My Life In Hades

Chapter 1


Author's Note: Hi guys! This is my second story on FictionPress so, be easy I suppose? This idea came to me after talking to my friends about Hell and we all thought this was a great idea.

This will be a multi-chaptered story and is in no way meant to offend people. This is only a story and if you can't handle a story about Hell then, your loss I guess? Yeah, religious people beware because this story could be taken as Satanism, but it is strictly for humor and nothing more. Anyways, on with the story!

Oh and one last thing, all translations are from Google Translate.

Pairings: Not sure if there will be any yet. We'll just have to see how this works out.

Warnings: Mentions of Satan and Hell, cussing, violence, graphic deaths, and possible lime and slash in the future

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Her throat felt raw and burned as she tried to breathe. Each swallow scraped the aching surface of her throat and she tried to hold back her spit for as long as she could before swallowing. Soon, it became too much though as she sprung up from her lying position and vomited up bile. Her eyes weren't even open through this as they too seemed to burn. She dry heaved for a few moments, bringing her hand up to her chest as she clutched at the fabric there.

Soon her heaving stopped and she took long deep breaths. She still clutched at whatever covered her body as she tried to remain conscious. Gathering up as much willpower as she could, she forced her eyes open to find the world spinning. Black and white dots danced in her vision and her body swayed a bit. She shook her head and tried to focus on anything, but all she could see were the dots. The fabric she felt, she held in a vice grip, stretched as she tried to hold on to consciousness.

Finally her body seemed to calm, as her vision cleared up and she wasn't taking such deep breaths any more. As she let go of the mystery fabric, she looked down to find her clothes looked damp like she had gone swimming in them. Her white blouse with a blue undershirt was wrinkled and her blue skirt seemed stretched ever so slightly. Her chic strapped, brown sandals now looked dreadful with the water stains. She lifted her hands up to her hair and felt it was stringy and crisp and seemed to match the feel of her blue hairband. [1]

It dawned on her that she had no idea where she was and in a panic looked around. Everywhere she looked was just brown, dried ground with a bit of fire or ashes here and there. Where the fuck am I? She whipped her head back and forth, but only saw the charred black ground. Worry filled her as she saw no one else in sight and then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

She had been swimming out in the ocean. She waved back at her concerned friends as she waded into deeper waters. She knew she was an inexperienced swimmer, but she could handle herself, besides she really wanted to know what was sparkling in the water. She waded out until she was immersed up to her neck. The shining object was right below her and as she reached down to pick it up, she was met head on with a gigantic wave.

Immediately, she heard the shrieks of terror from her friends and the other people at the beach. She, herself couldn't bring herself to scream as she was submerged in salt water. Instinctively, she managed to hold her breath as she clearly saw other people going under. Many lay still and unmoving as if they were already gone. She saw a blur of red and white and saw a blond man swimming towards the bodies that lay still. He helped them up and swam away and then more people came, but none of them got her. She kicked and flailed her arms, but no one noticed her.

Finally she was just left alone, to die. She panicked. Her legs and arms went everywhere as she tried to swim up. Her eyes widened in fear, this always was her nightmare death. Her lungs ached and burned as she needed to breathe, but she couldn't seem to get to the surface. She was so close…That's when she couldn't take it anymore. She opened her mouth and instantly water filled her mouth. She couldn't help, but to swallow it.

The salt water burned her throat and rubbed it raw. As soon as the water fell down her esophagus though, she couldn't breathe. She couldn't even suck in a breath. It was as if her airways had been sealed up. [2] This caused her to panic even more. She kicked and punched the water and tried to surface, but soon her vision glazed over and all she saw was black.

The flashback had come as a shock and she blinked her eyes to make sure it was over. There had been just too much detail for that to have been some hallucination. She then tried to piece together what the flashback meant. Obviously, I was drowning in that flashback, but clearly I was saved or I wouldn't be here. That also explains why my clothes are damp and why my throat hurts. But, who saved me and where am I? She took another look around, but still didn't know where she was.

"Hello, newbie." came a husky voice.

She turned a bit to the side and saw what appeared to be a very handsome young man. He had short, black hair that was straight on the left side, but seem to curl up just a bit on the right side. Covering his left eye was a black eye patch with a black strap that went across his face. A dark brown necklace was across his neck, but a bit below that necklace were two identical ones that crossed, across his neck. His outfit consisted of a black overcoat that had what appeared to be steel symbols on it near the shoulders.

Across his torso, the overcoat was pulled closed just a bit by an iron chain. Underneath his overcoat, was what appeared to be a small black tunic with another one under that one. The two tunics crossed each other near his stomach where his black leggings started. The tunics also had the strange metal designs. Right across his middle was a brown belt accompanied by two smaller sets of iron chains. On his hands and arms were gauntlets that were black and held the steel designs as well.

The gauntlet on his right hand looked like a crab's claw with a giant black machete that came down between the two pinchers. The one on his left hand was the same except it was missing the machete and showed his bare hand instead. His leggings gripped his skinny legs and stopped when they reached his black combat boots. Attached to his leggings, was a cuff which was connected to another metal chain that just dangled between his legs.

