Chapter 6: Rumor Has It

"Hey, when does the shooting start?"

I frowned at that question. "You mean for Blind Love? Two days from now. Those scripts are really dramatic and cheesy in my opinion."

Talon laughed. "You wanna practice?"

"Like right now?"

"Yes. Right now," he rolled his brown eyes.

"Okay. From the top then!"

Talon smirked and walked into me as the script said. "I'm terribly sorry, miss. Here let me pick those books up."

In the actual thing, it would be braille books since I am blind. I pretended I couldn't and only looked at one spot the entire time.

"Thank you."

He softly handed me back the imaginary books. "Excuse me for not minding my own business, but are you blind?"

I nodded stiffly while tightly clutching imaginary books to my chest.

"How did you know?" I quietly asked.

"The books were braille."

I quietly laughed. "I guess that's a big hint, huh?"

"Yes. What is your name?"

My eyes narrowed. "Why do you want to know? To make fun of my blindness next time?"

Talon frowned. "No, not at all. So, I can use your name the next time we chat. I'm Kyo Miura."

In the script, this is the part where Talon uses his alias to conceal his identity as the son of a businessman in charge of one of the richest companies in Asia.

I smiled and held out my hand. "Miyuki Haruzima."

We shook hands and that was the end of scene one in episode one.

I used my arms as scissors and said, "Cut!"

"I think we are ready for the drama. But, episode thirteen worries me."

Whoa. This arrogant guy read it all the way to there? I'm still on episode eight.

"What happens?"

Talon sighed. "Someone accidentally bumps into me. I lose my balance and fall on top of you. We kiss without knowing it."

My eyes widened and I proclaimed, "I guess thirteen really is an unlucky number."

He smirked and continued, "We have to kiss for at least a minute. Maybe less if we're lucky."

I was incredibly disgusted by that idea. I'd rather kiss Kai than Talon Hwang! At least, he was kinder. Before the cheating incident and all...

"... Can I ask a stuntman to do that for me?"

"Are you suggesting I would rather kiss a man instead of you?"

I cheerfully answered, "Of course!"

Talon shook his head in disbelief. Suddenly, my phone started to play Gangnam Style.

"Seriously? Psy? Even I expected better taste in you since you are a singer." He incredulously questioned at the ringtone.

I ignored him and answered, "Hello? Saki Kiryuu speaking."

"H-hi S-Saki."

"Nico, loosen up a bit. It'll be good for your lost confidence. What's up?"

"You know how the shooting is next month? W-well t-they moved it to t-t-today in o-one h-hour-r. I-I know, I said it was next month, but the director c-changed it last minute..."

I smirked. Good thing we practiced. Some good luck charm is at work.

"Roger that, Mr. Moon. See ya there!"

"I can drive us there." He pointed to the shiny Mustang.

I nodded and we both got in.

"Man, why'd they change the schedule of the shootings?" I rested my head on the leather cushion while crossing my arms defiantly.

"Showbiz," he simply replied while he slammed the brakes at the shooting location.

We both fashionably got out and saw the cameramen setting up.

"Welcome! I am Director Fushigi."

A classy guy with long purple hair tied back into a loose ponytail. Aha, he looks like Hayate from Pretear! Awesome. That dude was so badass, but ultimately failed at romance.

I brightly grinned. "Saki Kiryuu at your service!"

"Talon Hwang."

The director smirked. "This is both your first time acting in a romance drama, correct?"

Enthusiastically, I nodded while Talon blankly replied, "Yes, sir."

"I look forward working with you both. Scene one will first be recorded. Hopefully, you guys read over your scripts," a sly smile replaced his smirk.

Luckily, we did. I got in my dressing room and changed into the school uniform required for the scene. Ugh, the pleated miniskirt was so short. Reluctantly, I walked outside with a determined expression. I was gonna nail this! Talon was also changed and was impatiently tapping his foot. He was wearing black expensive jeans and a white dress shirt with the tie loose and the first few buttons undone. I hate to admit this, but he actually looks attractive. Almost like some K-popster. Get those images of Talon being Taeyang from Big Bang out of your head now, Saki!

"You guys ready? No? Too bad. Action!" Director Fushigi stated.

We acted exactly like in the park except there was real Braille books now. I clutched them tightly for effect and repeated what I said earlier. I made all my expressions very realistic and tried to think that I was actually blind. For the whole time, I stared at the same spot and physically moved my head instead of my eyes.

The scene ended as Director Fushigi proudly said, "Cut! That was beautiful. The chemistry between you two are so deep and heartfelt. Are you guys in a relationship?"

I blushed beet red at that curious question and Talon dully answered, "No. Just acquaintances."

He frowned and replied with dripping disappointment. "What a shame. The public would have loved it, if you guys were dating. The two of you actually don't look that bad together. Anyways, on with scene two of episode one! Action!"

