Chapter Two:

Quinn put her food away when the teacher turned to her direction. "You sit next to Quinn over there. She always has a free seat next to her."

"Hey, don't make me out to be a loner!" Quinn huffed. "Well, in the past I was pretty loner-ish. But no more!"

"She's the rude one over there that talks without raising her hand," the teacher said pointing me out.

Jamie blinked in surprise when she – err, when he saw Quinn then sat next to her and smiled politely. Now that Quinn got a better look at the shrimp, he only looked more like a girl. He was slender and had a cute sense of fashion. His face was short and he had long eyelashes above his pretty emerald eyes. Jamie's blondish brown hair only made his eyes stand out more and he had side bangs that made him look cuter.

"Whoa, you look like a girl with short hair. Where's your masculinity?" Quinn asked as she examined Jamie and his scrawny arms.

Jamie blushed and looked down at her knees.

Kelsey, who sat in front of Quinn, turned around and scolded, "You're going too far with trying to act like a guy, Quincy! That was too mean!"

"I prefer Quinn, and you have to admit, he does look like a girl!" Quinn argued.

Mr. Smith hit Quinn lightly with his ruler stick and warned, "Before I give you a warning or detention, quiet down and let me start my lesson. There will be no bullying in my class."

As the teacher was rambling on with his lecture, Jamie stared at Quinn for a long time.

"What do you want, shrimp? You're freaking me out?" Quinn whispered.

Jamie paused before responding, "You aren't a girl."

The teacher turned from the board and asked, "Did you say something, Jamie?"

Jamie turned red and faced the teacher. "N – No, I'm sorry!"

Quinn snorted a little. She was annoyed yet amused at the same time. So that's what he was confused about. He thought Quinn was a boy.

When class ended, Jamie immediately said to Quinn, "Why did the teacher keep calling you a 'she' instead of 'he'?"

"Well, 'she' is the term for a girl, isn't it?" Quinn snorted.

Jamie stared at her blankly still confused.

"I'm a freaking girl, you idiot shrimp!" Quinn exclaimed then immediately felt abashed when Jamie shrunk back.

"I – I'm sorry, I didn't know," Jamie said in shock.

"Hey… it's fine," Quinn started so Jamie wouldn't be so terrified.

"Quinn! Oh, you're with the girl from this morning," Max said.

Jamie said quietly, "Uhh… I'm Jamie."

"Coolio. Quinn, let's go to second period," Max said dismissing Jamie quickly.

"Why? There's still like, ten minutes," Quinn pointed out.

Max sighed, "Yeah, but there's a part of the homework that I don't understand. My dad's gonna kill me and beat me to death if I don't raise my grade soon."

"He can't beat you death if he's already killed you," Quinn smiled. "Anyways, it's your fault for slacking off. I do my homework right when I get home so I can ask my parents when I don't understand something."

"So you do have girl attributes," Max joked.

"Huh!? There are plenty other guys who are smarter than me and finish their homework in school!" Quinn replied.

"Let's just go," Max sighed turning around.

Jamie clutched Quinn's shirt stopping her from moving. Quinn looked at him questioningly. He wanted to say something but was obviously too nervous.

"Uh, I… might be able to help," Jamie said.

Max glanced at Quinn who just raised an eyebrow and said, "Okay. Well, Max, you explain."

Mr. Smith said, "I don't have all day. Please leave my room."

We hurried out the room and went to our next class. Surprisingly, it was also Jamie's next class.

"What's your schedule?" Quinn asked Jamie.

Max touched her shoulder and reminded, "What about the homework?"

Quinn shrugged him off. "It's just a short second."

Jamie showed her schedule. Max and Quinn eyed it in disbelief. Quinn got out her schedule and compared it.

"If we're going to be seeing each other so much, let's be good friends," Quinn laughed. "You only have one different class from me. What the heck! Oh right, the homework."

Quinn shoved her schedule back in her binder while Jamie blushed looking happy to have made a friend. Afterwards, Max showed the homework to Jamie while explaining what he knew. At first shy, Jamie started helping Max understand his homework. Quinn found herself understanding the homework too even though she had already fairly understood it. Jamie's voice became clearer to listen to as he found more confidence in his knowledge.