At first glance his boots appeared normal until you looked at the tip of the boots. On the tips were spikes that curved up with two smaller spikes on the back of the larger one. However, the most interesting thing about the young man were his black wings. They were spread out from his back and were bat-like in structure. The bones in the wings were red while the actual wings were black. Under his wings, they were what appeared to be two long feathers, one on each side of his body.

The feathers were long and extended to his boots. On the end of the feathers were two metal pieces and a small metal ring. [3] She stared at the man in front of her mostly in awe of his appearance. He's pretty hot actually. With a cough and a clear of her thought she spoke.

"Who are you, where am I, and who am I?"

He gave a low chuckle before answering, "Child, you don't remember your name? That is strange…what do you remember?"

She thought long and hard before she responded, "I know all about my life, but just not my name."

"Ah, it is a simple memory loss from traveling here. Most people do lose something when they arrive. Let me aid you in your quest. Your name is Devin."

Devin eh? That sounds right plus, it fits into what all my memories are saying. Devin recalled her memories, but whenever someone was about to say her name the whole memory muted. As she relived that scene in her mind, she added the name Devin to the person's lips. It fit perfectly.

"I see it fits, but who are you and where am I?" she asked again.

Another low chuckle, "Well please don't be alarmed, but you have died. You are in Hell and I am Satan."

Satan had done this job for quite some time and most people freaked out at the information they received. They would beg for mercy, cry, go insane, or a combination of all three, but Devin just stared at him for a moment with no change in her expression. She then leaned back on her palms and…yawned? What the…?

"So you're Satan eh? Well I suppose I've been damned huh? Well fuck, but you are pretty hot. So tell me, what are my crimes?"

Satan clearly didn't expect this as he stuttered for a moment. Then with a snap of his fingers, a weathered scroll appeared in his hands. He unrolled it and cleared his throat.

"Devin T. Crimes include: Cursing, Evil Thoughts, False Prophecy, Putting Cares Of The World Before God, Not Showing Up For Sabbath, Rebellion Against Parents, and Adultery. Adultery? You're what 16?"

Devin rubbed her neck sheepishly as she said, " Yeah, I'm 16 and that's uh probably for watching porn. IT WAS A ONE TIME THING!"

This time Satan gave a full out hardy laugh and Devin chuckled a bit too.

"Only a one time thing eh?" he asked.

"Well maybe not, but anyways what's my punishment? Burned for eternity and all that?"

Chuckling he said, "Of course not. Your punishment is being here. Burning people and punishing them just got boring after about 200 years or so. So, now you're free to do whatever I suppose. Being around people is much better than killing them." and then, he shrugged. [4]

Devin blinked at the information, but decided to take it. Hey, she wasn't being burned alive was she?

"So uh, what do I do now?" she questioned.

"Follow me." he commanded with a smirk.

Devin did as she was told and followed Satan through Hell. The only sounds heard throughout the land scrape of the gentle clang of Satan's chains as he walked. They seemed to walk on for ages until finally Devin saw other people in the distance, but as she grew closer she saw they were on the ground. They remained absolutely still just like the people in the water had been.

As they walked past all these people, Devin began to see whizzing blurs flying by. She followed one with her eyes and saw it appeared to be some kind of angel. The angel had blond, straight hair that flowed down her back over her blood red wings which were bird-like instead of bat-like, like Satan's. She wore a dress of white that had red paint scattered here and there making the paint appear to be blood if someone wasn't looking carefully.

Around her neck were the same metal chains that Satan wore except she had two of them crossing her neck in the front. They dangled to her feet where Devin noticed there were more chains. On each ankle a cuff was placed and attached to the cuffs were chains that dragged on the ground even in flight. Around her wrists were the same cuffs with the same chains swaying below her.

To Devin she looked like an angel, but perhaps an angel from Hell and not Heaven. Devin watched as the "angel" hovered over a body before she placed her three fingers on the man's forehead and then put her pinky on his left eye and her thumb on his right eye. Her eyes glowed a violent red before the man woke with a start. She removed her hands and helped the man to his feet before she too summoned a scroll and began to read from it like Satan had.

"Ah yes, the introduction process." came Satan's voice from behind her.

She jumped from his voice and then turned to ask, "What is that?"

"See when people die they're souls are taken from their bodies. They're souls are then sent to either Heaven or Hell. There they are manifested to look like themselves and have all the marks from which they died, like someone who is strangled has the marks on their neck, someone who is burned has the scars, and someone who has drowned like you will be soaked and have a sore throat."

"The soul is then put to rest and waits for either Heaven's Angels or Hell's Demons to awaken them and tell them their reasons for being in one place or another, thus the scrolls. After that they are free to live their lives in the afterlife." [5]

It made sense to Devin and she clearly wasn't one to question things. She continued to follow Satan and began to see even more bodies now. A thought occurred to her and she asked Satan.

"Why was I all the way out there instead of with everyone else?"

"Well your soul really decides where you land and your soul has all your personality in it. Obviously, your soul didn't want to be near people. I was informed of a body way back into the outer edges of Hell and went there myself since many of my demons can't fly that far. Also, to be honest I was quite intrigued as to why a soul chose to land so far out. Tell me, are you a loner?"