"We meet again, Miyuki Haruzima." Talon casually strolled over to me and smiled.

"Hello, Kyo." I grinned playfully.

"So, how's life?"

I shyly twirled a strand of my hair. "Rather general question, but great. You?"

"Complicated." He sighed.

I turned to his direction while still looking in one general area. "Why?"

He ran a hand through his hair. "Personal issues."

Perfectly, I arched an eyebrow. "Let me guess, family problems?"

Talon look surprised and asked, "... How did you know?"

"A little birdie told me earlier." I rolled my eyes.

We both laughed heartily and he said, "Oh really?"

"Yes really!" I nodded several times enthusiastically.

Talon chuckled before saying, "My family is richer than most. My parents often argue with each other and I heard that my mom is thinking of divorcing..."

I smiled sadly. "It's okay. At least, you weren't born blind like me."

"It's my problem, not yours. Stop worrying about me. I'll figure something out eventually." His eyes were downcast in uncertainty.

I patted his shoulder reassuringly. "You're gonna survive, Kyo. Don't stress about it."

"Thanks," he suddenly put his arms around me. Wait, this wasn't in the script!

Instinctively, my eyes widened in surprise and continued with my line, "No problemo. Every problem has a solution, right? Like those Rubik's cubes. Just paint all six sides different colors and tada, you solved it."

He laughed and I could feel him hug me tighter. "It's nice to know that someone in this world actually cares."

My cheeks heated up and I felt like we weren't acting. "I'm the only one who cares about you, Kyo?"

"Yes. Everyone else just likes me because of my wealth."

"I like you because of your personality. I can't judge people by appearance since I lack the sense of sight."

"Another reason why I like you, Miyuki." Talon grinned ear-to-ear, "at least you are a real friend who actually cares."

"Why thank you." I mockingly bowed with an identical grin.

"Seriously, I would be really sad if we stopped meeting..." His light brown eyes timidly hid under his reddish brown bangs.

Aw, never seen this shy version of him before!

"I promise I'll never do that." I solemnly declared.

He held out his pinky finger. "Pinky promise?"

I giggled. "A bit elementary style, huh? Okay."

Our pinkies interlocked and we both warmly exchanged genuine smiles.

"A promise is a promise." I stated.

Talon checked his wristwatch and observed his eyes widened in fear, amused by his sudden change of facial expression. This kid truly is an actor, eh? I don't have much experience in the acting area, so he has an advantage. If there happens to be a singing scene, I'll beat him up vocally! Oh yeah, don't most dramas have theme songs or OST's? Perhaps Director Fushigi will request for me to write a song. That would be fun.

"Oh man, I'm gonna be late for the job interview," he colourfully cursed under his breath, "catch you later, Miyuki! Same place, same time tomorrow or else!"

I watched him sprint for his life towards the train station. A heartfelt smile came out of the hiding and I was actually happy. I wish Mr. Hwang would act that nice in real life to me. If he did... I might have actually fallen in love with him. Yeah, I know that Japanese and Korean relationships are pretty rare due to the Japanese Imperial Period. I think the Japanese invaded Korea to expand their empire (since they are an island) and illegally ruled during 1910 - 1945. My mom told me about this. You see, I'm half Japanese half Canadian. Basically, Japan was mean to Korea by forbidding the Korean language, stealing ancient treasure, burning a Korean Queen, etc.

I really don't know that much about it so I might be wrong on a few parts.

The director yelled, "Cut!"

Talon came back and I walked towards Director Fushigi.

"Talon, nice job with the added hug, but next time please inform me in advance of any changes of the script. I cannot have you kissing your co-start before episode 13. Miyuki, your facial expressions were so believable and fun to watch! Keep up the good work on the next shooting!"

He called me Miyuki instead of Saki. Did I act that beautifully? Then, in a shiny black Hummer limo, the director left after saying farewell and wishing us good luck.

"Well, that wasn't that bad." I admitted sheepishly.

Talon smirked. "The job as an actor isn't that complicated. The showbiz and the fans are for sure. With all those rumors nowadays, it's difficult to trust anyone with your secrets."

"The same goes for being a singer," a chuckle escaped my mouth.

"Shall we return, milady?" The actor extended his arm.

I grinned idiotically while accepting his welcoming arm. "We shall."

It didn't take long before we returned to my (or should I say our) apartment arm-in-arm. We were both laughing our heads off and discussing 'private matters'.

"What do you mean you don't like Coldplay? Viva la Vida and Clocks are so awesome!"

"They sound like a bunch of old guys to me."

"Well, those 'old guys' are one of my favorite bands, so excuse me!"

He arched an eyebrow while pressing the up button in the empty elevator. "How about One Direction? Don't you like them?"

