly a very interesting rumor, you have there. Isn't Talon Hwang a famous drama actor in Asia?"

She nodded gleefully and answered, "The one and only. Talon has acted in fantasy dramas, comedy dramas, tragedy dramas, incredibly dramatic dramas, and family dramas. 'Blind Love' obviously sounds like a romance drama! But, why act in a romance drama now?"

I grinned knowingly and replied, "Perhaps Talon is like me and wants to challenge himself. You never know until you try, right?"

She smirked and added, "Rumor has it, he won't act with anyone but Saki Kiryuu, his sister Nicole Hwang, and Kim Chung his cousin."

I blushed for a moment and threw my arms in the air dramatically, laughing.

"That's amusing because I've never heard or seen Talon before. Ironic, really."

I'm definitely going to ask Boss about this 'Hwang' business. He's got a lot of explaining to do if this real.

"Are you secretly Sakura Kim who attends Tokyo High in Japan?" Another reporter asked with wide gray eyes.

I chuckled and asked, "Sorry, who? As much as I love Japan and their culture, I don't know how to speak Japanese yet. I would if I had the time."

Secretly, I wish I was some normal girl just for a day. Sometimes the fans and the popularity get so annoying sometimes. I need my personal space too!

"Are you and Kai getting together again?" Another anonymous interviewer questioned.

I sighed and shook my head. When will these people learn that we don't love each other anymore and final?! And all these rumors? Who's stupid enough to believe them? Obviously all these people in front of me. One of the body guards led me through the noisy crowd into a black limousine with my boss, Nico Moon.

I smiled sweetly at him and asked, "Boss, have you lied to me? Oh, I dunno, about me acting in Blind Love perhaps?!"

Nico flinched and scratched his neck nervously and stuttered, "S-sorry, Saki, y-you were s-so busy a-and t-there was n-never any t-time to t-tell-"

I arched my eyebrow questionably and pointed out, "You could've texted me or told me before the concerts! And who the heck is Talon Hwang?"

He cringed in front of me and quietly answered, "Talon Hwang is going to act in the drama, Blind Love, with you."

I crossed my arms and suspiciously asked with a dark glare, "Anything else?"

Nico nervously tapped his feet and twitched his arms as he admitted sheepishly, "Talon's going to act as Natsume, the main character, and you are going to act as Miyuki, his..."

I impatiently tapped my foot annoyingly and stared intensely into his brown eyes and questioned, "Go on. Don't be shy, Boss."

I saw his Adam's apple bob up and down anxiously in his throat and he finally squeaked out, "His l-love interest. Blind Love is a drama/comedy/romance drama."

My eyes widened in shock and disbelief and said to a very scared looking Nico with his expression saying Omigosh-she's-gonna-kill-me-here-and-there-and-I'm -too-young-to-die.

"That's wasn't so hard, was it, Mr. Moon?"

He nodded nervously as I sighed hopelessly. Nico is always extremely shy even though we've known each other since grade six. I was in grade six and he was in grade eight. So, if you're smart enough to do the math, Nico's 18 years old, which is two years older than me.

"So, when am I gonna start acting with Hwang, Boss?" I question while crossing my arms.

Nico gave me a small smile and answered shyly, "Not for a while. We're talking about a month wise. Perhaps less. It all depends on the director..."

I sighed in relief and grinned, "Is it one of those sappy and cheesy romance dramas? I hate those."

Nico shivered to my amusement and shrugged his shoulders while he replied, "I dunno..."

I smiled at his honesty and shook my head playfully. Honestly, sometimes it's irritating how brutally honest he is sometimes. It wouldn't hurt to lie once, right? The car suddenly stopped and I realized we have reached my apartment. Wow, that ride was way shorter than usual... I got out and waved to Nico as I watched the limo slowly drive away in the black darkness. Yeah, I can sleep in for once! I instantly fell on my fluffy queen bed and slept soundly.

Sometimes it's a pain to be this famous.

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