Devin blushed when Satan tilted his head to the side in an innocent fashion. Damn, he can be cute too.

"Yeah, you could say that. I had about 8 friends that I could truly trust in that world. Now they're all probably mourning my death."

Devin hadn't thought about it before, but because of her stupid curiosity, she had left behind so many people…people she would probably never see again because they were good people. She had always been highly sensitive and that thought just struck a nerve. She gave a shaky breath before the tears flowed down her cheeks. She couldn't help it. It was just the thought of never seeing her loved ones and friends that worried her.

She was shocked to say the least when strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her close. She blushed when she realized Satan himself had…comforted her. Devin really could care less though as his wings surrounded them both and shielded them from on lookers. Devin cried into his chest and was surprised to find the metallic designs were actually just painted on, it wasn't really metal. Devin cried until no more tears would come before she glanced up at Satan.

"Why would you…comfort me? You're Satan, the ultimate evil."

Satan thought long and hard before he sighed and said, "Sometimes people misunderstand things. They don't understand that to sometimes show love you have to be forceful. They don't understand that just because you speak your ideals that you should be punished and eternally judged as The Bringer Of Evil."

"What do you mean?" she asked innocently.

He smiled and retracted his wings while he unwrapped his arms from around her waist.

"You'll understand in time I suppose."

The duo continued on through the body filled area and made it to where few bodies laid. However one body, like Devin's, was cast aside and left in an area where no other bodies lay. They could only see her back and shoulder length brown hair since she was on her side. Devin didn't know why, but she felt attached to this person. Like she knew the girl ahead of her. As she got closer she noticed the girl had tan skin. No, it can't be. Devin sprinted off towards the body, leaving Satan in her dust.

As Devin reached the girl she landed on her knees in front of the girl's back. A bit roughly, Devin flipped the girl on her back so, she had her back on Devin's lap as she also supported the girl's head with her hand. Devin gasped at what she saw, just as Satan approached. He was breathing a bit erratically, but he stopped when he saw the girl's condition.

"That's why she was on her side." commented Satan.

The girl or well teen had multiple gunshot wounds. She had one through her right shoulder, one on her left hip, one through her right knee, one through her left arm, one to her right side, and the fatal shot to her heart. They could tell she had been shot because her body was still marred by the various holes or dents in her flesh. The shot to her heart and shoulder were the only wounds that actually made a hole in her body. The other shot wounds merely pierced her skin.

Devin starred at the girl's face knowing exactly who it was. She had known as soon as she had seen her skin.


Adrenaline rushed through her veins and she had the feeling that she was in a life or death situation. Her breathing was calm at first, but as her senses came back to her she began to take in short, shuddery breaths. She couldn't feel her heartbeat and she didn't feel the sensation of her chest moving up and down as she tried to steady her breathing. Her eyes scrunched up in panic as she felt warmth wash over her that wasn't hers.

However, she clutched onto the warmth to try and stay semi-conscious. She needed to wake up. Very faintly, she heard someone yelling her name over and over. Was that even her name? Was someone worried about her? All her fear rushed to her head as she finally opened her eyes. Instead of slowly waking up though, her eyes opened all the way and she sat up abruptly. Her breathing was still shallow and her vision was hazy, but she could easily make out two figures. One was holding her up and the other was looking over the other's shoulder with his hand on her face. She gave a low moan as her vision turned to all white and everything seemed to collapse inside of her.

She snuck through the shadows of the alley with three other people. They dressed in all black and each carried unique weapons. She, herself carried an M4 Carbine and two Desert Eagles strapped to her hips. They crawled to a door in the alley before she turned around and lifted her mask. She was met with three very different faces. The first man she saw was very well built and burly. He clearly came from Russian decent. His name was Alik and as his name suggested he would be one of the defenders of the group. He carried an American-180, three smoke grenades, and three frag grenades.

Next to Alik, was a very petite Japanese woman, but just because she was short didn't mean she couldn't pack a punch. She remembered the woman was a very skilled martial artist. Her name was Akane which meant brilliant red which is what Akane like to call the blood her enemies shed. She didn't very much believe in guns because she thought her martial arts skills were more than enough, but she managed to get Akane to carry VP70 machine pistol and two katanas that she wouldn't leave at home.

Beside Akane, was another burly looking man that had dark skin. He wore a stoic look on his face as he held his M16 rifle in a vice grip. He didn't easily trust people and was very emotionless. He was Bulgarian and his name was Penka. It fit him perfectly since he was like a big, unmoving rock. She gave deep breath and looked over her team once more before she gave the briefing for the 5th time.

"Okay, everyone. Listen up. Here's how this is going down. I burst through the door and everyone follows. I will get the hostages in the security room while Alik and Penka guard the entrance. We already disabled the security cameras so, we should be good, but just in case, Akane will interrogate the bank manager and after the hostages are secured I will back her up. We get the money and we leave. If police show up, we start killing hostages. Also, only talk in your native tongues to confuse them. Understood?"



