Chapter One:

"Oh, Quinn," Lonnie said already sounding apologetic.

Quinn knew the outcome the moment she spilled her feelings. She must have known the outcome before she even considered confessing, but she had ignored it. Really, no straight person would ever have feelings for her, she thought bitterly.

"I'm sorry, I just don't see you that way," Lonnie said.

"Oh," Quinn responded in disappointment not capable of being able to say anything else. Her pride was deeply hurt, what could she say?

"It's not that I think you're a bad person or anything!" Lonnie started in attempt to make her feel better. "I just… I see you as… a brother."

There it was. She was more like a brother.

"I – I mean, sis – well, I just don't see you in a romantic way," Lonnie stammered which seemed to make the situation worse. He couldn't lie very well so he would be lying by trying to say he saw her as a sister instead of a brother.

"I need some time alone," Quinn let out and left before she did anything she would probably regret.

Quinn Shibley was her name. She had short black hair cut in a boyish style since no other hairstyle would fit her or her hair wouldn't cooperate. She had a feminine body but a very, very flat chest. It was so unbelievably flat that people sometimes completely forgot she was a girl. She had gained a reputation at Dewdale High School around the girls that were in her class or at least vaguely knew her. It wasn't a big reputation or anything but it was well-known around the people in Quinn's classes. She was called 'the girl who tries too hard to be a boy'. It's not her label since that would be too long but it is how she's known. Luckily, she had friends who didn't care or knew it was her natural personality.

"I don't try, it comes naturally," Quinn always sighed when people talked to her about it.

Her childhood friend, Max would always shout, "You losers, she doesn't try too hard to do anything! She's a girl with a unique personality and that's that!"

She was like a regular girl when it came to crushes. There would be that boy who is kind and sensitive and she'd find herself thinking about him or feeling uneasy when he's around. However, when she confesses, that's when things get sticky. The person she likes will always reject because they see her as more of a guy than a girl.

Back to the present, she has once again bravely confessed and gotten rejected.

"So? What d'he say?" Max asked a little too cheerfully as he greeted Quinn that morning. "Unless you chickened out?"

"I didn't and I'm pretty sure you know what happened," Quinn grumped feeling embarrassed.

"He rejected?" Max asked being less enthusiastic as if he was trying to find a way to sympathize. "Well… I can't wait to tell the others!"

Quinn punched him as he tried to wrap his arm around her and do his little jolly walk with her. "You'd better shut up!"

Max had kind, brown eyes with a darker shade of messy, brown hair that stuck out all over but it still fit his cheery attitude. It was hard to spot him not smiling or joking around or laughing and when he wasn't it would be during his miserable times of studying. He was the almost the same height as Quinn who was pretty tall for girl but he was half an inch taller.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were glad he rejected me!" Quinn grumbled.

Max rubbed his face when Quinn had punched him, but to her annoyance he was still smiling instead of his fake pouting that he usually did when she'd punch him.

"Well, to be honest, I could never view Lonnie as gay," Max said thoughtfully and his mouth twitched as he tried to hide a grin.

"Argh! I would punch you again, but since you seem to like it so much, I'm gonna leave you be, you masochist!" Quinn shouted in frustration. "Of course! How could I forget I'm practically a guy?!"

Max patted Quinn's shoulder and they continued walking around in the hallways just to stall time. "C'mon! At least you're pretty sensitive like a girl."

"Then is it the looks?" Quinn asked conscious of her flat chest. "Never mind, just don't go blabbing to the world I was rejected again."

Once they met with their usual group of friends at the shelf in front of the large window on the stairs, Henry asked Quinn, "Did you get rejected already?"

Max glanced at Quinn and she knew they all expected a punch to be sent but she just sighed and sat down next to him while pressing a hand on his head. She began ruffling his clean, blonde hair until it was completely a mess and her hand felt burned.

"Ow, ow, ow!" he exclaimed and finally escaped her hands so he could clean up his hair and pat the part that burned under her drilling.

