Okay before I start off, I would like to warn you that I am not the daughter of a god, not a witch, not in love with a vampire, have not been transported to a different dimension, don't have super cool powers or anything remotely like that.

I am just me, average, boring, insanely normal me.

So, let's begin shall we?

I am just any other girl on the street, probably one of those girls who sits at the bus stop with her head buried in a book or one of the girls who you will hear muttering to herself while walking on the street.

Not that interesting or eye-catching right?

I guessed as much.

I am a sixteen-year old with a passion for books, sports, chocolate, poetry, Shakespeare and Harry Potter.

I have never been the epitome of cool or the most popular girl at school, and I think you should know that I am very pessimistic and selfdeprecating.

My whole family consists of engineers who are extremely good at what they do. They are academically brilliant and very talented.

Me? Oh well here goes nothing, I chose journalism and I am not close to academically brilliant.

It's as if the brilliant genes stopped right after my sister.

But I don't mind, I have something they don't and that is the ability to write.

Writing makes me feel more powerful than I actually am. I write everything from poetry to stories to novels to essays and even letters. Yes I still prefer writing a letter and posting it than using e-mail.

I have also kept a diary since I turned eleven, writing naturally comes to me.

It's the only thing I am confident about.

That is my introduction.

Now here's the question I've been waiting to ask,

Have you ever thought about how people keep trying to pretend to be something they're not?

It's a very common thing you see and everyone does it including me.

I always wonder, why do people keep trying to attain perfection?

What is perfection?

Well, according to me perfection isn't defined, I believe that a person who is satisfied with what he has, who has been himself all along the way and has figured life out for himself has attained perfection.

Do you agree?

It's quite sad actually, we try so hard to be the best but we find that someone is always better than us.

I think people should just be themselves for a change, try being who they really are instead of lying to themselves and everyone else.

Being yourself, you will find is very hard. Trust me, I have tried and failed.

For some reason people have this image of a person in their mind who makes up for all the qualities they don't have and think that that is the perfect person.

In truth, no such person exists. I have tried to be perfect and at one point I realized that being myself was much easier than trying to be the girl in my mind, and I was wrong.

I'll tell you why, because that girl in my mind had already given me a clear idea about what I needed to achieve.

On the other hand, I had no idea who I really was, so I had no clue how I had to go about trying to be myself.

Funny isn't it?

That is why I just go with the flow, let life carry me through the storm.

I don't know what I'm trying to achieve by being like this.

Some people would call me lazy, some stupid, some crazy and others? Well they'll just think I'm not interested in my well-being and that I am throwing my life away.

But my opinion is, that I am just a girl trying to attain perfection in her own imperfect way.

To conclude I'd like to say to everyone, your imperfections are what make you perfect.

Feel free to contradict me, I love a good debate.