"Razbran!" [6]

She nodded and pulled on her mask. She got to the right side of the door while Alik was on the left. She lifted up her hand and counted backwards from three. 3…2…1…BANG! She kicked in the door and ran to the middle of the bank lobby. Alik and Penka ran to their positions by the entrance while Akane grabbed the manager and held one of her katanas by his throat. She lifted her M4 in the air and shot at the ceiling causing everyone, but her crew to flinch and even scream.

"Now everyone into the security room!" she yelled as she shoved the people into a line and held the last person in line at gunpoint. As she left she heard Akane's voice.

"Imaimashī kinko ga doko ni aru ka o oshiete!" [7]

She led the hostages down the hall to the security room where she shoved them in. As she walked out she yelled, "Zalozhnitsite sa gotovi!" [8] This was the signal for Penka to come and watch the hostages. After a few moments, Penka ran towards her with a salute. She gladly returned it and walked in just as Akane's magic worked.

"Tell us, now! Matawa watashi wa anata o katto shimasu chikau!" [9]

"Alright fine! The vault is down past the security room to your left. It's disguised to look like an ordinary wall. The key code is 0856! I swear!"

She smirked as Akane did. The two of them then dragged the manager to the security room and dumped him in there with the rest of the hostages. They ran down the hall and to the left and came face to face with a dead end. She patted down the wall and she found a key pad. She entered in 0856 and the wall opened to reveal a steel vault full of money bags.

"Watashi wa, sōkōsha o mitsukeru koto ga dekimasu." said Akane as she walked out. [10]

She looked over all the money she saw and instantly thought of her family. That's why she had done all this. That's why she got help at a fighting club in the form of Akane, Penka, and Alik. That's why she had learned Russian, Japanese, and Bulgarian. It was for her familia. They were poor and starving , and she couldn't do anything to help them. Now she had that chance though. She could take this money and help her madre, padre, and hermana. [11]

"Politsiya!" [12]

Shit! She ran from the vault to the security room and grabbed a random hostage. She ignored the woman's cries and pleas as she drug her outside in front of the steps to the bank. The police had moved in fast. They had blocked off the street, had four police cars out front with police officers behind them with guns, a SWAT team had moved in, and the news was here. She smirked as she raise the M4 to the woman's head.

"Don't shoot! We just want your demands!"

She watched as the police officer who shouted it, trembled in fear. She gave a feral grin as she shoved the woman to her knees and held the gun to the back of her head. The police all stiffened and all was silent except for the woman's sobs.

"My demands are that you leave us be and let us take the money and go or we start killing. My M4 really hasn't had a decent kill in a while now." she said.

"Fine! Do as you please, but don't kill anyone!"

She almost agreed to that, she really would have. However, as she looked out to the crowd she saw a cop on a walkie-talkie. She read his lips as he said, "While they take the money, we'll move in." That thoroughly pissed her off. She growled before she cocked her gun. The sound of her M4 being loaded made everyone go silent.

"I don't like it when people try to go behind my back."

The woman sobbed violently.

"Please! Don't shoot!"

She gave a toothy grin and put her finger on the trigger. This woman would die for her familia. Her familia needed money and the police were the way of that so, this woman would pay the price. For her familia. One dark hardy laugh later and she was ready.


"Yo no hablo Inglés." she said with a shrug and pulled the trigger. [13]

Suddenly, the sobs were gone and a gunshot echoed through the street. She heard the body fall down the steps, but she was too busy looking at the horrified faces of the police. She waved before she walked back inside, receiving a nod from Alik. As she walked in the lobby though she didn't expect the sharp pain in her shoulder. She hissed and fell to her knees.

She covered her shoulder with her palm and winced as she felt blood on her hand.

"Zashchititʹ yee!"yelled Alik as he and Akane shielded her. [14]

She tried to not panic and took in deep breaths. So, they had snipers? No big deal, right? Wrong. Next thing she knew both Alik and Akane were down bleeding, but not dead.

In a raspy voice, Akane managed to say, "Jikkō..." [15]

She took her warning a little too late though as she stood, but fell back down as she was sniped in the hip. She was now on one knee with her left arm tucked under her breasts. She sealed her left eye shut as her vision swirled. She tried to look for her M4 Carbine so she could fight back, but it had been flung ahead of her. She crawled on her knees to get to it.

For my familia…

Another bullet broke the glass door and hit her in the arm that was tucked under her breasts. She flinched, but her resolve was strong and she continued.


She crawled on despite the blood oozing out of her and leaving a trail behind. She winced and flinched, but never gave up as pictures of her mother, father, and sister came to mind. A sharp ringing filled her ears before there was more pain in her side.


She practically sobbed now as she crawled. The tears rolled down her sweat covered face as she desperately tried to reach her gun. She was just so close… More glass was broken as several bullets whizzed by her. Memories came to her now. The first time she remembered seeing her mother. The time her father had lifted her up on his shoulders to see the July 4th fireworks. The time when she first saw her new sister.

She saw the bad memories too. The first time she overheard her mother's call to the bank about the foreclosure. The time she had seen her father cry when he lost his job. And…the time when her sister prayed for God to help them…she even remembered how the night light shown on her face as she cried.