I made a face. "I'm not a Directioner or a hater. I mean, their songs are okay I guess, but I'm not crazy about their looks. Curly hair isn't really my thing. I like Imagine Dragons, Marianas Trench, and Nickelback though."

"Ah, and do you prefer hot Asian guys like me then? I bet you do, Saki. Don't deny it."

A laugh erupted like a volcano from my system. "In your dreams, Hwang!"

He chuckled and the elevator doors opened. Once we stepped into my room, I instantly turned on the TV.

"Why do you always watch TV? You're gonna turn fat from sitting all the time."

"Rumors, popularity, and celebrities." I muttered while I intensely concentrated on Entertainment Tonight.

A blonde girl with pink streaks was reporting, "The movie Hansel and Gretel has just been released! A horrific twist to your average fairy tale and guaranteed to be thrilling until the end. Starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, the movie is currently no. 1 in the box office with over $19 million dollars in total! What a success! Johnny, what do you think?"

The brown haired man named Johnny replied, "A movie I would definitely watch! Anyways, moving on, Avi has been spotted with a boy! Is he the one? Our number one female artist is seen in this image with Twilight werewolf, Taylor Lautner! Will this couple work out? Tell us your opinion via Facebook or Twitter at #taylorandavi. Britney?"

Britney informed, "Our favorite Filipino couple is still going strong! Some even predict that Xian Lim might actually propose to Kim Chiu! How astounding and romantic."

"Honestly, I think they are meant to be! Ever since they acted in that romance/comedy/drama TV show, things have really blossomed between them!" Johnny exclaimed.

An awkward silence surfaced between us. Blind Love is a drama/comedy/romance TV show... Luckily, Britney started chatting animatedly about some European couple and changed the topic. Before long, a shocking image of us laughing arm-in-arm came in view. Oh man, we forgot to put on our disguises. Why didn't I realize his earlier?!

I started to punch the couch while Britney gossiped, "Looks like things are getting hotter between the popular heart throb Talon Huang from Asia and Canada's well-known female artist, Saki Kiryuu are spotted in front of a five star apartment in Toronto. Could this couple also end up as Kim and Xian? Only time will tell. What's your say, Johnny?"

I was avoiding Talon's stare and reluctantly listened more. "I think it is possible. I haven't seen the show Blind Love they star in yet. Speaking of that show, Blind Show premieres this Friday on FoxTV! Remember to watch this comedy/romance drama at 8:00 PM next Wednesday right after Revenge!"

Britney sighed and smiled. "Those two would actually look good together, you know. Saki is beautiful with her raven locks with purple streaks and crystal blue eyes and sweet! Her song 'I Love You' secretly explains her past relationship with Kai Couture, Serena's Couture's sister."

Johnny had a thoughtful look. "I kind of predicted Kai and Saki to break up sooner or later. Kai just was too perfect. When they split up, I felt terrible for Saki. I mean to find out he cheated with Hilary Utada on her world tour right after spending days away from him. Tragic, really."

I tried to stop the water flowing out of my eyes, but a warm tear managed to slip through my shield. Before I knew it, I was crying soundlessly. Pathetic, I'm still not over him until now. Sobs racked my frail body.

"Saki, are you alright?" Talon looked at me with concern evident in his eyes.

I didn't reply but I think he knew I wasn't. He moved and sat right beside me. Talon promptly hugged me. This time, there was actually some real meaning underneath the affection. This time, the hug was for real.

"I don't know who the hell this guy is... But, I do know that he's really affecting your life. Don't let him to this to you. Saki, this isn't you. It isn't healthy either," he said, concern displayed on his face.

"But," the reporter, Johnny argued, "I think Kai was just dating her to gain popularity in the first place. That's my opinion. I have a good feeling that Talon is the right one for precious Saki. He may look gorgeous and a player, but I think Talon's actually a funny and caring guy deep down. Maybe even a romantic."

At his words, we jumped apart from the hug and sat on opposite ends of the couch.

Britney raised an eyebrow. "Well, this is my prediction. At first, Saki and Talon will be close friends during the start of the drama. But, when that fated kiss scene happens, the fireworks will explode and they will both snap out of denial and actually start dating!"

I blushed and Talon's brown eyes refused to meet mine and remained glued to the TV. What if Britney's right? By that time, will I be able to overcome the fear of losing another loved one like Kai? So many unanswered questions are flying around in my mind...

She squealed. "They would look so cute walking hand-in-hand down the red carpet!"

"How about the aisle?" Johnny laughed.

"That too. I, too, have a great premonition that this couple will work out. Let's be honest, every relationship has its ups and downs. Misunderstandings and be a complication but I am certain these two will work it out. And that's all for Entertainment Tonight! See you guys tomorrow on Thursday!"