"I wanna die," she mumbled and buried her face in her hands.

"It must suck to be you. You aren't into girls since, well, you're a girl yourself and any guys you like only see you as a guy," Max said.

"Ha, thanks for spelling it all out for me," Quinn said sarcastically.

"Why don't you try acting girly?" Hayden asked.

He was Henry's twin brother. Quinn rolled her eyes and looked at him.

"I'll look like a guy, dammit," she sighed. "Enough of this, I'm over it."

In class, Max was going on about some video game he was playing until the bell rang.

"Maxwell, Quincy, get to your seats," Mr. Smith said as he got up from his desk.

"My name is Quinn!" Quinn grumbled at the same time Max hissed, "It's Max!"

This was how Quinn came to know Max really. They both had an issue with teachers always calling them by their real names, Maxwell and Quincy. Max didn't like his because it was old-fashioned and Quinn was just fonder of Quinn instead of Quincy. They made fast friends.

During class were the times Quinn contemplated herself. Any girl could have her personality right? She's just aggressive and maybe rude, but she had her nice side. People just had to stay on her nice side unlike all her friends. She paid attention in class although she did have a few mischievous days. She did her homework and made sure to keep up with her grades. All that was simple to her since her parents would kill her if she got bad grades. She also cared about her future although she wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to be when she grew up.

What made her different from a girl? Could it really be her flat chest? Did she have a masculine face? Many people told her she had a feminine body and that her face is cute and short, but she just tried too hard to be a guy.

By the end of school, Quinn ran into Lonnie again and froze. Lonnie looked up in surprise to see her then guilt washed over his face. Quinn frowned.

"Lonnie, forget what I said this morning," Quinn declared. "I was just kidding around! I… uh, I wanted to see your reaction."

"Rae... I'm sorry." Lonnie apologized.

"Lonnie, I already said I was kidding! You don't have to get all serious about it! Listen, I have some homework to not understand but work on anyway!" she said as she ran back home.

Quinn punched the doorbell feeling frustrated. She had forgotten the house key in her room so she had to wait around in the cold. Eventually, her mom answered the door, a frown engraved in her face.

"Quinn, I gave you a key for a reason. Please start remembering to keep it in your bag or locker or something," her mom sighed. "How I wish for a proper daughter!"

She mumbled her complaints as she walked back into the house and into the kitchen to clean the dishes.

"Sorry!" Quinn scoffed as she kicked off her shoes and walked up to her room.

"Welcome home, son!" Dad called out cheerily when he spotted me walking up the stairs.

"Better stop calling me that or Mom'll kill you," Quinn smiled.

She sat in her room and stared at her mirror. Maybe it was the hair. It doesn't grow very easily and once it's past her chin it looks weird and she would want to cut it.

"Hey, sis, you're home," her brother, Kory said standing at her door. "Admiring your looks?"

"Don't you ever knock?" Quinn sighed. "As a girl, I can't admire my looks. I can only disdain them. Why are you here?"

"Well, I was only coming for a short visit. I'll be going back to my dorm soon," he said.

He left and to Quinn's annoyance, left the door open. She closed it then opened her bag to start on her homework. She really couldn't understand it very well. It would always take her a long time to finish, but at least she tried.

As she was studying, she remembered her confession to Lonnie. He didn't immediately reject her but he didn't take the time to think about his response either. It was a straight and clean no.

'How am I going to face him now?' she thought as she messed up her hair in frustration. 'He obviously knew that I wasn't kidding!'

That night when Quinn looked out her window she saw a shooting star, or an airplane, but she didn't particularly care. 'Okay, shooting star, there are probably a bunch of other desperate people out there wishing on you, but I'm gonna do it too. Sorry. I wish for a change in my life, where… I'm actually like a girl or at least a more exciting life.'

It was an abrupt wish, a very quick one. The words she thought in her mind went through so quickly Quinn didn't think the shooting star or airplane or whatever, would grant it.

The next morning, Quinn woke up to her loud alarm clock and closed it. She then did her regular morning routine in the regular morning weather, with her regular bedhead. Quinn dressed up, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, and lastly left for school.