"Gosh, thanks!" Max exclaimed as he edited and finished off his homework.

"You're smart. I really can't see you as a guy at all," Quinn said.

"Well, I can't see you as a girl," Jamie said with a blush.

During lunch, Jamie seemed to have found other friends in that one class he didn't have with Quinn. However he sat with a group of girls that Quinn disliked. They were like the epitome of girls.

"Where's the shrimp?" Max asked when Quinn arrived at their usual table with her lunchbox in hand.

"In a harem," Quinn answered. "He got his group of friends so now I don't have to deal with him every second of the day."

Quinn glanced at the group of girls he was talking too. Jamie was blushing shyly as always and the girls around him were all giggling and chattering away with whatever they talked about.

She ended up catching Sophie's attention who sat near Jamie's group although she wasn't part of them. She was one of those sporty girls Quinn could actually have a decent conversation with. Well, more like fights, but not serious ones. Quinn turned away and jumped into the conversation her friends were having.

"Honey, I heard your friend's birthday is coming up," Mom said when Quinn came home one random day.

"What? Did Cole's mom tell you or something?" Quinn asked. "Am I allowed to go? He already invited me and stuff. It'd be rude of me to reject right after accepting."

She nodded. "I heard it's going to be a chaotic party though. Please don't stay out too late and if there is any inappropriate things going on you must come right home. You're not allowed to do any smoking or drugs of any sort, alcohol or drinking of any sort, or sex of any type, or –"

"Mom, we're just going to hang out at his house and talk and play video games. It's not like a dance party or anything. And I'll be the only girl there, not like any of them see me as one," Quinn sighed. "The only thing bad about this is that we'll be eating junk food while playing video games."

"Don't eat too much junk then," Mom said warningly. "Dad is at work all day today so you might be home alone for some time. While I'm at work, your dad will come home at night."

"Alright," Quinn said nonchalantly.

Once she was gone, Quinn opened her window and felt the cool breeze brush past her.

"O – Oh. Um… hi," a high voice said quietly.

Quinn opened her eyes in surprise and saw Jamie who was standing on her veranda staring at Quinn timidly.

They hadn't talked in a long time. It had been a about a week but Jamie seemed too busy with her group of friends that Quinn disliked to talk to her and Max. When walking to school, Jamie always seemed to wake up earlier than Quinn and left early. Quinn's mom had wanted them to be good friends, but mentioned how Quinn would never wake up as early as Jamie.

"Hey, haven't talked to you in a long time. Are you having an easier time going around school?" Quinn asked trying to be good-natured instead of irritated.

She had thought they could become good friends. They even had a bunch of classes together but Jamie was too busy with other friends.

"Yes. I usually walk behind you but you don't seem to notice," Jamie answered quietly. "But my friends would be with me too."

Quinn nodded. It was silent. "I don't get how you are able to talk with those girls."

"They're really nice but we're not close," Jamie said. "Not really. When they're talking behind my back they say I'm too quiet are hard to talk to."

"How do you know what they say behind your back?" Quinn asked.

"I overhear them when I'm with other friends. Also, everyone says that about me even when I was a little boy," Jamie said sadly.

"Aw, my friends say things straight to my face," Quinn said. "But in the past I did have hardships too."

"Would I be too in your privacy by asking what happened to you as a kid?" Jamie asked.

Quinn smiled so the sudden tenseness wouldn't be so thick. "You would be."

Jamie looked down his face red.

"Our houses are so close!" Quinn remarked reaching out.

Jamie agreed and slowly reached out also. Their hands could have touched but neither of them would extend their arm further.

Well, someone had to make the first move.

Quinn straightened out her arm and their fingertips brushed. Jamie blinked in surprise and took it as permission to reach out also and their hands clasped together. Jamie reddened a little then smiled.

Suddenly feeling embarrassed, Quinn pulled her hand away and said, "Yeah, it's almost two arm lengths away. We could sneak into each other's houses any time we wanted as long as our windows aren't locked."