Her face was drenched in tears now as she was inches away. Finally, the bullets stopped for a moment, she untucked her arm and began to reach for the gun. She could feel the cool metal on her finger tips as a whoosh of air passed by her ear before a final bullet pierced her knee. As she went down the good and bad memories collided with one another and her tears sprung off her face from the force of the bullet.

Mi familia…[17]

Her face was near the ground as she gave a choked cry.

Mi familia tiene ... un asesino como a una hija. [18]

Her face hit the ground hard and she felt her nose crack, but no blood came. She saw from the force of her fall as her M4 slid out of her grasp. A single tear went down her face as the pain finally caught up to her. Her body ached like never before and her eyes were glazed over. She still had her left one closed as she look down to see blood oozing from her side.

She sat and waited for the snipers to finish what they started. She lay there for seconds just anticipating the sixth shot that never came. She wheezed as she heard footsteps and looked up to see SWAT had come in. She overheard parts of the conversation.



So Penka had chickened out eh? Pansy. She watched as a man approached her and removed her Desert Eagles from their pouches. He gave her a glare when she looked up at him. Then, he spat at her and went to put the guns in his pack when he was called to go help with something. Cursing, he put the Desert Eagles right down in front of her. Even through her hazy vision she clearly saw the golden figure of her guns. She heard no one in the room and her new resolve screamed at her.

Asesinos no ... no merecen vivir. [19]

Using whatever strength she had left, she used her uninjured arm to reach out to grab the gun. Her vision grew red as she did this, but she had to do this. This time it really was for her familia. As she felt the cool touch of the gun on her fingers, her vision stabilized as she clutched it. She rolled onto her back and gave one final sob. She cocked the gun and pressed it to her chest where her heart lay.

Yo no merezco ser parte de mi familia por más tiempo. [20]

A tear rolled down her chin as she pulled the trigger and all she saw was black.

Finally, the nightmarish flashback was over and vision cleared all the way. She gave in loud, gasping breaths before she actually looked around herself. She was in the embrace of a crying woman and above her was a rather strange looking man who had his hand on her face. He removed it and she got a better view of the depressed woman. She remembered that face and those clothes. She had seen this woman die in front of her and she didn't do anything to help. The woman's clothes were still damp from her drowning. Why is she alive?


The woman whispered her name almost as if she were scared of the answer she would give her. She would let the woman cry for a few more moments while she took everything in. She couldn't see where she was exactly, but the sky was a harsh brown with red tints. Why is the sky red? That's not right…and why did I see myself dying? I'm not dead, am I? I'm Atheist which means I should be in…oh. She immediately knew where she was and abruptly sat up. The sobbing woman jumped back in surprise and in the process she was tossed off the woman's lap. She landed on her backside and winced a bit before looking at the woman again. A name formed in her mind before she knew it was her.


The crying woman ceased her sobs and looked at her. A smile appeared on her face before she ran over and hugged her.

"Johana! You're alive! Well, not alive, but whatever!"

Johana stared at the Devin after hearing her name. That's my name? It sounds right…

"Where are we?" Johana asked.

At this Devin hopped up on both feet and her tears vanished. She clapped her hands much like an excited child before she pointed to the strange man behind her. She took a deep breath before she began.

"Welcome to Hell! This is Satan and we have died! I drowned remember? Although, I don't remember you dying…"

Hell eh? She looked the strange man over and took in all his chains, outfit, and wings. Satan certainly is sexy, I'll give him that. Johana stood and wiped dust off her outfit. As she looked down, she took in her clothing. It was very simple attire. She wore a black t-shirt with blue worn out jeans. Her shoes were white sneakers. As she looked down at them, her hair fell in her face and she saw it was brown and straight. It went down to her shoulders.

She looked back up at Devin and recalled the events after her friend's death.

"Well you see after your funeral everyone was pretty much in mourning. I went home that afternoon and discovered our house had been foreclosed. My family and I then lived in a shelter for five months and I despised it. I felt weak there. I grew sick of it and devised an ingenious plan to rob a bank and use the money to help my family. I searched the streets for a crew and found a Russian man, a Japanese woman, and a Bulgarian man willing to help. After learning their languages, we went to rob the bank and we were all killed."

Johana stared at Devin's face and saw it was quite shocked. Johana sighed and huffed a bit. Her friend acted as if she never had the will to rob a bank. Which she certainly did.

"I see well that's nice, but I one question that I believe Satan can answer." said Devin.

"What is your question?" he asked coming over to stand by Devin.

"I feel like it's only been a day since I died and in reality it's been five months. How is that possible?" she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, well you see when a soul manifests in the afterlife it has to wait for either the demons or angels of that world or the ruler itself. We appear before the body and have to transfer our energy into the body to awaken it. For this reason you could be lying there for a week to years." he explained.

"I see. How long was Johana out for?" Devin asked wanting to know when her friend had met her end.

"Well ah see, I don't exactly know that information unless she can remember the date she died."

Devin and Satan instantly turned to look at Johana and she scoffed.

"Of course I remember the date I went bat-shit crazy and tried to rob a bank for mi familia. It was September 15th, 2011. Devin had died on April 12th, 2011.

