Chapter 1

"Daisy Clover, Jeanette Clover, Rose Clover, Poppy Clover, Thalia Clover. Exit the room. Go to the front of the building, and exit the building. There will be ten men standing there waiting for you. Don't fight them. Do what they say. And if you aren't there by the time I get there, Lilly here is dead." The masked man said. (M-man)

Daisy, Jeanette, Rose, Poppy, and Thalia made there way through the crowed room and they exit the slowly. Once they were gone six men came into the room. M-man let go of me and told me to go over to Emily Clover. I dash over to Emily. Tears start to fall from my eyes.

Sorry, let me start from the beginning.

My name is Lilly. I'm 9 years old. I have brown eyes and I love the color pink. I'm so excited and happy.

One of my friends is getting married. Don't worry they're older than me. But, I never asked her age, so I'm not sure how old she is... She looks to be 25ish.

I started going to a new church everyone there is so nice! I met Emily at a Neighborhood Bible Time. She was my teacher. Anyway.

After it was over I came back to the church. So I've been coming for a year now. Emily is my Sunday school teacher, along with another very nice person, Angel John.

Rose and Poppy, her sisters, made me feel so welcome. Jeanette helped me when my grandma died. And Daisy is always cheery.

Daisy is tall and skinny. She has long golden hair that goes down to her waist. Daisy also has sea blue eyes.

Emily is about 5 feet 8 inches, and she is skinny. She has curly blonde hair that goes a little past her shoulders. Emily also has sapphire blue eyes.

Jeanette is tall and skinny. (I think it might run in the family.) She has long, curly blonde hair that goes down to just past her waist. Jeanette also has Aqua colored eyes.

Poppy is about 5 feet 5 inches. She is skinny, and has blonde hair that goes down to her elbows. She also has Jade colored eyes.

Thalia is tall and skinny with Emerald eyes and long, curly brown hair that goes down to her waist.

And finally Rose is a 5 feet 3 inches, female with brown curly hair that goes down about 5 inches past her shoulders.

The wedding is an open invitation for the entire church. I'm so happy I get to go. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to…

The wedding was in an hour and a half. I slid on my dress. It was a pink dress, with a pink flower bow and ribbon as a belt thing. It also had a pink flower at the top near my chin.

I was going to the wedding by myself. I knew Emily and her sisters but my parents didn't. I mean they knew Rose, well only my mom knew her, but mom had no idea who Emily was. Any way. I then put on my pink dress shoes that went with the dress.

I had some dinner, Some Mac N' Cheese. I was careful not to spill on my dress. When I'm done with dinner, it's an hour to go.

"Mom, can you do my hair?" I question, my mom nods. I walk to the back bedroom. As my mom puts my brown hair in a pink bow, I think about the dream I had last night.

It was more of a night mare. It was about the wedding. It is so weird there is point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, one percent chance it will happen so, more on it later.

Once my hair is up and all nice it's half an hour to the wedding.

"Are you ready Lilly?" My dad asked.

I nod. I'm so excited. It takes ten minutes to get there.

"See you later dad!" I yelled running in.

"Hi, Lilly!" Rose Clover said.

Rose is wearing a light purple dress that has yellow flowers sprinkled on it. It goes down to an inch or two past her knees.

"Hi, Rose!" I called back. I walk over to Rose.

"I can't believe Emily found someone like Leo!"

"She can't either." Rose replied.

Rose is Emily's older sister. I don't know her age either. I do know that Rose is the oldest.

"He's nice, kind, gentle, sweet, and more." I said, even though both of us already know it.

"True!" Poppy Clover agreed walking up.

Poppy is wearing a bright red dress that has light blue hearts on it and goes down to her mid calves. Poppy is Emily and Rose's younger sister.

"Hi, Lilly!" Daisy Clover called walking over.

Daisy is wearing a plain blue dress that goes down to the floor, almost.

"Daisy! How are you? I haven't seen you in over a week!" I cried.

Daisy is another one of the sisters.

There are a total of 7 sisters. I only know a few. Emily Clover, Poppy Clover, Rose Clover, Jeanette Clover, and Daisy Clover.

Then there are cousins. I think there are 6. I only know one of them though. Thalia Clover.

Daisy, Thalia, Angle, and Jeanette are bride's maids. So all of them will be wearing plain blue dresses, which almost go down to the floor.

I've talk to the groom once. And I know none of the groomsmen.

"Great, and excited." Daisy said. Her face lighting up.

"Me too." Poppy and I squeaked at once.

Someone starts playing the piano.

"The wedding is about to start," Daisy informed, so she dashes to where she is suppose to be.

The ceremony starts and ends. It takes about an hour and a half.

Emily is wearing a beautiful white dress. Once the ceremony is over we head to the other room for the reception.

Leading up to the room is small baskets filled to the brim with rose petals. There were about 10 leading up and rose petals in between each basket.

I run right up to Emily.

"Congrats!" I said giving Emily a quick squeeze.

"Thanks. I can't believe you made it!" Emily said.

She was thinking, as was I, that I most likely would not be able to attend the wedding.

"I know!" I yelled.

"Lilly!" A familiar voice yelled over to me.

"Thalia!" I shouted back.

I turn around. There stood Thalia. I gave Thalia a quick squeeze. She is still in her blue dress. We started to walk out of the room. It had gotten to noisy to hear much of anything at all.

"How are you Thalia?! You look so pretty in that dress," I noticed.

"Thanks, and I'm doing good! How about you?" she asked.

"Good! Emily is so lucky. I just wish she didn't have to move," I said sadly.

We live in Montana. Emily is moving to Michigan with Leo.

"I know, she said she'll visit near Thanksgiving," I nodded.

"Freeze girls," a voice I'd never heard before said.

A round object hit my dress back.

I froze.

Fear was in my eyes.

My face burned with tears, fearful tears.

I thought I was about to cry.

This can't be happening!

My dream.

It can't come true.