Jamie withdrew her hand from the air and looked at it. "It's strange that I can feel like being myself around you."

"Hmm, you sure you're a guy?" Quinn asked.

Jamie looked down at Quinn and pouted a little not knowing what to say back.

"I'm sorry. You're probably thinking the same about me. Am I really a girl?" Quinn laughed.

"You're cute enough to be a girl," Jamie said surprising Quinn.

He began climbing off his veranda.

"Hey be careful!" Quinn said leaning out the window.

Jamie jumped from the fence and caught hold of the top of the frame around the window before jumping in. Quinn dodged just in time. It was a very quick moment that Quinn wasn't sure how to feel about what just happened.

"That was dangerous!" Quinn exclaimed. "I would've never done that!"

"Sorry," Jamie said with a bashful smile. "How about I help try making you look more like a girl. Then afterwards you can help me be more like a guy! I'm sure you're just a bit rough with your personality but I can help."

"Why don't we start with you then?" Quinn said. "I like this idea."

Jamie shook his head. "It'll be easier to change you. Although, my only problem is that I'm not a very sporty person…"

Quinn gave Jamie the once-over and snorted, "I don't think so. Every aspect about you screams you're a girl."

Jamie twiddled with his fingers and pouted. "Well, let's see… can you make a higher voice so you don't sound boyish?"

"Like this?" Quinn asked with a higher octave than normal.

"Perfect!" Jamie smiled cutely and clasped his hands together. "Now try saying hello. Imagine how um, my friend Isabella would do it. She's a really cute girl!"

Quinn frowned. "I'd rather not. I'd look gay."

"Then do you have some clothes that could help?" Jamie asked looking through her closet.

Quinn snorted in amusement when Jamie could only find simple shirts and jeans in it. He emerged from the closet with messy hair. Quinn ruffled his hair. He pushed her hand away and fixed his hair.

"Well, there's nothing we can do with your hair, but you should really try growing it out," Jamie said. "I wonder how we're going to do this is we don't have any girl clothes."

Quinn studied Jamie's shirt then said, "I can see girls wearing that shirt of yours. Why don't you just take that off and let me try it on."

Jamie slapped her hand away and exclaimed, "No! I'd rather not undress in someone else's house! Oh right, maybe I can borrow some of my sister's clothes!"

"You have siblings?" Quinn asked in disbelief. "I never saw them even the first time you guys moved in."

"Yeah, they always ignore me at school! Lately, I've been able to wake myself as early as them and go to school with them but they're really insensitive," Jamie explained.

Jamie examined Quinn for a second before leaving through the window. He seemed like he was used to doing things like this since he could jump from the window so calmly. Quinn examined herself in the mirror. She saw a feminine body and short face, but a very flat chest. Her clothes covered what her body shape was but maybe that was it. When Quinn stared closely at her eyes, she could see they were pretty enough. Nothing about it showed her out to be a boy. It was just regular brown eyes.

Quinn noticed a rock get thrown threw her window and look out to see Jamie with a handful of clothes. He threw the load into her room.

"Sharon always has a pile of clothes she doesn't want so I told her I was going to take these off her hands since our parents have been neglecting the pile," Jamie said.

Quinn sorted through the clothes but found nothing wrong with them. She saw plenty of other girls with this style of clothing.

"Jamie!" a distant voice called.

Jamie glanced back then quickly said to Quinn, "I'll come over tomorrow!"

Quinn just nodded. Jamie seemed to trust her more since he wasn't always stammering any longer. Quinn noticed a wig within the pile of clothes Jamie's sister didn't want. It was a very normal looking wig which was probably the reason Jamie's sister didn't want it. If the hair color was black instead of blonde, Quinn would've liked to have tried it then but she held off not wanting to see how hideous it'd probably look plus the fact she didn't know how to put it on.

"Oh, somehow, tomorrow excites me," Quinn said aloud with a lighthearted smile.

She put the clothes away and waited tomorrow where she'd see Jamie's many expressions again.