"Well then it seems Devin has been out for one year and two months while Johana, you have been out for 10 months." said Satan with a grin.

The two girls stared at each other, their facing not showing any emotion. Suddenly, they faced Satan and gave him the same look before they yelled, "HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?"

He rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Well, down on Earth it's July 23rd, 2012."

The girls blinked before both of their shoulders slumped. They both had been gone for so long. Their friends and families probably had stopped their mourning and moved on with their lives. The girls knew that they wouldn't be forgotten, but it still hurt to know. Devin let out a sigh as she ran a hand through her still damp hair. The water droplets on her hand only reminded her of her stupid yet tragic death. As Johana looked down at the charred ground, she was easily reminded of her death as the black holes in her body clearly showed.

Satan watched as the teens became oppressed at the news. Satan sighed fore he had no idea of what it was like to have a family and friends. In his early years in Heaven, he had somewhat of a family, but they easily betrayed him and sent him spiraling down to become the ruler of this nightmarish land. Anger boiled in Satan as the thought of his first days down here, truly not knowing what to do. He calmed himself though because the girls didn't need him to vent his anger on them.

He let out a breath and looked towards the girls to see they were still depressed. What will get their attention? An idea hit him as he snapped his fingers, bringing a scroll to his grasp. He smiled at it before looking over at the girls again.

"So Johana, do you want to hear why you're down here?" he asked with a smirk.

His plan worked as the two of them snapped out of their daze and looked at him. Devin smiled and came forward while Johana laughed and said, "This should be fun."

Clearing his throat, Satan read, "Johana C. Crimes include: Cursing, Evil Thoughts, False Prophecy, Putting Cares Of The World Before God, Rebellion Against Parents, The Ultimate Sin Of Damnation, Drunkenness, Murder, Suicide, and Fornification."

"Fornification? Who the hell did you sleep with?" asked Devin bewildered.

"Well…uh, you see. Let me explain."

Johana walked down the rusted and dirty streets of the black market looking for weapons and a faithful crew to help her on her mission. Looking through the various weapons vendors she saw nothing that caught her eye. Everything had a flaw; one didn't have good accuracy, one didn't have a good fire rate, and so on. That's when out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of gold. Interested, she headed towards it and found two Desert Eagle pistols that had gold designs on them.

"I see you like the pistols eh? I always thought they were pretty cool looking."

She looked up to see a rather handsome, young Spanish man behind the table. He was smiling at her and had the lightest green eyes. He had dark black hair that was just above his shoulders and he wore a black shirt with torn denim jeans.

"Yeah, they're pretty nice. How much for them?" she asked.

He smiled again and Johana felt butterflies in her stomach. She had never felt this way about a man, but she quickly pushed that foreign feeling down.

"Well I'd say about $450 and a date for both." he said with a smirk.

"A date?!"

"Why, yes a date. You are very pretty and I'd like to get to know you better."

Usually, when asked to go on a date Johana would immediately turn the guys down because they were usually just pervs, but this man wore a smile of pure innocence. Plus, this feeling in her stomach…perhaps it was giddiness? You looked the young man over again and could see muscles underneath his tight shirt. With a smirk, she dug through her pockets and got out the $450 the man needed.

"It's a date."

She had then gone on that date with who now she knew as Sergio, and it had been fantastic. They had eaten at a fancy restaurant and Johana had eaten more food than she had in days. Then, they had gone out to the lake on a gondola and looked at the stars together. Normally, Johana wasn't one for all this romantic crap, but with Sergio it felt different. They had continued going out for a good five months all while Johana had prepared her plan to rob the bank, which Sergio didn't know about.

Soon, after the fifth month though they had sex for the first time on Sergio's bed. It had been an amazing experience for Johana and even though she was only 16, it was truly awesome. However her euphoria was short lived, as time came for the big heist. She simply told Sergio she had to run a few errands, but she had never returned. She truly regretted this because she had thought she and Sergio would grow old together, but it seemed God had not allowed her to live long enough to be truly happy for one mistake she had made.

"That's really fucking sad, bro." said Devin with a frown.

Johana shrugged, "Well, he probably hates me for keeping the robbery a secret and then killed myself."

"Don't say that! He'll always love you."

"That's a load of bull and you know it."

"Um, girls? Why don't we continue on okay?" asked Satan as he watched the volume of their voices rise with each sentence.

"He's right. We shouldn't fight." said Devin.

"Well, let's go then!" said Johana as she led the way.

Devin laughed at her friend who had no idea where she was going. Satan ended up back in the lead and the girls walked behind him. The terrain of Hell was all the same. The same charred ground and the same dark red sky. Occasionally, they would see a demon whiz by, but at such speeds it just appeared to be a blur. They trekked on for what seemed like hours before they started seeing tens of blurs jet past.

"What's with all the demons?" asked Devin.

"We are getting closer to the capital of Hell. The capital is called Malum which is Latin for evil. The capital is where I live and where all the demons live as well. It is a huge castle."