She left out the door and noticed their neighbor's house didn't have any 'for sale!' sign in front anymore. A moving van was parked in front too. She also noticed people she hadn't seen before coming out of the house next door. But after briefly wondering who her new neighbors would be, she lost interest and continued walking to school.

Well, she was going to continue walking but she heard footsteps behind her, and when she turned she saw a scrawny, little girl with short hair like Quinn's. She shied away a little but didn't seem to make any move past her.

Quinn turned around and started walking, the girl started walking also. Quinn slowed down a bit but then the girl also slowed down a bit. Why did the girl stay behind her like a creeper?

Quinn started dashing for school and glanced behind her to see the girl was running after her too.

"W – wait!" the girl squeaked.

Quinn stopped abruptly making the girl almost crash into her. "Is there something you need?" Quinn asked.

"Huh? Oh, no I don't!" the girl replied very nervously.

"Then why are you following me?" Quinn demanded annoyed with the girl.

She bowed down at a 90 degree angle which impressed Quinn and exclaimed, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I was thinking maybe you also go to Dewdale high since I noticed you come out of the house next to my new one and my parents told me to make friends with you so I could just go to school with you instead of having them drive me every day since they don't like doing things that waste time since we're close to Dewdale high anyways so –"

"You talk too much," Quinn remarked irritably. "Yeah I'm a student at Dewdale, but who are you?"

"I – I'm – I'm so sorry!" the girl tried to run away but Quinn stopped her.

"Are you an idiot?" Quinn hissed. "Why are you trying to run away if you don't even know your way around? Grr, other students are looking."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know!" she apologized yet again.

"Argh, will you stop apologizing so much?! Just follow me and you'll get to Dewdale," Quinn sighed.

"Sorry…" the girl mumbled.

After a while of walking in silence, Quinn noticed she could barely hear the girl's footsteps. She glanced behind her and realized the girl was lagging way behind.

"What are you doing? Hurry up!" Quinn shouted.

The girl caught up and squeaked, "I'm sorry! I thought… maybe you didn't want people to see you with someone like me."

"Where did you get that assumption?"

"You look like you have a good reputation around here," the girl said as some of my acquaintances passed by and waved to Quinn.

All guys around Quinn's age in school are pretty much acquaintances or friends with each other. It was weird to Quinn how girls would have separate groups of friends. It was so much easier to just be on good terms with everybody around her so she guessed this girl was thinking she was good friends with everybody.

"I don't have a good reputation, if any," Quinn said. "I mean, I'm just that person that tries too hard to be a guy."

"But aren't you - ?" the girl started just as they arrived at school.

"Here's Dewdale. See you around, shrimp!" Quinn said relieved to get away.

She spotted Max and the others and hurried over to them.

"Who was that girl you were walking to school with?" Max asked. "Don't tell me you've finally gotten an interest in girls!"

"Never!" Quinn scoffed bumping his head lightly with her fist while Henry and Hayden laughed. "She's my new neighbor and apparently her parents want her to befriend me. I know my parents will kill me if they knew I was rude to our new neighbor. I can't believe they didn't warn me about our new neighbors."

"You've got a lot of bad luck. She looks hard to talk to," Evan remarked appearing out of the blue.

"She is!" Quinn sighed.

In class, Quinn was talking with Andrew and Max until the bell rang and they had to do the morning pledge. Mr. Smith typed a few things in his computer before getting up. "I received news there's going to be a new student here. He should be on his way down right now and I've been informed that he easily gets lost so please be nice to him and guide him." He briefly checked his computer again and added, "His name is Jamie."

Just as Mr. Smith finished talking, the door opened quietly revealing the new kid. Quinn was in the middle of sneaking food into her mouth when she realized who the new kid was. She should've known and it should've been obvious since she just got a new neighbor and then there's a new kid but she ignored it since she had thought the new kid would be a boy. But it turns out the new kid was the girl from this morning.