Walking along, the trio finally saw the gigantic castle. It looked much like an old schoolhouse, but much bigger and more eerie. The bricks were old and faded and the gargoyle on the top of the roof wasn't helping it to appear any less creepy. The columns that adorned the walk to the entrance were pearl white and was designed with complex designs. Demons went through what appeared to be secret entrances all over the castle. The door to the castle was at least nine feet tall and was wooden with golden handles.

Satan opened the door and stepped inside followed by both girls. Their mouths fell agape when they entered though because of the amazing décor. The floor was a bright tiled white while rugs also laid on the floor which were red and gold. All around were red curtains with orange trims and a giant throne sat on the back wall in front of them. The throne was red and gold as well with various jewels on the headboard, armrests, and the feet. The walls were a light orange color.

There were two doors on either side of the room. The one to the left seemed to lead into another room like this one while the one to the right seemed to lead to some kind of infirmary. Demons ran in and out of the infirmary with bodies. Devin turned to Satan.

"Why are those bodies in here?" she asked.

"Well you see some people die in really tragic or unique deaths are stuck in a shocked state when they die. Their souls are in so much shock that they don't want to wake up. My demons usually wake the soul up by forcing energy into their body, but if they are in shock they require a lot of energy. My demons don't have this much energy so, they bring those people here for me to handle."

"One more question, Sexy. Why are you taking us all over Hell and giving us a personal tour?" Johana asked with a smirk.

Satan's cheeks blushed a faint pink before he answered, "Well you see…uh…um…I don't really have an answer. I suppose I've never truly had any real friends before and everyone who comes to Hell is just plain evil or scared shitless. You two are different and I'd like to keep you around."

Both girls blushed at his response before Devin stepped forward. She took a breath before she crashed them together in a hug. Satan's face grew crimson while Devin's did the same. She let go and smiled at him.

"We'll be your friends, right Johana?"

"Maybe more than friends."

Devin laughed while Satan wasn't sure what to say. No one ever thought he was anything close to sexy. Everyone said he was an ugly demon, but these girls just loved him. It was such a foreign feeling to him. He was knocked out of his thoughts when Johana yelled out something. He looked up to see her pointing at one of his demons who was holding a body.

"DARIA?!" Johana screamed before running into the infirmary.

"No way it's Daria." said Devin to herself as she followed Johana.

Satan stood there confused for a second, but then decided to follow the girls into the infirmary. Inside it was just white walls and flooring with at least 50 hospital beds. Satan easily spotted the two girls hovering over another girl's body. As he got closer he realized Devin and Johana each clasped one of the girl's hands in their own.

Looking down at the girl, he could see she had short brown hair with blond highlights. She wore glasses and had a green star piercing on her nose. The girl had on a purple jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. She wore a pair of black skinny jeans and black sneakers with skulls on them. Satan looked all around her body for any signs of how she was killed but couldn't see anything.

"Do you two see any marks on her body that might help us figure out how she died?"

The duo too, looked up and down her body not seeing anything until Johana saw a speck of dried blood on her forehead. Lifting up the girl's bangs, Johana gasped and so did the other two. Upon moving her hair, you could see a small hole in her head right where her right temple was. It looked like someone had drilled a hole in her head.

"Satan, please wake up our friend." pleaded Devin.

How could he say no?

Her entire head swam as she tried to regain consciousness. A throbbing sensation came from her right temple and her stomach churned. An intense pain overtook her head almost as if her brain was splitting apart before it was gone. Her eyes would not open and she felt she had no control over them like the nerves had been severed. The black from her closed eyes soon turned to color as she began to remember.

With her hands stuffed in her pockets she looked down at the sidewalk as the skulls on her shoes stared up at her. She sighed and desperately tried to think of anything other than her friend's deaths. Both Devin and Johana had died recently. One from drowning and the other from police brutality and apparently suicide. Her life hadn't been the same without her friends. They would always use to hang out together and just be happy with each other.

Sharing exciting news, obsessing over cute boys, and even some gossip here or there. Now her life was empty of this mostly. Sure, she had other friends, but she would never get over the deaths of her two closest ones. Who would?

She finally, looked up from her shoes as she neared the street. Crossing it, she walked past a construction site. She smelled the tar fumes and the jack hammers made her ears pound. As she walked, the sidewalk seemed to bounce to the rhythm of the pounding hammers. She was just thinking over what she was going to do when she got home, when she heard it. A sharp ping with a bit of recoil coming in her direction. That's all she heard before it struck her in her right temple. A nail.

Never before had she experienced such pain. The steel pierced her skin and she felt it connect with her skull. A scraping sound came from the inside of her head as her skull was fractured. She let out an ear piercing scream as several nerves were sliced as the nail continued to dig its way into her head. She swore she could feel the individual nerves being cut and then just hang inside her head. Her legs and arms gave out and she fell on the sidewalk, banging her head.

This caused her skull to ricochet and the nail dug even deeper into her brain. It felt like her head was splitting apart and her screams went silent as more nerves were cut. A few more centimeters in and her eyes snapped shut never to be opened again.

As the colors faded, her senses returned to her and she could feel her limbs and eyes again. She wasn't sure what she had seen, but it didn't matter now. Slowly, she opened them and watched as her vision cleared itself. She blinked a few times, not believing what she was seeing. Staring down at her, were her two friends, Devin and Johana. Off to the side was a man, but right now she only focused on her friends. They too stared at their now "alive" friend. Finally, she spoke.

"Devin? Johana?" Daria asked.

Devin grew teary eyed while Johana scoffed and said, "Of course, it's us."

"Where am I?"

"Well um, welcome to Hell?" Devin said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Hell?! That can't be!"

"I'm afraid so." said Satan which caused Daria to finally look over the man.

He was very strange indeed. Metal and the color black covered his body. He wore gauntlets and had dark black wings. He even had feathers. Daria stared at him before Johana spoke up.

"Daria, meet Satan." she said.

"Satan…but he's so hot." Daria said which caused the other girls to laugh while Satan blushed a bright pink.

"Anyways," he said breaking off their laughter, "would you like to hear your crimes?"

"I guess so."

With a snap of his fingers, a weathered, yellow scroll appeared. He grabbed it and clearing his throat he began to read.

"Daria H. Crimes Include: Cursing, Evil Thoughts, False Prophecy, Putting Cares Of The World Before God, Not Showing Up For Sabbath, and Rebellion Against Parents. Well, at least you didn't murder people like someone else." he said before he closed the scroll and it vanished.

"Hey! I was bat-shit crazy at the time! You have no right to judge!" defended Johana.

Devin and Daria both laughed while Satan rolled his eyes and smiled. Daria slowly turned to the side of the bed and with wobbly legs, stood. She almost lost her balance a few times, but luckily she caught herself.

"So, Daria when did you die?" asked Devin curiously.

Daria searched her mind for the date and a number stuck out to her.

"January 5, 2012." she stated.

Satan nodded and said, "So, you've only been out for seven months."

"Seven months?! Woah…it's been a while."

Suddenly, Daria remembered the scene she had seen before she woke up.

"Did I watch my death before I woke up?" she asked.

"Hey, I watched my death too." said Johana.

"Me too." added Devin.

They all turned to face Satan with curious expressions. Satan blushed under their gazes before coughing into his hand.

"Well, when you wake up you remember your death because that's the last thing that happened to your soul." he explained.

The girls nodded their heads in understanding.

"So, Daria how did you die?" asked Johana.

"Nail to the head." she answered nonchalantly.

Johana's eyes widened ever so slightly before the emotion was gone. She simply shrugged and Daria laughed at Johana's attitude.

"Um…Satan I was wondering…" started Devin nervously.

"Yes?" he asked edging her on.

"Where do we go from here?"

Ah. He had been waiting for this question. People in Hell usually just wondered around and did as they please which was just fine with Satan. Hell extended for miles and not even he knew how long it stretched. Only God knew such a thing. However, when Satan thought about seeing these girls leave to just wonder, he felt upset. If they did just wonder off, he would most likely never see them again and for some reason he didn't want that.

Something about these girls just excited him. The trio was perfect for each other really. Each one had completely different personalities from what he had seen. Devin was the innocent and protective one. Johana was the sassy badass of the group. While Daria, seemed to be the humorous one. Ever since he had awoken Devin and began this journey, he had had the greatest time of his life. The girls filled him with a spark of life that he hadn't had in a long time. He couldn't just let them go so, he did something he never would have considered with anyone else.

"You could wonder out in Hell for eternity or…you could stay here…at Malum…in my castle. This castle." he offered.

The girls looked at each other before sly grins came over all their faces.

"We'll stay here with you!" they all said in unison.

[1] A lot of blue eh?

[2] Her airways have sealed up. This is a reflex the body does to make sure water doesn't get in the lungs and instead flows into the stomach.

[3] He took a while to describe!

[4] This is the kind of thing I was talking about in the warning.

[5] Thought all of that up myself! :D

[6] Da is Russian. Hai is Japanese. Razbran is Bulgarian. All of them translate to yes.

[7] This is Japanese and translates to tell us where the damn vault is!

[8] This is Bulgarian and translates to the hostages are ready!

[9] This is Japanese and translates to or I swear I will cut you!

[10] This is Japanese and translates to I'll find an armored car.

[11] This is Spanish for mother, father, and sister.

[12] This is Russian for police!

[13] This is Spanish for I don't speak English.

[14] This is Russian for protect her!

[15] This is Japanese for run…

[16] This is Spanish for, for my family.

[17] This is Spanish for my family.

[18] This is Spanish for my family…has a murderer for a daughter.

[19] This is Spanish for murderers don't…don't deserve to live.

[20] This is Spanish for I don't deserve to be a part of my family any longer.

Author's Note: Well there is my longest fic ever! Plus, good Lord the footnotes….Also, all translations come from Google Translate so, if it is wrong I apologize. Now this is not the end of this fic, oh no. This was merely the prologue. However, from now on the chapters shall be drabbles about the girl's lives in Hell. They could range from 100 words to 10,000 words. My updating pattern will also be irregular, but I will have one chapter out every week. I'd like to thank you for reading and I ask you to please click the review button and tell me what you think. Ja ne!